40 Anjali Srivastava Comics Reveal The Ups And Downs Of Living With Our Partners

By Larissa C

Being in a happy and healthy relationship is one of the best things one can experience. Living with the person you love and sharing a life is exhilarating. Isn’t that the dream for many people?

The only problem is that living with your partner is not always perfect. People are vastly different, and every person has both positive traits and flaws — which definitely doesn’t mean that living with your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t a ton of fun. It just simply comes with its innocent challenges.

In fact, it’s gratifying to come home to a person who wants to make you feel like you’re their whole world. Even if this means dealing with a clingy person and having to do your own chores on time. The comic artist Anjali Srivastava knows how to perfectly translate what it’s like to live with your partner into entertaining and all-too-relateable comics.

Helping your partner relieve stress

Working from home can be stressful, especially because you never know how many hours a day you’re going to work. There is just so much to deal with, from meeting deadlines to calling clients, that one becomes frustrated working from home.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

You want to see them happy when you’re in love and living with your significant other. If our partner is sad, we become sad as well. Hence, we’re willing to do anything that will make them happier, even if that means flashing them to cheer them up!

I just want to keep you in my mind forever!

The feeling of being in love (and the recipient of your affection loving you back) is incomparable. There’s really nothing like knowing that you found your soulmate and that you’re going to spend the rest of your life happy by their side.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

It might seem creepy, but staring at your partner is really just a way of expressing your love, right? After all, you’re staring so much because you probably want to conjure up a mental image of your love that will last forever!

Well…it’s worth it!

When a couple lives together, they are basically signing an agreement that says they will take care of each other whenever necessary. If your partner catches the flu, you’ll do your best to make sure that they’re well taken care of.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

And when you’re in love, you don’t want to be away from your person — not for a second, even if they’re sick. It’s all fun and games until you fall ill as well, and then you two feverish lovebirds have to take care of one another!

It really is the best way to start the day!

Moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend is not the kind of decision you should make on a whim. There are many things to be considered — after all, love is not everything in a successful relationship. But we have to admit that living in separate houses is not always easy.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Sure, you get to have your privacy and enjoy some time alone. The problem is that when you don’t live with your significant other, you risk going through situations like this. Not getting a good morning text from your partner who lives in a different house? That just won’t do!

When are you going to take a hint?

Not everyone wants to get married these days, but there are still a lot of people who dream of having the perfect wedding. The only problem is that some boyfriends (or even girlfriends, sometimes) don’t seem to take a hint.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

No matter what you say or how many hints you drop, it seems like they never get it. Boys are incredibly oblivious when it comes to this. You can literally spell it out for them, and they still might not understand that you want to get married!

Told you so!

When girls have long hair for a long time, it’s kind of hard to imagine them with short hair. It’s actually kind of crazy how some people think that short hair doesn’t fit women when it makes them look amazing!

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

If your boyfriend has a beard, you probably get apprehensive when he decides to shave it off. Well, guys feel the same way when their girlfriends decide to chop their long hair off. And the thing that both guys and girls share is that they’re positively surprised to see their partner’s new look!

It’s because I love you so much!

Living with the person that you love is almost paradise. Sure, two different people living together have to learn how to live with their partner’s flaws, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be nice. It’s enjoyable…most of the time!

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Some boyfriends or girlfriends can be clingy (and borderline annoying, in a cute way) and won’t leave you alone for a minute. You have to learn to live with that, but try to keep in mind that they only do that because they love you so much!


Not everyone experiences this, but some people love doing things for their partners. It’s like doing the littlest things for them fills a person with love! For instance, it feels strangely adorable when you go grocery shopping with your partner.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Another thing that makes people feel like they’re going to burst with love is when their boyfriends ask them to give them a haircut. Well, the only problem is not every woman is a professional hairdresser. Your girlfriend may end up accidentally cutting it all off!

Must I do everything?

It doesn’t if you’re straight, gay, or bi. If you live with your significant other, you know just how lazy they can sometimes be. Ask your partner to do anything around the house, and they’ll procrastinate so much that you’ll end up doing the thing you asked them to do!

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Anjali may have illustrated this situation between a woman and a man, but it could’ve been two women in the comic! What matters here is that every couple has one person who’s always doing their part and another person who’s always saying they’ll do it “tomorrow!”

You should remember everything!

