Where’s The “Unsee” Option? 40 Cursed Images That Will Make Anyone Question Why They Even Exist

By Hans A

Twitter has lately become a cesspool of hate and drama over the years. From creators using that platform to express their beef with other influencers to billionaires expressing their desire to buy out the social media platform entirely for a smooth forty-billion dollars.

If you’re going to talk about variety in what you see, then Twitter is definitely the best topic out there. You can literally find anything there – from countless anime girl drawings to some of the best memes known to man. But we’re ignoring all of that today, except for one account in particular.

It’s an account that seeks to make people feel uneasy and pulls it off fairly well. How do they manage to do that? They share some of the weirdest images you’ll ever see.

So heed this warning: if you’re not into unsettling stuff, turn back now, but if you’re curious about it, then keep on scrolling.

All images in this article are courtesy of @cursedimages on Twitter.

Meal In The Bath

This photo is the epitome of a man’s genius or outright absurdity. We get that sometimes you want to be efficient and do two things at once, like pee in the shower. But eating a hot dog inside the bathtub? That’s not metal; that’s just weird.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Let’s hope that the plate doesn’t suddenly get turned over and the water becomes more like a hot dog and condiment sauce than water. It’ll basically be like this dude is marinating, which is funny in its own right. Still, this idea is way too weird.

One Word: Loaf

You all might know the Guinness Records by now. If you don’t, then you’re too young to be reading this stuff because we found out about that book when we were at least six years old. Now it’s time to show you a weird entry.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

These loaves of bread aren’t enough to merit even a passing entry on the Guinness Book of World Records, but it’s still a pretty sizable feat that they were able to surpass. If it doesn’t get covered in mold, that’s enough bread for a month.

Sleep Tight, Bike

Tucking your kids in bed? Greatest thing ever. Tucking your pets? Still a pretty great feeling. Tucking your stuffed toys? Kind of weird, but we get it; you’re channeling your inner child. But tucking your entire motorcycle in bed? That’s super random.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Why would anyone do this? This is the first time we have seen something like this. We can only guess that this person must truly love their bike if they did this. Or maybe they spent way too much on the vehicle and now have to take good care of their valuable bike.

What In The World?

Have you ever walked down the sidewalk one day, looked to your right, and saw a giant yeast monster coming out of the bin? If you haven’t, well, you’re like most of us. Only a handful of people ever experienced that firsthand, and this person was one of them.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

If you’re wondering what’s that, it’s a ton of dough that’s been thrown out. Maybe the dough was not as good as it should be, so the restaurant had to do this. Or maybe someone put too much yeast in the dough and ended up creating a monster.

Badgers? Badgers.

There are animals who strive in the daylight, and some who are nocturnal, who strive by living at night. A great example of a night animal is the badger, which normally rummages through your trash bin in the middle of the night, scouring for food.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

These fellas are fierce in their own right, so don’t you dare try to shoo them away. This person was shocked to spot a colony of badgers chilling in their backyard. Just imagine how much trash they must’ve had at home for all these critters to plan this break-and-enter.

Potty Birdie

As children, we believe that storks deliver babies to houses. It would only be natural that after a long day at the baby factory, hard-working storks would want to sit on the toilet and scroll down their Instagram timeline while going about their business.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Well, that’s obviously not possible. This photo was actually taken in the aftermath of a natural disaster. A category five hurricane struck parts of the United States back in the 1990s and displaced a ton of animals from their homes into bathrooms like this.


If you have a phobia of clowns, then you’re absolutely going to hate this next photo. Thanks to a certain messed up individual who decided to commit crimes as a clown, it’s been cemented throughout the years that these guys should not be interacted with.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

So, it’s only natural that if you pull up to your local McDonald’s parking lot and see a convention of clowns right outside standing and staring at you like this, you’d want to get out of there as soon as possible.

Happy Halloween!

The spooky season is just around the corner, which means people will try to make the spookiest and most bizarre costumes out there. The person in this photo takes the cake, though. Not because of an elaborate costume – just out of sheer peculiarity.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

We have seen countless people wear koala costumes, but wearing the entire koala as a mask? That’s some heavy metal stuff you got there, dude. We honestly wouldn’t want to approach anyone wearing this thing at the local Halloween potluck.

Spider Tea Time

A child having a tea party with their stuffed toys is one of the cutest things ever. We don’t know where that kind of culture started, but we’re sure that we have to thank the person who came up with it. Tea time with spiders, though? That’s a no.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

We don’t know if those spiders are just their family’s pets or if she found them somewhere around the house and decided to rope them into a tea party. Or would the better pun would be that she “webbed” them into a tea party with her?

