Spooky Halloween Decorations That Give Us The Heebie Jeebies

By Yeshwanth K October 25, 2021

Everyone loves Halloween – The costumes, candies, festive gatherings, and much more. But Halloween is celebrated mostly through costumes and decorations. Kids dress up in unique outfits and knock on everyone’s door for candy, and adults celebrate it primarily by decorating their houses in unique ways. When the festival first started hundreds of years ago, it was not even called Halloween. It was referred to as “All Hallows’ Eve,” which also meant “All Saints Eve.” As time passed by, All Hallows’ Eve became “Hallowed Evening,” which we currently call Halloween. Back then, people used to wear costumes of saints and went to every house trick-or-treating. Now, people mostly dress up as ghosts, zombies, vampires, or any other fictitious characters. And the people who decorate their homes also decorate as if their house is haunted or from a science fiction movie. To get ready for the spooky season, we’ve compiled 45 Halloween decoration ideas that will surely frighten all those who lay eyes on them.

Frightening Numbers

Names are scary, but what about numbers? Are numbers alarming too? You will think so after recalling the most disastrous year we had in this century so far. Yes, we are talking about the spine-chilling, horrifying, and frightening year of “2020,” mainly because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Image Courtesy: handydandyproductions/Instagram

This family decided that they don’t need scary ghosts, skeletons, or evil creatures to be one of the best houses with Halloween decorations. They just decided to use the number, i.e., 2020, to frighten the people. Unique, isn’t it?

Goth Flamingos

Flamingos (not live ones) are some of the most common decorative items in people’s yards (especially in Florida). Many people are charmed by this decorative item because of factors like their pink feathers and standing pose. Nevertheless, one cannot imagine flamingos to be scary. But, you might change your opinion after seeing this Halloween decoration.

Image Courtesy: SuperDuperDani/Reddit

Other goth cannibal flamingos are eating up this poor pink flamingo. When you lay eyes on it, you might really feel what the flamingo is going through because of the detail. We can actually praise the creative idea because it is pretty hard to make something graceful look terrifying.

Watch out for “It”

There is no denying the fact that Pennywise the clown is one of the scariest characters that we’ve seen in movies. This family used the theme of “It” by literally reconstructing the concept of “watching in the sewage gutter” from the movie.

Image Courtesy: dlj1045/Imgur

The decoration is straightforward, with some clothes and a balloon near the gutter, which makes us believe that this is a scene from the movie. When you see this decoration, you might even get startled and shout, “stop looking down there.” However, It is a brilliant concept for a Halloween decoration idea.

From the “Upside Down”

Well, it is not just the movies that have come up with some of the most terrifying creatures, but there are some spine-chilling web series as well, which contribute to the spookiness. Among them, Stranger Things from Netflix is definitely scary because of the horrifying creatures.

Image Courtesy: compoczar/Twitter

This tiny mall shows off the decoration of the spider monster, which seems to look like it is taking over the house. We can safely assume that it is the spider monster from Stranger Things. In one way or the other, the decoration sure looks freaky, even during the day.

The Nightmare

Not all Halloween movies can be scary, and most of us have a favorite Halloween movie depending on our choices. Some animated movies and regular films have great Halloween concepts, and this decoration-related movie combines everyone’s favorite holidays; Halloween and Christmas.

Image courtesy: The Nightmare Before Christmas/funtitledworkshop

This decoration idea is based on the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, which looks similar and authentic. During Halloween, it is a common idea to decorate your house based on the theme of Halloween movies. This can make your house stay in the loop of pop culture.


Over the last few years, memes have gained a lot of fame on the internet. Everyone, literally everyone, who uses social media, is familiar with memes. Even though we can’t explain why, when we see a meme, most of us feel like that meme is related to a part of our life.

Image Courtesy: mashable.com

Here, when you see this decoration, you might not catch the concept at first glance. How can it be fine when everything is on fire? Well, remember the year 2020 again for this scenario. Nothing can be as drastic, not even this dog sitting in a house that is caught on fire.

