Cinder Block Hacks That Prove They’re Useful In More Places Than Just Construction Sites

By Liezel L

Some things seem like they may just have one purpose in the world. With the right creative mind and resourcefulness, you will find everything is multipurpose. Take cinder blocks, for example. To most people, those things only belong in construction sites. Then, when they’re not used, they end up stacked in the backyard or the back of buildings crumbling little by little to dust. If you love getting down and dirty with DIY projects, though, those cinder blocks (and concrete blocks, for that matter) can be put to good use. Keep in mind if you’re planning to take on those projects, make sure to stock up on glue, nails, and other project tools that you can think of to minimize your trips to the hardware store. With that, here are some amazing projects you can do, from benches to swimming pools. 

Space-Saving Couch 

Space is crucial in homes, especially if you’re the type of person who isn’t minimalistic. Unfortunately, storage can be hard to come by. If you have cinder blocks lying around, though, you can create more space for all your favorite things!

image courtesy of Claudia Pagular

Stack two layers of cinder blocks to create a pretty solid base. Then, find a mattress to fit on top of it. You can choose to put on an additional cover or not. You can also adorn it with beautiful cushions. The holes in the cinder blocks are perfect places to store shoes or other knick-knacks lying around the house. 

Custom Shelving

Every home needs some good shelving. Not only are they for good storage, but they keep things off the floor, and they make your home look more like, well, a home. Most shelves or cabinets from home improvement stores are pretty basic, though.

image courtesy of Home Edit

If you’re looking for some unique shelving, though, cinder blocks are a good way to go. Plus, you won’t need to attach anything to the walls, which is great if you’re renting. You won’t need any heavy tools either. You’re just going to need the blocks and planks of good-quality wood. 

Easy Grill 

Sometimes, hauling out the big grill for a couple of homemade kebabs is just not worth it. Sadly, you’d have to give up the prospect of the barbeque. With one cinder block, though, you can have a tiny barbecue for one (or two).

image courtesy of How To Instructions

You can simply stuff a cinder block hole with some coal and start putting some meat sticks over it. If you have a block with two holes in it, you can even grill meat on one side and veggies on the other. Cinder blocks are porous and vent the heat well, so this is a safe option.

Stylish Bedside Table

Every bedroom needs a special something that truly stands out. For some, it may be a huge bed, while for others, it might be a bold painting above the headboard. It might be an amazing cinder block bedside table for the few who love DIY. 

image courtesy of Dwell

For this one, you’d need a pair of two-holed cinder blocks and one with three holes. Place the identical blocks a few inches apart and stack the three-holed block on top. After that, add your own personal touches, like a plant or an industrial lamp, to match the look. 

Pretty Flower Planter 

If you have cinder blocks lying around your garden, the most sensible thing to do is look for a use for them right there. One of the best ways to do that is to fill them up with flowers and seeds. 

image courtesy of Design Improved

If you don’t want your cinder block flower plants to look bland, try bringing them to life with some paint. Not only will this make your garden a little bit brighter, but it will also allow you to explore your creative side. 

Cinder Block Study Desks 

Whether you’re a student or you’re already working, there is a good chance you’ll need a great desk to get some work and play done at home. Sure, the couch is comfy, but after some time, you’ll realize you want the comfort and organization of a desk.

image courtesy of Cool Creativity

If you have cinder blocks lying around at home, you can create a custom desk on a budget. Simply stack a few of them until you get the height you want to build the desk legs. Balance a plank of wood between them (something fairly thick so it won’t bend in the middle).

Make Your Own Personal Entertainment Center

Having your own personal movie theatre and amazing sound system? Oh, yes, please. That’s the peak luxury of having your own home. If we can have it, we’d definitely get it. We can’t all go out and buy a fancy entertainment center and accessories.

image courtesy of HOMYFEED

With cinder blocks, though, and nicely polished wood, you can make your own. The best part is you can completely customize it to your needs. All you have to do now is decide on the height and design, like how many shelves you want.