Who Did This?

Eggs and chickens, in general, belong in a chicken coop or at least in an open field where they can rest and walk around. That, or on a rimmed baking tray cooking at 350 degrees in the oven until they’re golden brown. Sorry about that, chickens.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

It’s another story altogether when a chicken decides to lay its eggs under this person’s blanket. The worst part is that the eggs are cracked open in there as if they’re waiting for someone to beat them into a French omelet for breakfast.

Hey, Elmo

Elmo has got to be one of the most iconic and popular characters not just from his franchise – but from the entirety of children’s television. He’s red, he’s cute, and he has two goldfish that seem to be his best friends.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Now, what would you do if you went home and immediately saw your favorite puppet character lying on your bed like this? Even if you love Elmo, calling the police is the first thing you should do if you’re ever in this situation.

Frogs, frogs, and even more frogs

This is like the representation of what would happen if all the plagues in the Bible started to happen suddenly today. Locusts in the air, newborns suddenly vanishing, and frogs inside the toilet when you just wanted to go number two.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Honestly, the worst part about this picture isn’t the frogs. It’s the sorry state of the toilet and the bathroom itself. This person doesn’t just need to call an exterminator; they need to call a priest to exorcise the bathroom of its grime and nastiness.

Want Some Spaghetti?

Spaghetti is that comfort food that everyone and their mom makes whenever they want something tart, creamy, and full of savory flavors that mix and match up so well that you’re going to want five plates of it before you’re satisfied.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

It’s a pretty easy dish to prepare and an easier one to eat. Well, maybe not so easy to digest it when it’s served your neighbor’s shirt. Still, that spaghetti does look pretty good. We guess the neighbor had the best of intentions (and the worst of executions).

New Cutlery

Picnics, potlucks, and charcuterie boards are awesome. They give off that Pinterest aesthetic that everyone desperately wants, and they give a chance for you to show off your cooking skills and creativity to other people, like friends, family, or coworkers.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

But if you arrive at the picnic with an uncut roll of pepperoni or salami and an old Windows XP CD to cut them with on some used newspaper, you’re going to get kicked out. Not just that – you’ll also get banned from any other occasion moving forward.

Real Dog Replaced With Snow Dogs

Dogs love the winter season because of all the tricks and shenanigans they can do in the fluffy snow. But if you think that making an identical snow version of your dog and trying to pass it off as a new friend will work, you’re wrong.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Mr. Snuggles is not amused with its snowy clone, and he really hates being in front of the camera, or at least that’s what it looks like. He probably thinks that his owner found a replacement for him. The human loses ten points for putting the poor dog through this misery.


Look, we don’t want to judge your choice of car ride snacks. We get it; sometimes, we also like to bring cornflakes in the car and eat it while in the parking lot at the DMV. And we certainly won’t judge you for enjoying Spaghettios.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

But to drink it straight from the can? That’s just downright disturbing. Plus, it’s obvious that the can hasn’t been opened prior to the straw being inserted, so don’t try to trick us into thinking it’s apple juice that’s in there.


The first ever loaf of bread was baked in the Middle East at roughly 800 BC. Yeah, if you don’t know how to count, then we’ll simplify it for you: that’s from a long, long time ago. But with all that bread, don’t you think some people have come to fear it?

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Like this guy in the picture, who’s terrified of all that bread! This is actually a scene from the movie The Adventures of Food Boy, which aired a bit on the Disney Channel and received some pretty negative reviews from critics and audiences. We guess the people don’t like bread that much.

The Foil Room

Tinfoil is something that we most commonly use for everyday things. We can use it in the kitchen when baking or just covering up cooked stuff in the fridge. We can also use it on our kids’ school projects for their pesky science subject.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

But we have never seen someone redecorate their entire room with tin foil. Well, at least one of the walls and the floor aren’t covered in it. This looks like a nasty scene straight out of a slasher flick, and we don’t like it one bit!

Monster Dog

We’ve all seen photos of monstrous things at night, caught at the right or, rather, the wrong time. Stuff that is straight-up nightmare fuel taken out of a horror movie. You probably won’t expect it to happen inside your home, however.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Well, trust us when we say that anything can happen. This person managed to capture their dog as it turned into a small werewolf one night. We don’t know if we’re supposed to be scared of its appearance or amazed at how good the timing of this picture was.

