40+ Pet-Friendly Backyard Design Ideas Our Animal Friends Will Totally Love

By Peace L

Landscaping your backyard is a great way to increase your property’s value and give it a more attractive view. You can do a lot with the available space in your garden. Another benefit of having a yard is stimulating your pet’s brains, developing your bond with them, and working on behavior training, all from the comfort of your own space. Aside from offering your pets a convenient place to relieve themselves, backyards may provide hours of fun and allow them to expend their energy. Even tiny backyard improvements can significantly impact your pet’s experience. With a few small changes, you’ll have the best yard for your pet that looks amazing and keeps them secure. When creating a pet-friendly garden and backyard space, it’s a good idea to start by considering what your pets enjoy doing and what they need. Here are a few pet-friendly backyard design ideas and layouts to get your creative juices flowing.

A cat patio (catio)

A catio is an enclosed patio that’s designed for our feline friends. A patio provides a secure outdoor location for them to gaze at birds and enjoy the sun. Include cat perches, catwalks, decor pieces, and pots of cat-friendly plants such as catnip when designing a catio.

Source: catiospaces.com  

The cat patio should also feature a cleared area with sand, loose dirt, or wood chips bordered by a few plants and bushes to act as a screen, offering a comfortable and safe place for your cat to use the toilet.

Dog Fence Window

Full privacy fences are fantastic because they are one of the most popular ways to keep pets secure. The problem is that they are also confined within the walls because your pet cannot view the world beyond your yard.

Source: freshpatio.com

The dog window is a small area in the fence made out of clear plastic or any other sturdy transparent material that allows your dog to see the world outside while staying safely in your yard. You can DIY it or have a professional install one. Before allowing your dog outside, test the strength to ensure that he won’t be able to get out.

Treat And Water Station

Running and playing are two of a dog’s most enjoyable activities. So releasing them is essential. However, they usually become tired and thirsty due to their constant mobility. To keep their energy levels up, you must ensure they are well-nourished and hydrated.

Source: @rmarquez99/Pinterest

You can set up a treat and water station in your backyard so your dogs can quench their hunger and thirst whenever necessary. It’s important to keep your pets hydrated when they play outside. Make sure to them plenty of fresh water. When training or teaching tricks, the treats can come in handy.

An Innovative Rabbit Hutch

If you have a pet rabbit, you’ll appreciate the safety features of this backyard hutch, and the bunnies will enjoy the fresh air. Your pet rabbits will become bored if you keep them indoors all of the time. The hutch should be connected to a run that provides enough space for them to run, jump, and exercise normal rabbit behavior.

Source: Framebow/Pinterest

You can design a hutch yourself or pay contractors to do it. You can easily build a small enclosure that is partially made with fencing and cover it with a net. The hutch should be lifted off the ground on legs to deter predators and keep the base from becoming soggy. Make sure it’s a slanted roof so that the rainwater will run right off.

Cat Tunnel

Cats have natural hunting, hiding, and stalking instincts, and a cat tunnel is an ideal area for them to do what cats do best. The tunnel also offers a secure napping environment if they get tired. Cats enjoy being able to interact with the outside, and this provides a safe space for them to do that.

Source: habitathaven.com

With this cat tunnel installed at the top of your fence, you can keep your cats safe and prevent them from leaving the property. You can purchase an outdoor tunnel or build it yourself using planks, pebbles, and sturdy wire.

Dog Shower

A dog shower in your yard will cut down your cleaning time indoors. Washing your pet on a fairly regular basis is essential for their health. With a shower in the backyard, you can let your dogs run about and play as much as they want without bothering about them messing up the indoors.

Source: sebringdesignbuild.com

Install a bathing area for your dog in the backyard, and you won’t have to worry about them being claustrophobic in little baths. Ensure you have a drying station close to the shower to avoid having a wet, dirty dog and having to clean them up all over again.

A Fire Hydrant Landmark

It may be cliche, but dogs like to pee on fire hydrants. According to research, dogs do this to mark their territory and to communicate with other dogs about territorial boundaries. So why not provide your dog with a pleasant spot to relieve themselves in your yard by installing a fire hydrant.

Source: renoguide.com.au

In the backyard, place the fire hydrant next to your doghouse. You don’t need to install an actual fire hydrant. You can either paint a tiny hydrant figure or purchase one from an online dog store in the classic red and white color scheme.