Skeleton Attack

You might have seen skeletons as a part of most Halloween decorations, as they are the traditional decoration for most Halloween themes. But what about skeletons invading your home? Just imagine how it would be if you saw them taking over your house.

Image Courtesy: myspros14/Reddit

What the person needed was just an army of skeletons, and he made it look like they are taking over his house. We can’t say this about adults, but kids would definitely be skeptical to walk up to this house while they are trick-or-treating.

“Garbage or Bodies?”

Murders are just as scary as ghosts or skeletons. Garbage disposal bags are common ways of getting rid of dead bodies, and we’ve seen this in many movies. What if you came across a dead body put up in a garbage bag and tied up with duct tape?

Image Courtesy: dovesondoves/Reddit

Compared to other Halloween decorations that have been listed here, you might definitely consider this idea to be very cheap, simple, yet horrifying. All you need is some garbage bags and duct tape, and you are ready to scare the hell out of people for this Halloween.

Everybody needs Technology

Over the last few months, each and every one of us has become familiar with the expansion of technology. Without technology such as Zoom, one cannot assume their life is as easy as it is now. What if skeletons had to Zoom?

Image Courtesy: BrianStack153/Twitter

Well, this decoration seems creepy, but we can also understand the current situation (harsh reality) where everyone needs to use Zoom to get connected with their loved ones. However, this can definitely be considered as a “one-of-a-kind” idea, which impresses everyone.

Color Combination and Light setup:

Even the simplest decorations with a touch of exciting lighting and color combination will spook you to pieces. In many cities, some houses look a bit old. Because of this, they are perfect for ideas related to Halloween, where even the light setup is enough to scare people.

Image Courtesy: Dewayne Estes/Facebook

Take a look at this one right here because this is what we were strictly talking about. The selective colored lights in the proper places and the old feel of the house is enough to make this structure earn a place in our list of horrifying Halloween decorations.


After experiencing the drastic changes in our lives because of the outbreak of the virus, most of our routines have changed. Since last year, there has been enough change that we won’t even begin to try and remember how we were living before this situation.

Image Courtesy: yogirlkaleigh/Twitter

From the picture above, we can understand that we have to say goodbye to most of the things we love. As a general thing, we usually opt for headstones to say “RIP” for our deceased loved ones. In the same way, this person made Halloween tombstones depicting the things most of us miss in our lives because of the ongoing pandemic outbreak.

“Run for your life”

Did you think that humans only run for their lives when someone is chasing them? Skeletons also do the same. All you need is a nice idea and simple decorations, and in most cases, simple decorations are proven to be more impressive than extravagant decorations.

Image courtesy: MOST VIRAL IMAGES/Imgur

This decoration, even though simple, seems very lovely when it comes to talking about Halloween decorations. There is nothing flashy or expensive in this decoration, and it only has a bunch of skeletons and a lawnmower. The way this person decorated seems very genuine, as if the skeletons were really running away from the lawnmower.

Someone’s looking

Imagine you were going somewhere, and you accidentally saw a house where someone creepy is watching you through the window. Even the thought seems to scare you, right? These things weird us out, especially during Halloween. Scratch that. It would freak us out any day.

Image Courtesy: RolcOCV/imgur.com

The person who came up with this idea didn’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate his house so that it can stand out among the other houses in the neighborhood. It’s just another Halloween decoration that would scare the hell out of people while they are passing by the house at night.

Time to call the pros

Almost everyone belonging to the 80s and 90s is familiar with the film “Ghostbusters.” Even though the movie is not that scary, it sure has a widespread fanbase worldwide. Whether it is the unique concept of catching ghosts or the onscreen performance of Bill Murray, the movie can indeed be considered a cult classic.

Image Courtesy: pupperish.com

Remembering the old school days, who would you call if you were being attacked by ghosts (or giant skeletons for this decoration)? That’s right! Ghostbusters to the rescue. The person made this Halloween decoration idea even more unique because the ghostbusters are also skeletons.

Bird Terror

Would you be scared after seeing a single Crow or a Raven? Not even flocks of these birds, but just a single one. What can a crow or raven do? Right? You might change your mind after you have a look at this Halloween decoration.