Hey Now, You’re An All-Star

First off, we want to get some things out of the way here. Number one is that we aren’t body-shaming other people, and number two is that we respect this couple’s happy marriage. And no, looking at them wearing those costumes isn’t disturbing at all.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

What’s cursed about this photo is the concept itself. Why in the world would anyone want a Shrek-themed wedding? We get that movie has always been incredibly popular (especially nowadays, thanks to social media), but it’s not flattering at all for a wedding.

Omelet Du Fromage

Eggs are a healthy source of food. Some might argue that it’s one of the healthiest food of all, which makes this image stand out even more. Food and clothing don’t mix well. In fact, people avoid getting food on their clothes altogether.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

This photo was taken during the spooky season. This guy, being the genius that he is, created this special masterpiece. After all, who wouldn’t want to dress up as a guy carrying fresh cholesterol for anyone willing to take take a bite out of it?

Chilling Like A Villain

Bears are generally strong, but black bears are built differently. They can swim, climb trees really fast, and fend off predators that challenge them – if there are any. But as with all living sentient beings, everyone needs a break once in a while.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

This one, in particular, is smart enough to tell the difference on what’s the most comfortable place to lie down and take a break. Heck, if you were a bear and you saw an empty hammock at nighttime, you’d rest there too.

Divide and Conquer

Some cartoon characters are iconic to the point that they are able to put their former fans in a good mood whenever the adults think of them. Winnie the Pooh, one of the most iconic characters in American Cartoon history, definitely fits this category.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

But we’re sure anyone would agree that even the cute Winnie the Pooh becomes quite disturbing if that is the only thing that you see in a public place. One would think that they’re planning to dominate the world, hence the need for a meeting.

Infinite food glitch

A copying machine is used to copy printed text or images to mass-produce them for distribution. But whoever took this picture clearly had a different thing in mind. Instead of copying important documents, he decided to copy his lunch. His plan obviously didn’t work.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Regardless of what actually happened here, someone is definitely getting fired. The machine, however, could use a thorough cleanse and repair after this incident. By the looks of it, it’s going to take a while to get it up and running again.

Fine dining 101

Eating is one of those simple pleasures in life. You either eat at some place you’re already familiar with, or you’d want to try something new to spice things up a bit. This person innovated by using dolls as food containers.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Yes, the thought of eating out of a doll’s abdomen is a bit creepy, but if you look at it from a different point of view, it’s actually a bit calming to see the doll look at you with eyes that say, “Hey, enjoy the food I brought you.”

Low-cost nightmare fuel

If you’re looking for Bugs Bunny and he’s unavailable, don’t look anymore. Or else you’ll have to meet his lesser-known brother, Big Duct. Carrying roughly 10 pounds of duct tape everywhere he goes, he offers duct tape more than what the average person needs in their life.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

All jokes aside, if this were to show up on your front porch at any time of the day, we are absolutely certain that the first thing you would do would either call the cops or get an item to defend yourself from this abomination.

And the girl cried, deer

This image looks straight out of a horror film. A dark, lush environment with no human civilizations in sight, only one child, a doe, and a buck that looks through you with soulless eyes. Yep, at this point, don’t think; just run.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

However, if you stop for a moment to think about what actually happened, maybe it’s not that deep of an image. Perhaps it was just a photo taken by a random bystander that saw two deer and decided to let their child take a pic with them. It’s a comforting thought.

Sophisticated or Complicated?

There are times in life when we wish things were easier. Luckily, there are plenty of hacks and tips to help with that. But that doesn’t mean that all the tips you’ll find on the internet are actually helpful. This one, for instance, makes things harder than they have to be.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Though this method works for this person, there are far better ways to get the same results. Actually, any tips you find online will get you better results than this one. We can’t even think of a single reason why this “hack” would be good at all.

Beefy entrance

A fridge is used to store things in a cool, dry place. In this case, the person that did this must have thought that the Ken dolls are always so hot. If you were greeted with this view every day, you’d want to cool off as well.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

This picture is disturbing in ways we can’t even describe. We have so many questions for the person who took this photo. Do they collect dolls, or do they make dolls? We can only hope that the dolls are in the fridge in that position just for the laughs.

That’s quite a friendly face…

Dogs are called a “man’s best friend,” but have you ever thought about what would happen if a man decided to become a dog? Would that make him extra friendly? Definitely not! It’d just make him a prime suspect for crimes in the neighborhood.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Who wouldn’t be scared of a man dressed in this bizarre costume? Will he also bark at every person that passes his house? Maybe he’ll steal food from people when they’re not looking. It’s a disturbing sight to see on such a nice morning.

