Good To Know Dollar Store Hacks That Help Make Every Penny Go Further

By Arvyn B

In the strange times that we find ourselves living in now, it is more common than ever for people to visit dollar stores for their everyday necessities. After all, you can find loads of great and affordable stuff there! There are plenty of things that you can get for a fraction of the original price. They have items for school, decorations around the house, and even tools to help with your work. It is a win-win situation! But if you want to make things even more useful, you can try using some simple ‘life hacks’ from the dollar store. These are all pretty cheap yet smart techniques that will have you saving pennies and time! We have created a list of some of the best dollar store hacks to use in your daily life.

The Power of the Shower

One thing we should all start using more is a shower caddy. They’re great for in the shower as they can hold various shampoo bottles and keep things tidy. But did you know you can use them elsewhere in the house?

Image courtesy of FireFlyBooks

All you need is a little paint and glue to customize your unique shower caddy however you like! You can try putting a few plants on it to spruce up the kitchen or use it as a mail holder. The possibilities are endless!

Soft Headboards

This is an excellent way to make sure that your day starts off on the right foot without any distractions or mishaps! Nobody wants to begin their workday with a sore neck or bump on their head, so try this clever hack.

Image courtesy of DigsDigs

If you’re a bit clumsy like us in the morning, then putting some pillows against the wall behind you will prevent any nasty bumps in the morning. You will wake up feeling nice and refreshed, instead of angry, all for practically no cost at all. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Tight Tablecloth

Anyone who likes to host guests or parties will know the struggles of upkeeping and maintaining tablecloths. Somehow, they never seem to stay on the table, and they cause a whole range of problems. Here is an easy fix for that!

Image courtesy of Jessica/Pinterest

Use a fitted bed sheet that looks similar instead! Okay, so it is not exactly a tablecloth, but it works just as well – if not better. The fitted corners on the sides will ensure the tablecloth doesn’t slip off.

Hook Saver

If you live in a small apartment or have very little storage space in your house, we strongly recommend that you try using storage hooks. These are cheap and provide an easy way to store things neatly in your home.

Image courtesy of Listotic

You can try putting them on the back of the cabinet doors in the kitchen to give you space to hang things on. We think this is a fantastic idea, particularly for any small kitchen with limited space. It keeps things looking tidy, too!

Trash into Treasure

Have you ever heard the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Well, it can certainly be applied to this cool hack! We are so impressed with how this person has transformed their cardboard boxes into something new.

Image courtesy of

All it took was a little glue, twine, and some imagination to change these old cardboard boxes into lovely baskets! They are perfect for storage and look quite nice. These boxes are great for organizing towels, for example, and aesthetic purposes!

Car Clutter

Keeping your house nice and tidy is one thing, but keeping your car clean is another story! That is why we love this clever idea – having an organized console. It will undoubtedly make things a lot tidier in your car.

Image courtesy of HGTV

All you need to do is buy a mold for popsicles. Stick one of these in your car console, and you can use each part of the module to hold coins, sunglasses, and anything other small items you need in your car.

Tidy Fridge

Anyone who loves cooking will know that the worst part of making food is having to tidy up afterward. No matter how hard you try, it’s always a chore! Well, give this hack a go, and you should find things to be a little easier.

Image courtesy of Itsanorganizedchaos

Get some placemats and put them on your fridge drawers. Not only will this stop things from leaking on the drawers and making them sticky, but it will also brighten up the inside of the fridge to make it look lovely.

Jewellery Stand

If you are looking for a unique jewelry stand, you might find yourself looking at some that cost the same amount as a piece of jewelry itself! Try using this hack to save you some cash to avoid these high costs.

Image courtesy of Acute Designs

All you need are some tea saucers and candlesticks to make a gorgeous-looking jewelry stand. The best part of this project is you can choose whatever plates that suit your taste, and you can even customize them with some paint.

Dish Rack Organizer

Dish racks are an excellent way to keep things organized in the kitchen, but you can also use them in other rooms in your house as well. Try putting one in the hallway to keep all of your mail and other essential items organized.

Image courtesy of Erin Cooper Studio

You can even opt to use them in the office to keep your documents organized. The best part of the dish rack is that it is pretty sturdy, so you can easily carry things from one room to the next if you need.

S Hooks

If using a jewelry stand is not your thing, then give this S hooks hack a try instead. You can hook these onto the back of any pole or long strip in your house. They’ll instantly tidy those messy drawers!

Image courtesy of Ikea Family Live

You could even use the S hooks for clothing items such as scarves, as these will ensure they do not become tangled. The choice is yours, and we strongly recommend this space-saving technique for anyone who is pushed for space.