Hidden Pet Door

A pet door allows your animal friends to enter and exit your home easily. Consider putting a covering in front of your plain pet door if you want to add some flair and imagination to it. Cats also enjoy curling up in warm, dark, confined spaces to get away from it all.

Source: hometalk.com

The pet door is efficiently and creatively hidden behind this flower box. It also protects the entrance from the weather. Other things, such as bins, can be used to disguise or cover the pet door in addition to flower boxes.

Cat Ladder

Cats are known for their affinity for climbing. To keep your outdoor cat from becoming bored, provide them with various climbing structures such as a cat ladder. Cat ladders make it easier for cats to access windows, catwalks, and perches on the fence.

Source: renoguide.com.au

Cats are excellent jumpers, but this can be dangerous at times. They may inadvertently walk on something they shouldn’t, or they may tumble hard to the ground. To avoid this, build a fun cat ladder in your garden to keep them entertained and safe while they leap around.

Glass Dome Fence Peephole

Almost every door nowadays has a built-in peephole. You may also provide a similar amenity for your pets by constructing a dome in the backyard with a glass hole. This gives them a view of the life beyond their yard while remaining safe inside your property. It’s a great idea that keeps them occupied.

Source: Becky Harris/houzz.com

For your dogs and other pets, build a glass dome peephole into your fence! Pets will be less frustrated and bored and as a result, will be less inclined to dig holes in your garden beds or grass. As most pet owners know — a bored pet is a destructive pet.

Cat Security Fence

Cats are among the most mischievous pets you can have. Felines are troublesome, love trying to escape, and it is difficult to train and discipline them. Even the most cunning cat will not be able to jump over this innovative fence design.

Source: renoguide.com.au

Attach a large overhang to a tall fence on all sides of your property to prevent your cat from being able to jump over it, allowing you to rest easier about their safety. They won’t be able to get to the top of the fence and get over it because of the screen overhang.

Outdoor Fish Ponds

Pet fish are low-maintenance pets that add a touch of beauty to your home. Fish love large and open spaces. You can set aside some space in your backyard to build a small pond and fill it with enough water to allow your fish to swim freely under the sun.

Source: Verdell Galeana/Shutterstock

You can use regulate the water temperature if needed during the cooler months if you live in an extreme climate. Do not place your aquarium beneath trees, as dry leaves and other debris will easily drop into the water. If possible, place it in the corner of the yard where it will receive some shade from the house.

Fence With Roller Bars

This is a DIY project that keeps cats from jumping over the fence. When your cats are playing out in your backyard, you may be concerned that they may be able to escape the protection of your home. The only time you’ll usually see your cat sit still is when they’re sleeping, lounging around, or eating.

Source: renoguide.com.au

To keep your cat safe inside your property, install a roller bar fence using PVC pipes. Two cable wire lines, each with a PVC pipe attached, are put at the top of the fence. The PVC pipe will roll and drop the cats who are attempting to grab onto it back into the backyard.

Habitat For Turtles

There are various housing ideas for your turtles and tortoises, but not all are appropriate for every species. It’s critical to understand the needs of the turtle or tortoise you have before setting up a turtle habitat, such as the ideal temperature and humidity for the living space, as well as the substrate, plants, and decorations they prefer.

Source: @shailuchouhan801185/Pinterest

You can start setting up their new dwelling once you’ve determined their habitat requirements. So, by putting some stones and grasses in your backyard and adding a little pond for them to dip into when they crave water, you will make a lovely home for them. Put up fences on the sides to protect them from other pets and predators.

Goat Play Ramp 

If you are one of the lucky people who own goats, you know how much they enjoy climbing on almost any surface they can access. It’s one of their favorite activities. This goat obstacle course will keep your goats happy and engaged. Their desire to climb will be satisfied by the ramps and bridges.

Source: doubledurangofarm.com

Give them space to climb up and down as often as possible with some ramps. You can save space in your backyard by constructing levels in the same area, and they’ll love it. Ensure that there is enough climbing space for all of the goats.

Sand Pit

Dogs enjoy digging in the sand. Providing your dogs with a sand pit will prevent destructive digging of your lawn and encourage exercise. You may make your own sandpit out of old tires, discarded bricks, or recycled wood planks. Bury your dog’s favorite toys or bones in the box to show your dog that this is the right place for him to dig.