Create Your Own Compost System

Making compost at home is great for so many reasons. It reduces the amount of waste you have to throw out every week. It’s also a great source of fertilizer for your lovely garden. With cinder blocks, making a compost pit is pretty easy. 

image courtesy of Happy Home

You have to pick out a spot on your lawn to dedicate to the task and outline the area with cinder blocks. You can then throw your peels and veggies here to create your compost heap. You can apply it to your garden whenever it is ready. 

Get Your Own Custom Dream Bed

Buying furniture is not cheap, especially if the piece you need is a bed. For people who purchased a bed before, we’re sure you know it can break the bank. With cinder blocks, though, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get something comfortable.

image courtesy of Sara Tramp Photography

Cinder blocks are a great material for the base of your bed. All you have to do is arrange two parallel lines of cinder block on the ground and lay planks of wood across them. After that, lay on your mattress, and you’re good to go. Use the area between the blocks as extra storage. 

Cute Garden Wall

If you are lucky enough to have a huge garden and you’re looking for something unique to spice it up, one thing you can do is to put up decorative walls. For this, you can either hire construction workers or do it yourself. 

image courtesy of Little Piece of Me

If you’ve decided on the second option, you’re going to need a lot of cinder blocks and a lot of patience. Make sure your cinder blocks are aligned perfectly and remember to let a few stick out like in the photo. Once it’s steady, you can add potted plants and even paint the wall to give your garden a bit more color. 

Creative Outside Dinner Table

When the weather is all nice and fine in the summer and springtime, having dinner outside with a couple of family or friends is a great way to spend the evening. But setting up without an outside dining table. So how about making your own with cinder blocks? 

image courtesy of diyhowto

For this, you’ll need some three-holed cinder blocks. Stack three layers of them on top of each other to make sure that the tabletop would be able to support the weight of your hearty dinner and leaning elbows. After that, lay a wide beautiful wood plank on top to complete it. 

Strong Protection For Your Plant Seedlings

A lot of us want to become plant parents. We want to feel that parently joy of watching seedlings bloom into beautiful blossoms. Sadly, it’s not for everybody, but maybe some cinder blocks can help those who lack a green thumb. You can use cinder blocks as flower pots to protect your seedlings. 

image courtesy of A Kailo Chic Life

The holes make for the perfect alternative to a flower pot. All you have to do is fill it up with soil, plant the seed, water it a bit, and watch it thrive. You can then transplant your growing plant to the ground or a bigger pot when the time is right. 

Trendy Outdoor Bench 

Having some coffee in the morning or a cold drink in the warm afternoons on a bench in the garden in your backyard is an experience that makes any home special. What’s more special is if you DIYed your hangout bench. 

image courtesy of Lena Sekine

The process doesn’t take much. You just need eight three-holed cinder blocks and four planks of wood. First, line up your cinder blocks evenly to create the legs. Then slot the planks through the block holes for support and stability. After that, add some cushions on top for design and comfort. 

Sturdy Bird House

If you’re like a Disney princess who loves hearing birds singing in the morning in your backyard, then this hack is for you. As everyone knows, birds need a comfy but sturdy home to rest in or nest in. With a cinder block, you can give them just that. 

image courtesy of NYMeta

The materials you need include a hook, a wooden rod, a trusty cinder block, a piece of wood to fit the hole in the block. First, punch a hole through the wood and wedge it into the block. After that, stick the wooden rod to the bottom of the block to create a perch. Lastly, use the hook to attach it to the nearest tree. 

Beautiful Outdoor Buffet Table

When the weather is nice and the air is sweet, you have to take advantage of it, right? One way you can do that is by having outdoor buffets or outdoor dinner parties with some of your very favorite people. 

image courtesy of O.M.G. Home Decor

To add a little something unique to the table – literally – you can make a buffet. Take nine cinder blocks and stack them in three columns (three blocks each). Lay a long, sturdy board over them. You can decorate it depending on the theme of your get-together!