Twinkly Twine

If you have already tried the cardboard box hack on this list, then make sure you keep some of the extra twines on hand for this next genius hack. You can transform the twine into these beautiful lights for your home.

Image courtesy of

It just requires a balloon and some fairy lights to construct. You can put them inside your house as a living room piece or even brighten up the garden with these delightful decorations. The choice is up to you!

Elegant Emergencies

No matter who you are or where you live, it is always a good idea to be prepared for an emergency. Unfortunately, most emergency kits are completely hideous and way too bulky to carry around. Well, try this hack instead!

Image courtesy of HGTV

Just buy a makeup bag from the dollar store, take out the makeup, and voila – the perfect, stylish bag to carry around those emergency supplies! You can put this in your bag or leave it inside your car.

Hanging Garden

It’s scientifically proven that having plants in your house can not only help to brighten it up but can also help with your mental health. But not all of us have enough space to have plants. If that’s you…

Image courtesy of Jaylnn Baker (HGTV)

…then, we strongly recommend investing in this hanging garden hack! The only things you will need are some empty cans and some wire to hang them from the ceiling. Fill the pots with whatever greenery that you would like, including herbs.

More Car Hooks

Continuing the car theme, here is another pretty clever hack. You can put some carabiners on the back of some car seats to provide yourself with a way to hang bags. They are particularly useful after a busy day of shopping!

Image courtesy of HGTV

It is also useful for ensuring that none of the items in the bags spills out onto the car seats. Cars can be an inexpensive and clever way to keep them clean, so we think that this is an excellent way to avoid huge costs.

Beautiful Light Switches

Not only are light switches pretty ugly in most homes, but they can also be very difficult to find when it is pitch black. Try buying a small photo frame and pop out the glass to combat these annoying issues.

Image courtesy of Simple Hacks (Etsy)

You can then put the frame around one of your light switches to really spruce up your room! If you do not like the design, try painting the frame to transform it how you want. It’s very cheap and easy!

Mason Jars

Mason Jars are easily one of the best types of storage devices out there, and this post is a clear reminder of that. You can use them to organize stationery items in the office or extra food in the pantry.

Image courtesy of HGTV

The best part of all is how seamlessly they fit into each room of the house, no matter what the design is! You can also add some decorations to really make them unique, although we personally love the original design best.

Washi Door

Washi tape is a special kind of tape that is made in Japan. Most people use it for scrapbooking and for decorating pieces of paper. But very few people know it can be used for making doors pretty, too!

Image courtesy of YesMissy

You can completely transform a boring door into something much more interesting with a little bit of washi tape. Put some varnish on top, too, and the tape will stay secure on the door for a long time. It is a cheap and easy decoration!

Baby Essentials

If you are a parent of a newborn, then we feel for you. It is such a hassle to keep all the baby essentials together in one place, like creams, diapers, and lotions. Baby organization kits cost way too much money…

Image courtesy of Two Twenty One

…so why not try this cheap alternative instead? You just need to take a trip to the dollar store to pick up a small organizational box. Then, place all the essentials inside for your baby. Simple, cheap, and easy!

Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are a godsend, as they are the perfect way to keep your drawers looking nice and tidy. But wherever you go, they seem to cost an arm and a leg. Here’s a cheaper hack – drawer baskets.

Image courtesy of The Summery Umbrella

They’re just tiny baskets that you can get from most stores that fit perfectly inside your drawers. There are many different sizes to choose from, so get a few to make them fit. You can put them in all your drawers.

Curtain Holders

This hack is proof that you do not need to spend a lot of money to get some fancy-looking curtain ropes. Instead, you can make some beautiful ones yourselves using some rope and a clasp from the dollar store.

Image courtesy of Cassidy Garcia (DIY Network)

Simply divide the rope into three parts and put the clasps onto the ends of each piece. You can tie this around your curtains to make an effective curtain rope that looks gorgeous, all at a fraction of the price you would find in a furniture store!

Organized Pans

No matter how big your kitchen is, most of us feel that we do not have enough space to store everything. Sure, you can try using hooks for smaller things, but what about keeping your pots and pans in order?

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

Try using this simple method to make things more organized. Put some extendable beams from top to bottom in your cupboards. This way, you can stack your pans or cutting boards to make things far tidier and organized. It also saves valuable space.

Coffee Filters

If you enjoy having a nice strong brew of freshly made coffee in the morning, then we are sure that you have a stack of coffee filters handy at all times. But did you know you can use them for so much more than just making coffee?

Image courtesy of New For You

Coffee filters can be used for a variety of different purposes, including using them to create a loose tea bag if you want a different form of caffeine in the morning or afternoon. You can also use coffee filters to make a cold compress for a headache.