Source: housetodecor.com

Ensure your dog can lay down and play comfortably inside the sand pit. Your dog will enjoy the sandbox even more if you keep it slightly damp during the summer. One of the reasons dogs dig holes is to locate a cool place to rest, which a moist sandbox would provide.

Pumpkin Treat for Your Chickens

Because chickens are omnivores, you can nearly always find them pecking at the ground seeking delectable bugs to eat. They also enjoy fruits and veggies. Give your jack-o’-lantern to your hens after the Halloween celebrations have come to an end.

Source: thefrugalchicken.com

Hang it on a rope for added interest, so they have to work a little more to get at the swinging fruit. Simply trim off some of the body to make it easier for them to consume. One of the healthiest treats you can give your chickens is pumpkin.

Duck Coop

Make a duck coop in your garden by erecting some barriers on the sides and adding a pool of water or a small pond inside so your ducks can enjoy both land and water. A duck pond can be used for a variety of feathered pets.

Source: renoguide.com.au

A duck coop should include the following essentials: water, shelter, and a feeding station. The duck pool is great for preening, reducing mites and lice, and providing your duck with hours of fun. Make the coop more appealing by adding some gorgeous plants and other decor/ play items.

Rabbit Run

Rabbits like hopping as far as their habitat will allow. If you have a spacious backyard, it is ideal for creating an open yet safe space for your rabbits to explore. Your rabbit should be able to engage with nature in the rabbit run.

Source: campnibble.com

Your rabbit run’s floor should be natural. To prevent escapes, it must be dig-proof. For your rabbit-run grass or a soft staw will be the best. High fencing is essential though, to keep neighborhood dogs and cats away from your bunny. 

Dog ramp

The majority of dog owners install a pet door on the lower levels of their homes so that their dogs can explore the outside to their hearts’ content. Instead of a basic door flap, build a ramp in the backyard and connect it to your home’s upper level.

Source: shaunibe/Pinterest

This has a few added benefits, it makes your home more secure, as the dog door won’t be easily accessible, and it gives your dog a bit of an extra workout if they need to navigate the ramp to get in and out of the house.

Pet Shed

Pets love to play outside. However, bear in mind that while your pet is outside, they are exposed to various weather conditions, including blazing heat and sudden downpours, both of which can affect their health and general well-being.

Source: shedsalon.com

Construct a cooling shelter. This will provide a safe haven for your pets from the sun’s rays as well as protection from the rain. The grass-covered roof provides more area for cats, dogs, goats, and other domestic pets to wander while also keeping the interior cooler.

Dog/Cat Exercise Wheel

In a pet-friendly backyard, an exercise wheel is also a terrific addition for a high-energy dog. When you only have a small amount of space for your dogs to run about in, this workout wheel may provide them with all of the necessary workout needs they have.

Source: renoguide.com.au

The concept is that your dog can get on the wheel, run until they’re exhausted, and then return to resting on the sofa. Install a large exercise wheel in your backyard so your dog can go around and have fun. This isn’t only for dogs, though. Cats enjoy going around on these wheels as well.

Fence Barrier

Some dogs are natural escape artists who want nothing more than to explore the outside world and dislike being confined to their environment all the time. Digging beneath the fence can be difficult to control, especially if your dog becomes restless in your backyard or when something attractive entices them to explore the world beyond the fence.

Source: Dig Defence/Amazon

They could get lost or hurt if they get through the small gap beneath the fence. To prevent this, install a metal barrier at the base of your fence, that is securely staked into the ground. This metal fence barrier is simple to set up and an efficient way to keep your dogs safe.

Bird Feeder

Gardens enhance the beauty and charm of your home, making everyone feel welcome — including wildlife. Bird feeders are an excellent outdoor decor item to include in your backyard garden. Bird feeders are an excellent way to attract birds to your yard.

Source: duncraft.com

The bird feeder is used to feed the birds, but it also serves as a source of amusement for any other pets you may have as they watch the birds fly around freely. Simply add a squirrel guard to keep the birds secure from feline assaults.

Dog Obstacle Course

DIY dog agility courses are an excellent way for dogs to have fun while exercising. Putting together a dog-centric obstacle course combines mental stimulation, entertainment, and agility practice. Completing a sequence of tasks also gives your dog and you a sense of accomplishment.