Create Your Own Barbecue Pit

At barbecues, some people love to eat, and then there are, of course, the generous few who love being the master of the grill. If you’re the latter, then this hack is all for you. It will surely take your barbecuing game to the next level. 

image courtesy of Instructables

First, you’ll have to dig a shallow hole in the ground. After that, surround it with a few feet of cinder block wall like in the picture above. Once you’ve got your base, you can add the grill and tasting barrel to it. Add some coal, start up a fire, and get grilling. 

Creative Yard Borders

What differentiates a yard crawling with plants and a beautiful garden is order. By using cinder blocks to create borders, you can make your yard less crazy and more inviting. It also breaks up the space and adds more color. 

image courtesy of Guiding Home

For this project, you might need a fair number of cinder blocks depending on the size of your garden. That’s why it’s best to first measure before getting started. Also, make sure to have fresh soil on hand. You can then begin designing your borders. 

Inviting Cinder Block Fire Pit

Can you think of the best place to hang out when it’s frigid outside? Next to a fire pit with some friends to keep you company. Seriously, hanging around a warm fire while roasting some smores and enjoying warm drinks is one of the best things in life. 

image courtesy of Natural Gas Firepit Guys

Can you guess what you need to make your own pit? Yep, cinder blocks! First, you have to ensure that your base is fireproof. You can do this by laying sand or paving stones down where you’ve decided your fire pit will go. Next, stack several layers of cinder block around it. Once that’s done, you’re ready to light your fire. 

Add Ambiance With Soft Lighting

If you have an outdoor hangout spot, adding some soft lighting can create the perfect ambiance to make it more romantic and special. You can get this vibe with just cinder blocks, a few scented candles, and some outdoor accessories.

image courtesy of The Horticult

Just stack the cinder blocks and place candles in the holes. To make it prettier, you can stack the blocks in patterns (like in the image) or even paint them. This will create a beautiful ambiance for your spot and add an eye-catching element. 

Unique And Effective Bookshelf

All bookworms know that there isn’t just enough space for all the books in their homes. It’s not because there is no space, though. It’s because their book collection just keeps growing faster than they are able to buy and build Ikea shelves. This hack can help. 

image courtesy of HomeBNC

Creating this is pretty much like building the entertainment center. The best part about it is that you can keep adjusting it as your book collection grows. Just add extra cinder blocks on the previous row, and add a shelf. Now, you can display your entire collection for everyone to see. 

Get Your Own Pool

Having a pool at home is a dream come true for most people. And by pool, we don’t mean just those inflatable ones. We want the ones that can actually fit your whole body. A real pool doesn’t come cheap, though. 

image courtesy of bob2112/TroubleFreePool

Cinder blocks can come to the rescue and help you create a custom DIY pool. Bear in mind, though, it’s not going to be a simple project. It’s best to get some professional help. Also, it will take some time before you can jump in. 

Creative Desks

Having a private corner where you can concentrate and study or do your work is honestly really helpful. It helps keep you focused and get more stuff done. Buying furniture can be pretty expensive, but you can easily make your own desk. 

image courtesy of Kate Miss

First, you have to figure out the ideal height you’d like your desk to be. It shouldn’t be too high or too low, and you should be able to relax your wrists when typing or writing. This measurement will help determine the number of cinder blocks you need. You can then stack the blocks on top of each other before adding a wooden top. 

Sturdy Cinder Block Fence

Fences are great for keeping all sorts of problems out of the house. For one, it can keep your garden safe from anything that wants to tear it apart. If you want a sturdy fence, you can use all those extra cinder blocks to build one.

image courtesy of Home Decor Magz

Like many other hacks on this list, all you have to do is stack the cinder blocks and use several wooden planks to create the fence. If you want extra flair, you can paint the wooden planks or cinder blocks with any color or design you like. 