This giant Raven-looking bird with a skull in its mouth would scare the hell out of anyone passing by. A group of crows is called a “Murder,” and a group of ravens is called “Unkindness,” whereas this giant bird can be called “The bird that’ll scare you to death.”

Slender Man is looking

When it comes to Halloween decorations, creating something based on movies or books always seems more frightening than other ideas. It would be inappropriate to scare people with such fictional characters set up outside the house during standard times.

Image Courtesy: JoeSedealio/Imgur

You might have seen the movies Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story and Slender Man, and even if you didn’t, this decoration is undoubtedly going to frighten you. The tall and lean man with awfully long limbs who has no face or hair and is formally dressed will definitely make you run for the hills.

Conquered by Evil:

Old-looking houses are creepiest when it comes to decorating for Halloween, isn’t it? With the right type of house and interesting decoration ideas, your home can become one of the scariest houses in your neighborhood. This decoration can be considered as not too simple or complex.

Image Courtesy: melliekr/Instagram

The skeletons climbing the house trying to take over is enough for many people. But the person who came up with the idea went the extra mile and placed some more props such as clowns, nuns, and scarecrows and made it look like the house belongs to these evil creatures.

Crop Circle

Crop circles are one of the creepiest conspiracy theories, which are way too scary to five in to right now. You already know that Pumpkins always go hand-in-hand with Halloween. What if these two concepts were presented in a single Halloween decoration? What if there was a Pumpkin Crop Circle?

Image Courtesy: Punnalinguist/Reddit

This person’s unique idea of a Pumpkin shaped crop circle is very simple and effective. All the person did was shape the lawn in the form of a giant pumpkin while giving it some special effects to make it look like a crop circle—definitely a fantastic idea.

Beetle or Spider

Volkswagen Beetle is a one-of-a-kind car that became famous for its looks and name. The person who created the next took the idea that the car is named after an insect and thought, why not make it into that same bug this Halloween.

Image Courtesy: CovertMuppet/Reddit

Instead of going ahead and changing it into a beetle, as the name suggests, the person wanted to be unique and transformed it into a spider. They also added some touches by making it seem like the Beetle-Spider is attacking a bunch of skeletons with its web. Impressive, yet scary.

A shoe won’t help you now

Why do people make a fuss when they see a spider? We suggest you just get a shoe, squish it, and get over it. Isn’t it true? Well, not every time. After seeing this decoration, you might change your thoughts on hitting a spider once and for all.

Image courtesy of successlifelounge.com

This big spider cannot be killed by you, or with a shoe at least. You might need some advanced weapons or the giant bird from earlier. Imagine if this was the queen of all the spiders that came to your house to take revenge for all the spiders you’ve killed so far. Yeah, it sounds terrifying.

Not just darkness is scary

You always thought that darkness is way too scary because of all the monsters and ghosts that exist within it, right? Sorry to spoil your imagination, but lights can also be equally as frightening. Disagree with us? Then check out this next home.

Image Courtesy: ghostmanornola/Instagram

This simple Halloween decoration is incredibly freaky with the help of lights and a few other props and smoke effects. The way these lights have been arranged can definitely make people uncomfortable going anywhere near the house. Looks like the house belongs to someone extremely evil, right?

Unwanted guest

These creative people took a leap of faith and completely covered their roof with a giant dinosaur. We have to say, this decoration idea goes above and beyond and definitely gives us the heebie jeebie,s to say the least.

Image courtesy: Miguel Rodrigues/Reddit

It looks like someone commissioned someone to place a ginormous dragon to sit on top of their dwelling. This is not some cute and fluffy dragon. It’s a monster that looks like it should be on the set of a movie, and we are super impressed.

The Reaper’s here

You can’t beat a classic Halloween decoration such as Grim Reaper. The Reaper appears to the people when they are near their deaths and collects their souls. This has been depicted to us in various movies and books and even cartoon shows as well. 

Image Courtesy: dystroy/Imgur

This Halloween decoration clearly has some authenticity to it, which makes it have an uncanny resemblance to the reaper that we see in movies. And that skeleton horse adds some extra effects to the decoration, which makes this even scarier.