When you are in a relationship for so long, it is kind of hard to remember all the important dates. Do you remember the exact day you met your partner? If you don’t, don’t feel bad about it — not a lot of people have that good a memory!

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

As you’ve probably noticed by now, Anjali is the person in the relationship that shows more affection. Her boyfriend definitely loves her. He’s just not the type of person to express it that much. So it’s not hard to understand why she remembers the day they met, and he doesn’t!

You have to come up with creative ways!

Life is much simpler when we are young and still live with our parents. We don’t really have to worry about doing the chores. Well, at least not until we become old enough to do some stuff around the house.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

As you move into your own place, you still have to do the chores. But when you start living with your significant other, you at least get to share the chores. Well, that’s how it works on paper. In reality, you probably have to come up with creative ways to get your guy (or gal) to do their chores!

The perks of intimacy!

When we start dating someone, we want to show them our best side. We definitely don’t want to be doing anything gross in front of the person we are falling in love with. After all, no one wants to risk losing the affection of a potential lover.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Anjali Srivastava was definitely onto something when she created this hilarious cartoon. No one will rip one out on the first date, that’s for sure. Then, as the months go by, the intimacy starts building up — and the couple finally starts doing gross stuff in front of each other!

Why are they all like this?

This next cartoon is for all the guys out there. You have probably experienced this before. You and your girlfriend are hungry, so you order food online. Instead of patiently waiting for the food, your girlfriend gets nervous and angry as the minutes go by!

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

If this has ever happened to you, don’t worry. Most girls turn into angry creatures when they’re hungry! Instead of freaking out, all you have to do is keep calm and wait patiently. They’ll turn back into sweet human beings once the food arrives, and all will be fine!

The best cuddle in the world!

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is that you get to enjoy some sweet cuddling time whenever you want. When you’re single, you can’t exactly do that very often. And one of the best types of cuddles is morning cuddles!

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

When you wake up in the morning, and the love of your life is right next to you, you obviously will want to hug them. And the warmth of morning cuddles definitely gives you the energy you need to face the day and all its hardships!

No matter how much time I spend planning!

It’s not that nice to create stereotypes about people, but some things are just too real and can’t be avoided. For instance, it’s common knowledge that women worry more while men are more laidback. And this is especially true when it comes to traveling.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Anjali and her boyfriend represent most couples when they’re about to go on vacation. Girls usually start getting ready and packing days earlier, while guys usually leave everything for the last minute. In the end, the guys never forget anything, while the girls — who prepared greatly — always forget important stuff!

This is true love

When you are head over heels with someone, you want to share all the special moments with them. Whether it’s a job promotion that you got or it’s your birthday — you want that person to be by your side always.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Some partners want so bad to make each other happy that they go to great lengths. And that includes staying up until late and preparing a surprise as the clock strikes midnight. Not because a spell is going to be over — but to be the first person to celebrate your partner’s birthday!

Nope, you’re not leaving.

Speaking of cuddling, the thing about that act is that it is addicting. Once you wrap yourself around your significant other, the very last thing you want to do is let go of them. Especially when letting go means going back to work.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

If you and your partner were in the same house and working remotely, you definitely relate to this cartoon. Taking a break from work and cuddling with your boo will certainly recharge your battery and get you ready to face another couple of hours of work. The only problem is that it’s hard letting go of them once you start cuddling!

Every couple ever!

Since Netflix was created, most of us have become addicted to it. Nowadays, it’s kind of hard to meet someone who doesn’t have a Netflix account, or that doesn’t watch TV shows or movies on any other streaming service.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

The only problem is that streaming services like Netflix have such a large catalog these days that it’s hard to choose something to watch. And it’s even harder when you’re choosing with your significant other, and you can’t reach an agreement!

This is what boyfriends are for!

Having a boyfriend means having someone to share your thoughts, secrets, and life. But there are lots of other perks that come with a relationship — lots of which people don’t even tell you. One of the perks is having someone to save you from bugs!

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

When you spot a cockroach flying toward you, your whole life flashes before your eyes. You cannot help but wish you had a boyfriend to save you at that moment! All jokes aside, facing a bug when you have company is definitely less scary.


Back in the day, guys and girls were taught that adults needed to have children. Nowadays, we all know that we get to choose whether or not we are going to have kids. And this is the kind of conversation that every couple needs to have!

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

If you want kids, can you see yourself dating someone who doesn’t want kids? This is why it’s important to talk about this. Especially if you want to avoid finding yourself in this situation that Anjali once found herself in!