Magazine Rack

If you have followed the steps of tip #24, then you should have a pretty organized pan collection. But what do you do about all of the pot lids? Never fear. Just get a magazine rack from the dollar store.

Image courtesy of Simple Bites

Use some screws to fix the rack inside your cupboard to create the perfect space for putting up pan lids. You can try stacking them in order like you see above to save you time and space when looking for the right lid.

Knick Knack Drawer

Almost all of us have a knick-knack or junk drawer where we dump random bits and pieces from around the house. It could be pencils, packets for drinks, random tiny objects, or anything at all. Somehow, these drawers always end up becoming a mess!

Handy Man Crafty Woman

That is where these pencil holders come in handy. You can buy a whole pack of them for a relatively cheap price at the dollar store. These organizers are the perfect solution for making your junk drawer a little less messy.

DIY Concession Stand

Curling up on the couch with a good movie is truly one of the best comforts out there, and there is no denying that. But no matter what you do, there never seems to be enough space to put all your food and drinks.

Image courtesy of Hip2Save

Enter the shower caddy. You can pick one up from almost any dollar store, and they are a great place to pop your favorite snacks while watching the latest film. There are many colors out there to choose from.

Pipe Cleaner Hangers

Sometimes, people struggle to stay organized because they do not have enough coat hangers. Other times, people have enough, but they never seem to be of good enough quality! You can try using pipe cleaners to fix this problem.

Image courtesy of Natalie Brown (Buzzfeed)

Simply twist one around your coat hangers, and you will find that they have a much better grip on your clothes. They will no longer fall onto the floor and will keep your clothes crease and wrinkle-free with practically no effort needed.

DIY Massager

Nothing beats a nice massage after a pretty difficult day at work. However, the price of some electronic massagers makes it hard to invest in one. Do not worry because there is a much cheaper alternative that you can use.

Image courtesy of Cassidy Garcia

Simply take some tennis balls and put them inside an old or worn sock. Tie each end closed using a rubber band to make sure the balls do not fall out. Now, you have a back massager for next to nothing!

Pencil Holders

We have already spoken about how fantastic spice racks are for keeping your kitchen and desk organized. But what if you cannot buy one or do not have the space? Then you should try sticking some pencil holders to your refrigerator instead.

Image courtesy of Instructables

This way, you will not lose any valuable space in your kitchen, and you can still access each one pretty easily. You could even paint each tray or put them into separate categories if you want to be super organized.

Spice Rack Stationary Caddy

Spice racks are a must-have in the kitchen since they are a clever but easy way to keep all your spices and dried herbs organized. But, did you know that you can use them in your office to make it look tidy as well?

Image courtesy of Flynnside Out Productions

You can get the bottles from the Dollar store, and fill them with paperclips, post-it notes, erasers, or any other small stationery items that will neatly fill inside. This will not only help to keep your desk and drawers clean but look great displayed on your desk as well.

Magazine Holder

So, we have organized your pans, pan lids, spice racks, and many other things in the kitchen. Our next goal? Organizing canned goods. You might think it will be a pain, but it really is not. Get some magazine holders!

Image courtesy of Pretty DIY Home

Put some wire across the bottom of the magazine holder to stop the cans from falling out, then flip the holder around. Then, you will have a beautifully organized-looking kitchen with easy access to those numerous cans and tins.

Fancy Cutlery

Many of the suggestions on this list have been for improving organization skills or trying to make space. But do not forget that you can also try these hacks to improve your home’s aesthetics and make it more beautiful!

Image courtesy of DIYS

To make this fancy cutlery set, you just need to wrap some contact paper around the handles. Paint over this paper and let it dry for a while. Voila! Your very own cutlery set, personalized to match your preferences!

Ironing Station

One of the worst parts of doing laundry is not the actual washing part – it is having to iron the clothes after they dry! However, we think this solution will make this awful stress a thing of the past.

Image courtesy of Andy Vinson (HGTV)

You just need to get a cheap basket and some strong adhesives. Stick it to the wall, and you will have an excellent ironing basket that allows easy access to all your things. Try adding some paint or color to really jazz it up.

Colorful Vases

Having flowers around your house can really spruce up the environment and bring some much-needed color to your home. But, do not forget about getting some nice vases, too! You just need to buy some clear ones from the dollar store.

Image courtesy of Handimania

Give the vases a fresh lick of enamel paint in your favorite shade, and then you are done! You can even try mixing and matching different colors to really bring things to life or even try painting some cool designs.