Ghosts need recreation too

In general, most horror films we’ve seen have a human-like evil spirit that has some white-colored clothes and long hair that partially covers the face. This can be observed as the traditional and modern appearances of ghosts in horror movies.

Image Courtesy: beautifulcity/twitter.com

What if you were walking by this house and saw this ghost swinging outside on the deck? Not sure about you, but we would definitely turn away and walk as fast as possible to get away from this. This could even petrify you in broad daylight, let alone nighttime.

Pumpkin Town welcomes you:

Skeletons and pumpkins are the conventional props used for decorating your house for Halloween. Carved pumpkins have become a part of Halloween in such a way that they instantly pop into your mind while we are talking about decorations.

Image Courtesy: lexigoober/Reddit

This Pumpkin gate or arch is a perfect example of how Halloween decorations can be effective using traditional Pumpkins. Who would have thought that carving scary faces into pumpkins would make them so frightening that we even forget they are food?

The undead will wed

Usually, most people have a ghost or skeleton wedding as part of their Halloween decorations. However, making the decoration stand out among other concepts is where people need to get innovative, just like this family who to the concept to a whole other level.

Image Courtesy: kisforkyle/Reddit

We think this is the most horrific Halloween decoration mentioned in this list. The undead bride and groom look too haunting that even we can’t look at them for too long. Trick or treating might be a complex task for children when there are decorations like this outside.

Bad pets? No, Evil pets

Very few people are successful in creating Halloween decorations that include pets in a scary way. However, some of them make these decorations way too realistic. Why just include the human skeletons when animal skeletons can also be a part of the picture?

Image Courtesy: IdahoLark/Twitter

In the picture given above, you can see that some skeleton dogs are devouring an innocent teddy bear. It sure does look shocking, and we definitely have to praise the creator for their innovativeness while coming up with this concept.

Protection for the house

It looks like even houses are vulnerable to the deadly Covid-19 (Just kidding). Well, the person who heard this somewhere came up with the idea for the next decoration because they took the joke seriously and made it into a Halloween concept.

Image Courtesy: breki74/Twitter

No one wants to go back to 2020, no matter what. Based on what we went through last year, this decoration actually makes sense. It is a reminder of the dark past that we were able to survive, or he’s just serious about his house not catching the virus.

Some serious launchpad arrangements

Well, we obviously have to say that most people happen to steal the show by throwing a few skeletons into their unique ideas. No matter how simple the decorations might be, a bunch of skeletons doing something petrifying could always receive some praise from the people passing by.

Image Courtesy: mobilesuit_Builder/Redit

If you see this picture, you can see that some skeletons are working hard in a NASA-like setup, possibly trying to get back to their planet or something. This decoration looks creative rather than petrifying, and it is very simple too – just a few tech-savvy skeletons and a cardboard setup that looks like a space center.

Someone’s trying to escape

No matter where you go, you can always backtrack your way out if you want to leave. So, what if you were at a place where you cannot return from? It’s really hard to imagine being stuck in a place while trying to escape, such as being held captive by a serial killer.

Image Courtesy: JillSamples/Pinterest

The abovementioned decoration looks like someone is desperately trying to get out. Whether it is a place where a person has been kept captive or is trying to break from hell, this concept is surely impressive. Not only everything looks authentic, but the decoration also seems to be simple and cost-efficient.

Don’t panic; it’s not real

While some people go ahead with simple and inexpensive decorations, others put an enormous amount of effort, time, and money into their Halloween decorations. To be precise, they spend a ton of money on Halloween, which is significantly higher than what they spend for Christmas.

This decoration is an example of how dedicated people can be during the times of Halloween. The person did something only others can think of doing, i.e., building an entire structure in front of the house. Moreover, Michael Myers is standing on the top, which makes it a splendid Halloween decoration.

Would you help?

Water sources and Halloween are a creepy and scary combination, regardless of the reasons. Especially during the times of Halloween, you don’t want to go near any sort of water sources such as ponds or seas because you never know what’s lurking in them.