Guys, take notes, please!

Men will never understand just how hard it is for women to deal with their periods month after month. It’s like we never catch a break — and when we do, it’s because we’re about to reach menopause, which is definitely not fun.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Guys, if you have a lady and she’s going through her period, try to make her feel more comfortable. You don’t even have to do a lot. Even the smallest actions, like caressing her hair, will help her feel slightly better!

I’ll never get tired of doing that!

Sometimes, it’s kind of hard to talk about your feelings, even with your significant other. Lots of people feel insecure when it comes to sharing their plans and hopes for the future. But most people in love definitely envision a future with their partners.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

If you and your boyfriend have a lot of fun together, you probably see yourself doing things like these even when you’re older. And imagine how great it must feel to grow old with the person who makes your heart skip a beat!

It was…perfect!

When you’re in love with someone, you get butterflies in your stomach just thinking of them. Once you get used to their company, it’s pretty hard to part ways, hence why so many couples move in together as soon as they’re sure of their love.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

In this particularly adorable cartoon, Anjali perfectly describes how a person in love feels after spending the weekend with their significant other. Spending two whole days with the person you love is just magical. And just thinking about it brings a smile to Anjali’s face!

The best guys do this!

Unfortunately, it is not unusual to see couples breaking up these days. Most of the time, they break because of infidelity, which definitely sucks. It’s kind of hard to guess why exactly people cheat, but not every guy does that.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Anjali is one of the lucky ladies who have a wonderful boyfriend. Her guy is a supportive and loving partner, and he only has eyes for her. This kind of man is pretty hard to find these days, and Anjali knows just how lucky she is!

Why are men like this?

Anjali Srivastava has the perfect way of describing every boyfriend ever. She’s able to show them at their best, but also at their worst! And what’s worse than dating a guy who gets ready in five minutes while it takes you hours to get ready?

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Sure, some guys take a long time to get ready to go out. But most guys have this natural ability to shower and get dressed in a matter of minutes! As convenient as it is for them, this ability is definitely annoying — especially when they make sure to rub it on our faces!

I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to go!

When you’re dating someone, it’s amazing when you get to cuddle and wake up right next to them every night. But while the waking up part is cute, the rest of the night is not always fun — especially when one of you takes up half the bed!

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Anjali’s boyfriend has to deal with that more often than he’d like to. She may be a small lady, but she certainly takes up most of the space on the bed! Lots of guys go through this, but they’d rather continue sleeping like this than sleeping without their girlfriends!

You’re so silly!

Ladies, isn’t it the absolute cutest when your boyfriend acts in a silly way? It’s like they can be the strong and reliable man you need by your side, but they can also be an adorable dork who makes you smile until your face hurts.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Your boyfriend may be a little silly, but he’s probably not nearly as dorky as Anjali’s boyfriend. He’s such an adorable nerd that he seems like he came straight out of a cartoon. It’s no wonder Anjali is so inspired by him to create her comics!

He does have a great point!

Most couples are usually composed of a tall person and a short person, and the short person is usually the girl. If you’re a short woman and you want to convince a tall dude that you’re Miss Right, this is the infographic for you!

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Honestly, it’s pretty hard to refuse a short girl once you take a look at these benefits. If you’re tall and start dating a short girl, you two are going to be the most adorable couple ever! Not to mention that she’ll always need your help to reach the top shelf, so she’ll keep you around.

Am I that funny?

Being funny is something that comes to people naturally. And if you’re not naturally funny, your jokes probably won’t slap as you expect them to. Unless you have a silly girlfriend who laughs at every little joke you crack!

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Anjali is the kind of girl who will spend hours laughing at silly jokes. While her boyfriend likely feels great after making her laugh so hard, he probably gets slightly annoyed when she doesn’t stop. Well, she’s in love and amazed by everything he says and does — who can blame her for laughing?

Show some support, babe!

If you live with your significant other and you’re trying to follow a diet, you know how unbelievably hard this is. Refraining from eating all the delicious stuff you want to eat is hard enough — but it becomes worse when your partner doesn’t join you.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

On top of not joining you on your diet, your partner even makes sure to eat all the stuff you want to eat. And they do it in front of you. It’s not surprising why Anjali (and lots of women) give up on their diets after a month! 

You think you’re so funny, don’t you?