Shower Rod

Another place that definitely needs some help with space is the bathroom. We often find ourselves running out of space in the bath to put the shampoo and other products. Try putting a shower rod in to help save space.

Image courtesy of MacGyverisms

You can hang some shower caddies from this rod or even try putting your towels across it, too. Not only will this help to save space, but it’ll also stop the clutter and make things much safer in the bathroom.

Shower Cap

You might think that a shower cap is just for keeping your hair safe. Well, you would be wrong. They actually serve many purposes! One of these includes keeping your muddy shoes from dirtying up the clothes in your suitcase.

Image courtesy of One Crazy House

You simply need to wrap them around your shoes and put them in your suitcase to stop any unwanted mess. You can even try using them at home to keep the mud away from carpets or expensive floor coverings.

Cord Command Station

One of the greatest problems of having so many electronic devices lying around the house is the sheer number of cables. There always seems to be too many to count, and they are never the ones that you need!

Image courtesty of Emily Fazio/HGTV

We strongly recommend building one of these “cord command stations” to help with this common problem. You just need to get some adhesive hooks and stick them behind a door. This will immediately improve your organizational skills and life.

Toy Book Ends

Anyone who’s a fan of reading will know how expensive bookends can be. They are just pieces of heavy pieces of decorative metal, but some of them can run you a cost into the hundreds! No worry – some cheap toys will do instead.

Image courtesy of Smartgirlstyle

Glue your choice of toys onto separate pieces of wood, then glue another piece onto that to make the corner. You can then try painting them in another color. Once they are dry, glaze them with a clear sealer.

Shoe Organizer

One thing that is pretty common on this list includes repurposing old items for other reasons. This time, it is a shoe organizer. Instead of using them for shoes, why not use one to tidy up your makeup collection?

Image courtesy of Salto Quinze

Each slot should easily have more than enough space for your favorite foundations, lipliners, and other pieces of makeup. You could try being even more organized and sort them into separate categories. The possibilities for tidiness are absolutely endless!

Tin Can

If you have any extra tin cans lying around, make sure that you do not throw them away. Instead, you can try to reuse them as organizational pots to store any knick-knacks or extra things from around the house.

Image courtesy of Bob Vila

If you are not going for the pop-art look, get some wrapping paper and use double-sided tape to beautify the cans. Do not forget to give the cans a good scrub before using them; otherwise, they will smell very bad!

Marble Cups

One recent trend going around on social media is painting marble cups. There is a good reason for that. It is a cheap and easy DIY way to create your own cups that have your unique touch to them.

Image courtesy of The Sweetest Occasion

You will need to put some nail polish inside a bowl or tub of warm water. Mix in some toothpaste and swirl until you get a good pattern. Then, quickly place the cup inside the tub and let it dry.

Cloth Clips

Cloth clips are a godsend for helping keep your house organized. But, no matter what you do, they always seem to disappear before you have finished using them! We recommend repurposing them into organization clips to stop them from getting lost.

Image courtesy of Sadie Seasongoods

Get a wooden board and use some wire to tie this behind a door. Use some kind of strong glue or adhesive to stick these to the board. Now, you will never lose them, and they’ll still have a purpose!

Custom Kitchen Sets

Sometimes, it can be a challenge trying to find a birthday gift for family members or friends. You want to get something that is not too expensive, but you also want to make it personal and really heartfelt. Well, why not try this genius hack?

Image courtesy of My Little Secrets

All you have to do is buy some cheap dollar store plates, then use some acrylic paint markers or Sharpies to customize and make them your own. You can paint them in any way that you like. What a smart and unique present!


Thumbtacks are another piece of equipment that many of us seem to have lying around the house but have no purpose for using. So, why not try using them to jazz up an old and boring piece of furniture?

Image courtesy of girlinthegarage

You can try creating designs with the tacks, like the person in the picture above has done with theirs. Make sure to mark the spots on your furniture before you start, as this will help to prevent any mistakes.

Shoe Organizer Part 2

If you do not fancy using your shoe organizer for makeup or shoes, then we recommend you do not throw it away just yet! You can always use it in your kitchen instead as the perfect spice or general knick-knack holder.

Image courtesy of House Beautiful

The design of the holder makes it perfect to hang on the back of a kitchen or cabinet drawer. We recommend getting a couple of these and hanging them around the house to save valuable space, especially in the kitchen pantry.

Muffin Tray

If you have some old muffin trays lying around that are destined for the trash, you should give this hack a shot. You can try painting over them or using them as they are if they are not too damaged.

Image courtesy of BHG (Pinterest)

Simply fill in the trays with some nibbles and put them in the center of your table for people to feast on. You can even use the trays to carry around cups for all of your family and friends.