Source: @joseedupont/Pinterest

Convert a large area of your backyard into a fun DIY obstacle course for your dog by adding tire jumps, weave poles, bar jumps, A-frames, tunnels, and other equipment. Installing an obstacle course in a yard with holes, tripping hazards, or uneven terrain is not a good idea, so plan the location carefully.

Dog Pool

Keeping your dog active and happy outside on those scorching hot days is nearly impossible. Filling up a dog pool with water and letting them splash around in it to ease the heat is one technique to help your dog remain cool.

Source: adogsnewlife.org

Building a doggie pool with a fire hydrant will be an incredible delight for your pets. The addition of a pool will provide dogs with yet another enjoyable activity. Simply purchase a small hard plastic dog pool online and install it in your backyard. You can add toys into the water that your dog will love.

Pet Pond

Pets also like cooling down in the water during the summer. Building a pond is an excellent method for providing a watering hole for your animal buddy. A pond in your backyard will be a fascinating and eye-catching feature.

Source: backyardgetawayponds.com

You can create your backyard pond your self or hire a landscape contractor. Your pets will enjoy it in either case. It is a good idea to add a few steps and train your pet how to get out safely. Decorate the pond with some gorgeous and pet-friendly plants around the edges to make it even more appealing.

Mini Dog Playhouse

If you need to leave your dog outside during the day, a dog playhouse will provide a safe and comfortable spot for him to rest. The playhouse will provide your dog with enough entertainment when outdoors. The playhouse also protects your dog from harsh weather conditions.

Source: dogsmonthly.co.uk

Create a mini dog playhouse in the backyard. Include a slide that leads to a pool, a dog tug, and a resting area. To keep their energy levels up and make sure they are well-nourished and hydrated, install a water hole and treat station in the playhouse. 

A Cat Treehouse 

Cats enjoy climbing. If you have a tree with branches that your cat can easily reach in your backyard, you already have a frame from a cat-friendly treehouse! A cat tree house will help the cats improve their hunting abilities, encourage active play, and keep them entertained.

Source: @indulgyworld/Pinterest

When you set out to do this project, include cat perches, a swing, a bridge, and climbers to provide your cat with a range of exciting activities. The cat tree can also serve as a scratch post. For cats, scratching is a necessary activity. It makes them feel more secure by marking their territory.

A Dog Run

A dog run is a designated space for your dog to run, play, and potty train. A fenced dog run provides a safe environment for your dog to run around without harming plants, knocking over furniture, or getting into any other kind of mischief.

Source: ideal-turf.com

Install a run in your backyard surrounded by fencing so your dog may run freely without destroying anything. You can feel more relaxed while also allowing your pet to be free and protected. Include a sheltered space for your pets to relax and cool down after running.

Cat Perch

Cats enjoy perching on high surfaces to survey the world from a safe viewpoint. Create a high, easily accessible perch for your cat by adding posts to the top of your fences. The cat perch could include a small bench as well as shelves or ledges securely attached to a wall or the backyard fence.

Source: Kelly Cooper/Pinterest

Whenever your kitten gets tired and needs a break from all of the running and jumping, they can relax at the top and enjoy the view of the garden below. Install perches at different levels for them to be able to get to the highest ones.

Dog Loft

Create a unique dog house in your backyard with a little loft at the top and fill it with rugs, pillows, and a blanket to make your pet feel snug and comfortable. The top of the dog house provides an excellent vantage point for a guard dog to relax and keep watch.

Source: Jayla-Larry Nepomuceno/houzz.com

While the spacious area beneath serves as a cozy doghouse. For simple access, install a dog ladder or ramp. You can decorate your dog’s loft with decor items such as pet-friendly plants. If you intend to leave it out for an extended period of time, build a sun shade or awning to protect the animal.

DIY Dog Tug Pole

This is a simple DIY project that both you and your dog will enjoy. Now they can play whenever they want, even if there is no human around. The dog tug will give variety to your dog’s self-play while also helping to develop strength and muscles and relieve pent-up doggie energy.

Source: renoguide.com.au

You’ll need a solid post, some planks of wood to make the frame, a spring, and your dog’s favorite tug toy to make a dog tug. Playing tug with your dog also strengthens your friendship. Your dog craves your time and attention, and as a result, you will create trust in a delightful way.