Homemade secret sauce

Waffles are good on their own, but it’s even better when you add toppings, maple syrup, and whipped cream. If you’re daring enough, maybe you can make your own topping. Just make sure not to collect the ingredients from inside the cleaning closet.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Fun fact: this method is actually used in commercials to make the food look much more appetizing. Please, note that it says “look.” Unless you’re looking for a quick way to upset your stomach or, in the worst cases, a trip to the ER, try to avoid doing this altogether.

Help wanted

These days, it’s weird to meet anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone. Society has become so dependent of these small devices that it’s almost as if they’ve become an extension of our bodies. Now you understand why some people can only go number two if they have their phones with them.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

We honestly feel this guy’s pain. Dropping your phone is a bad experience altogether – but dropping it in a public restroom while you mind your own… business? This is completely unhygienic! And that’s why this image made this list.

The fields have eyes

What’s worse than a field full of goats with eyes that scream murder? Nothing, really. A chilling sight this image is! If you own this farm, it’s best to pack your things and move out. Clearly, the other residents don’t want you here.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Don’t stare back at them when you see this at night, and try to not move a muscle. The sheep can’t tell if you’re real or not if you just stand still and pretend to be a lamp post. Trust us on this one.

Otherworld Buddies

Aliens are really scary. The mere fact that they’re technically way smarter and stronger than humans is enough to make us dread the day they invade our planet. Luckily for us, they haven’t paid a visit in millions of years, so maybe they don’t really care about our kind.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Well, except maybe this green guy in the picture. He probably couldn’t resist visiting our planet and even made a friend during one of his visits. Maybe the two of them even watched E.T. together! It’s funny that the guy and his alien friend look kind of similar, right?

Care for another Furby?

Furby is cute, without a doubt. In fact, they were so cute that they became a must-have toy in the late 90s to the early 2000s. The image portrays a person having a rather questionably large collection of Furbies, enough to fill out a stairway. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Unless you have a phobia of dolls, speculating that they move about at night like little gremlins on Christmas day, these are completely harmless. At least to the average person. Not to the NSA, as they see Furbies as little spy gadgets that could record confidential info and leak them.

Steak and Chill

Televisions are one of the most common forms of entertainment in the modern day. It comes in different variations, be it a flat-screen, a box-type, or, on rare occasions, a cow-themed TV. But this one TV is actually a life-size cow model.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Quite distracting due to how out-of-place this thing is, and it eats up a lot of space. But it will surely catch your attention, whether it be the program that’s playing on the TV or because of how confusing it is that people would actually buy this.

Refreshing facial alternatives

Pancakes are usually soft, fluffy and delicious, not to mention the inviting aromatic smell they give off, which only increases our hunger. Apparently, this food can also double as a facial mask, or at least that is what this family had in mind when taking this picture.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Well, there is literally no proof that pancakes are good for the face. Some ingredients that go in the pancake might be beneficial, but not once they’re all cooked. All this “facial mask” is good for is scaring children (and adults) on Halloween night.

Sending mixed signals, are we?

These cats are getting out of hand. It’s not enough that they’re already taking over the internet with their entertaining antics. They just had to signal the other cats to prepare for the next phase of their plan, that is, world domination.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

If they weren’t planning world domination, then perhaps this is their way of saying that they require the help of their fellow human assistant. Whatever the reason may be, we just hope the person living in this house is safe and sound.

We spot a breadwinner

This is a perfect example of thinking outside the box. Need floor matting but can’t afford the fancy colorful ones? Use bread instead! Line them up in an orderly fashion, stick them to the stairs and voilà! Instant expensive-looking matting.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

Bread is usually cheap, but this idea is kind of expensive. The bread will expire in just a few days, and you’ll need to replace it to avoid a mold breakout inside your house. If it’s too much of a hassle, why use bread, then? Two words: Internet Fame.

Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat

Cats are one of the most reflexive, reactive, and weirdest animals out there. But that’s exactly why they’re so good as pets. You can have a lot of fun just by taking a photo of them at any moment, and you will have plenty of meme material.

Photo credits: @cursedimages, Twitter

That’s why this image isn’t that cursed. It’s just another normal day living with a cat. This one probably has long claws since it’s able to hang to the side of the couch with ease. Whoever the owner is, they should really trim the cat’s nails!