Image Courtesy: Halloween decorations/homedit/Pinterest

After you see this picture, you might actually get a spine-chilling and creepy feeling because of the genuine looks of these hands. What happens when you come across these hands during Halloween night? Freaky right? Kudos to the creator for making the hands look so realistic.

The undead return

Depending on the realistic looks of Halloween decorations, we still get spooked or frightened even after knowing that they are fake. However, that’s the whole concept of Halloween, isn’t it? It wouldn’t be as effective if everyone had some peaceful and cute decorations.

Image Courtesy: Jorogasm/Reddit

The walking dead decoration you see here looks so frightening that, for a second, you’ll get startled. However, you would have to assure yourself twice or even three times before you conclude that these are actually fake.

Dolls of Death

For some reason, dolls have always been connected with various ghost stories and movies. How can we forget Anabelle or Chucky right? Maybe ghosts also like playing with dolls, or they want to play with humans by possessing the dolls. In other words, dolls are scary.

Image Courtesy: Ernestwilliamson/Imgur

In the picture, you can see the creepy dolls carrying body bags. It looks like these dolls just killed two people and are disposing of their bodies in those bags, right? Way too spooky! We would definitely flee from the scenario as soon as we saw this.

Extraterrestrial Attack

Like we’ve described while talking about some other decorations, there are some classic Halloween ideas that’ll always be the winners in your neighborhood, like mummies, zombies, skeletons, and aliens, too. Based on the conspiracy theories and movies we watch; aliens definitely scare most people.

Image Courtesy: hillary012092/Reddit

This alien setup beside the front door seems way too creepy and horrifying. It looks as if the person has kept the alien captive, and it is trying to break out. However, we can obtain some comfort by saying to ourselves that aliens don’t exist.

Want to go in? think again!

In most cases, the look and feel of the house are enough for the perfect Halloween decoration. These types of houses, even with the simplest decorations, can compete with the houses that are extremely decorated. However, a touch of innovativeness is definitely necessary to make the decoration stand out.

Image Courtesy: jbpawlak/Reddit

A few heads hung on the outside of the house, and a large guillotine at the entrance made this decoration look cool. Even though the decoration seems effortless to create, it is adequate to scare people—another point for simplicity.

The dead might not stay dead

The rise of the dead is a terrific concept as Halloween is the day when we wake up the dead and celebrate the holiday using them as props. Nevertheless, children who are trick-or-treating might not dare enter the houses that seem too scary.

This is a house with such extremely terrifying decorations, and therefore, no candies for the kiddos who wish to trick or treat at this house. However, the creator seems to have put in a lot of effort to make the house look this way.

The Beatles?

You will see some movie scenes or scenes from a hit music video, with some changes, as a Halloween decoration in some decorations. Remember Abbey Road from The Beatles? Good idea to recreate, right? There’s no denying that fact.

Image Courtesy: JLamb56/Reddit

Here, you can see some skeletons representing the Beatles going on the crosswalk of Abbey Road in a very creative manner. Regardless of the conspiracies related to this particular album, the creator had a clever Halloween concept.

Would you change their mind?

Remember the meme where you saw a person holding a board asking to change his mind about what he thinks? Well, here are some lovely fellows who came up with the same concept and are asking you something. Would you try and change their mind if you could? Or should I say, “If you dare?”

Image Courtesy: Dilligaf_Bazinga/Reddit

These are the most iconic characters of horror movies, which scared each and everyone who saw those films. Well, they sure do have a point that the teenagers deserved it, but even if they didn’t deserve to be killed like that, you might not intend to argue about it with these guys. Innovative Halloween idea, isn’t it?

Alien alert

Like we said earlier, aliens happen to be a cool Halloween decoration. Whether they are true or not, they make us feel a bit creepy when we encounter something related to them. Unless there is strong evidence of their existence, we can relax.

Image Courtesy: Trish Maestas/Pinterest

Here, it seems like a UFO has crashed on this front lawn, and a small alien died. However, what we have to observe over here is that these people who created this didn’t even bother about damaging their lawn. They just wanted to portray the best Halloween decoration in the neighborhood.