Pet Playground

Backyard playgrounds are great for mental and physical stimulation. Your pets need something to keep them challenged throughout the day, regardless of breed or size. They will become accustomed to a variety of sounds, heights, and experiences on the playground. They will be able to adjust to new surroundings and situations without feeling scared.

Source: sweetdreamsdoghouse.com

Create a DIY playground for your pets in the backyard of your home to provide them with some amusing activities. Add a variety of play equipment and climbers so that you and your pet may interact and have fun together.

A Rabbit Habitat

Provide your rabbits with a fun activity center. Before attempting to create a rabbit habitat, you must first understand your rabbit’s needs. Such as the preferred substrate, plants, and decorations, as well as the optimal temperature and humidity for the living area. 

Source: renoguide.com.au

Add an elevated mound, small ponds, tiny holes, and other features to your bunny sanctuary to give your rabbits their own habitat. Get inventive so they can hop around gleefully. Your adorable bunnies will have a blast exploring their warren’s many terrains.

Pet Garden

Create a garden that is appealing to both humans and pets. You can divide your gardening area by building fences on the sides and making a path in the middle to keep your pets from destroying the flowers and lawns.

Source: Thomas J. Story/sunset.com

Building fences will allow your pets to enjoy a safe stroll through the garden while admiring it without approaching your plants. Paths in pet-friendly gardens allow them to explore, hunt and play. Your pets may also discover rare places and hidden corners in which to build lairs.

Dog Water Park

Add a water feature to your backyard so your dog can stay cool in the spring and summer. It will keep our dog hydrated and give him/her endless fun. Your pets and children will enjoy a miniature water park in your garden equally which will lead to many hours of happy playtime.

Source: homemydesign.com

This pet-friendly little water park includes a fire hydrant water fountain with a few ground spouts. You can create a pet-themed little water park in your garden with a kiddy pool, a hose, and a fake fire hydrant. You can also get your pet a few water toys.

Grassy Patch

Creating a personal bathroom space for your pet is simple when you have a large backyard. For those people who don’t have a large yard, grow some grass in a plastic tub and place it on your balcony for city and apartment dwellers. This will not only make your dog happy but will reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning up after your pet.

Source: ajhmall.ga

This grassy patch will provide your dog with some outdoor experience as well as the obligatory outdoor potty. Ensure that the grass is safe for your dog and sturdy enough to grow in the plastic. The grassy patch will give your home an outdoor feel, which your pet will love.  

Porch Bed 

A day in the backyard may be too strenuous for some of your pets, particularly the younger and older ones. Provide a comfortable place for them to slumber, relax, or simply catch their breath. Your pets will appreciate a comfy pet bed and some toys on the porch.

Source: Brian Patrick Flynn/hgtv.com

Make a cozy sleeping area for your pet in the backyard by adding soft cushions and allowing them to snooze or relax comfortably while enjoying the fresh air. Sure, pets enjoy lying on the lawn or on the patio, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a comfortable place to rest their heads.

Pet-Friendly Plants

Plants provide us with a sense of calm. Being surrounded by them empowers us to erase all of the tension in our lives. They have a healing impact as well as a boosting effect because they make the indoors and outside more tranquil and inviting.

Source: housetodecor.com

Some plants can be harmful to pets. Tulips and peonies, for example, are two plants that dogs are allergic to. Plants that are pet-friendly, such as ferns and palms, can be added to your backyard, so you don’t have to give up your love of plants while keeping your pet safe at the same time.

Outdoor Running Area

As we have mentioned before, exercise is very essential for your furbaby. Without it, they can get fussy and become very destructive. Dogs, especially, sometimes need more than just the occasional walk. So, why not build them a secluded outdoor running area in the backyard?

Source: synturfil.com

The one pictured above would be perfect for a small dog like a chihuahua. A space like this will make your dog feel like they are the lord of their own domain and allow them to run freely without the constraints of a leash. Frankly, we believe that’s the perfect recipe for a happy pooch!

Chicken Wire Fence

Dogs can be very loyal and cute most of the time. However, they can also be a pain when they set their minds to it. One of the ways they can test your patience is by digging where they aren’t supposed to. We get that it’s their thing, but it can be quite dangerous.

Source: farmfoodfamily

To stop this, you need to get chicken wire like the one pictured above. Just get enough to cover the area you’ve noted your canine loves to dig and cover the place with the wire. This will form a barrier between the dog and the ground and stop them in their tracks next time!