Boyfriends have to deal with a lot of clinginess, but girlfriends have to deal with something much worse. If your boyfriend is the kind of guy who likes to pull pranks, you have probably been through this more times than you would like to admit! 

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Once he noticed that her phone was in the kitchen, he decided to be a funny guy and shoot her a text. Anjali had to get up and walk all the way to the kitchen to check her phone, so imagine her surprise when she found out that it was just her boyfriend being lazy and funny. We hope the sauce was worth her fury!

What is meant to be will be.

Sometimes, it is pretty hard to believe that we will find a soulmate. It’s even harder when it seems like everyone around us is living their happily after, and we still haven’t found Mister or Miss Right. But the truth is that patience is the key to happiness.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Instead of wasting your time dating around or sulking over a recent breakup, stay strong and don’t lose faith. Good things come to those who wait, or so they say. Just like Anjali and her boyfriend, you and your soulmate will find a way to each other soon enough!

This is so relatable!

Nowadays, more and more women are choosing not to shave anymore. We are all free to do as we choose without caring about other people’s opinions. But we have to admit that this change is not as easy as one may expect!

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

If we go just a couple of days without properly shaving, we start feeling like a yeti. We wish we were exaggerating, but this is really true. And the funniest part is that, even though we feel as hairy as a gorilla, we’re actually not hairy at all!

The best moments ever!

No relationship is perfect, and the world would be so much better if people would just admit that! Every human being is different, and when you put two human beings in the same house, they’re bound to disagree on things from time to time.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

However, it doesn’t mean that being in a relationship isn’t worth it. Once you and your significant other work through your differences, you’ll be happier than ever. And you’ll get to have these cute moments that will never be forgotten!

We all know the truth!

While a few guys love to go shopping, the truth is that girls are usually the ones who are more interested in this activity. You’ll probably agree when we say that it’s hard for a girl to come home with no bags after a day of shopping.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

The funny thing is that no matter how many clothes and accessories your girlfriend buys, she probably wears your clothes and stuff all the time. In her defense, your girlfriend wears your clothes because she loves you and wants to feel close to you!

You’re way too strong for your size.

Remember how Anjali’s boyfriend came up with the most adorable infographic to show people the advantages of dating a short girl? Well, he mentioned how it’s perfect to hug a lover who is shorter than you — but he kept something from our knowledge.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

A short girl may fit perfectly in your arms, but do you realize just how strong they can be? It’s amazing how a short girl can hug you with such vigor! You’ll hug them like they’re the most fragile things in the world. Yet, they’ll give you a bear hug that will have you running for your money!

We’re going to need a bigger house!

If you live in a big city, you know how hard it is to find decent and affordable housing. Sometimes, you live in a place for years, but then you have to move to a different place once the rent prices go up.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

In case you live with your significant other, and you’re both moving elsewhere, be ready for some struggle. You may be a minimalist person who can pack your things really quickly. But chances are that your partner is going to need a million moving boxes to get all their stuff ready for the relocation!

Guys don’t need much!

Choosing the perfect house is not a simple task. First of all, you want to live in a decent place that won’t give you too much trouble in the long run. You also want to make sure that both you and your partner agree that you’ve found the perfect place.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Luckily, convincing guys that a house is perfect doesn’t take much. Most guys won’t care if there’s a great view from the balcony or if the bathtub is big enough to fit both of you. Guys care about simple stuff, like whether or not the living room TV is big enough for them to watch their favorite teams!

Well, let’s be thankful for intimacy!

Most relationships get off to a great start, hence why the early stages of every relationship are known as the “honeymoon phase.” During this time, both you and your partner are shy around each other, especially when it comes to doing gross stuff.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Imagine how awful life would be if we had to hide our gross side from our significant other. It must be annoying not being able to let out a loud burp in front of a partner. You’re sharing a home with them, so you better get used to this kind of intimacy!

Sometimes, your brain is your worst enemy.

Love is essential in every romantic relationship, but so is trust. You may have found the love of your life or your soulmate, but your relationship probably won’t last very long if you don’t trust each other. Hence why every relationship needs to have a strong foundation.

Image courtesy of anjali_comics/Instagram

Look, we get it — lots of guys cheat on the first opportunity. But not every man is the same, and you shouldn’t allow your brain to sabotage a good thing. Anjali may feel insecure from time to time, but her boyfriend loves her too much to betray her trust like that. And so does your partner!