Beautiful Succulent Pyramid

It’s always nice to have plants in our homes. They just make everything brighter. It’s just that not everyone has the green thumb to keep plants alive. Succulents are perfect for those people. It helps that they are beautiful and come in so many colors.

image courtesy of The Little Green Homemaker

To make your succulent display more interesting, though, you can build a pyramid. For this, you need to stack your cinder blocks at different angles, leaving several gaps to create that step-like formation. Fill each hole with succulents or flowers to liven up your space. 

Make Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can be pretty fun if you love cooking and hosting parties. You can do what you love while not missing anything. The weather can be unpredictable at times, and having a canopy over your outdoor kitchen would be ideal. 

image courtesy of Outdoor Kitchen Design

If you want to take on this project, be warned that it may be complicated. Having guidance from a professional would be a really big help. You’ll also need to plan it very carefully to make it suitable for your needs. 

Unique Outdoor Couch

We know, we know. Making a couch out of cinder blocks sounds tiring, and it doesn’t sound that comfortable at all, but trust us, you can make it as comfy as any couch. You can make it a spot to enjoy the pretty summer days. 

image courtesy of thefischerhouse

For this, stack two layers of cinder blocks. Add an extra layer for the armrests on the edges, then add two layers for the backrest. To make it comfy, fill up the seating area with a lot of cushions. You can even build matching cinder block tables if you want. 

Eye Catching Centerpiece Designs

When hosting dinner parties and the like, it’s a given that you would want to impress your guests with beautiful decor that creates a nice ambiance for the occasion, right? Well, even cinder blocks can help you add pizzazz to your table.

image courtesy of Design Sponge

You can make an eye-catching centerpiece with a couple of cinder blocks filled with plants. While on their own, they might seem ordinary, together, they can create a pretty modern design piece that is absolutely stunning. There are, of course, many ways to customize this.

Create Beautiful Garden Beds

If you’re lucky enough to have a wide garden or lawn in your home, you shouldn’t be letting it get overgrown with weeds. Put those hands to work and make a beautiful space for you to enjoy. One way you can upgrade your garden is through garden beds. 

image courtesy of Happy Home

For this project, you would need regular cinder blocks, the kind with two holes. With this, you won’t have to do any digging. You just have to arrange them in the pattern you want and add soil to them to keep them steady. Then, you can start planting. 

Have Your Own Luxurious Fireplace

As we all know, having a fireplace can make any home seem more luxurious. Not only that, but it can also make it cozier and inviting. After a long day in the cold, nothing is better than warming up in front of a fire. 

image courtesy of GAGOHOME

You can create an outdoor fireplace with our beloved cinder blocks if you don’t have one inside. Depending on the available space in your yard or deck, you can create a fireplace of any size. Just make sure to create a chimney. 

Keep Your Firewood Organized

If you already have a fireplace, you know that storing all those logs you need to create fires in it can be a hassle. Often, they can fall all over the place and make a mess. To solve that, use cinder blocks to keep your firewood organized. 

image courtesy of Suzanimal/ RonPaulForums

Take two cinder blocks and put them side by side. Then, stick four wooden planks into the opening of the blocks at a 45-degree angle. Once they’re firmly in place, fill up the space with your firewood. Remember, keep your firewood nice and dry. 

Helpful Cinder Block Stairs

If you have steep slopes in your lawn or garden, you’d know just how hazardous they can be. In fact, you might have even been a victim of them one rainy day or another when they’ve become muddy and slippery. With cinder blocks, though, you can avoid all this struggle. 

image courtesy of Step By Step

You might have to do a bit of digging to make a safe spot for the stairs, but after that heavy work, it gets easier. You have to place four cinder blocks beside each other on each level then fill each hole with gravel to keep them in place. Repeat this for as many steps as you need. 

Give Your Outdoor Spot A Makeover

If your outdoor space is getting a little boring, then it might be time for a little makeover. You can achieve this upgrade with a couple of cinder blocks, a few planks, and a bit of patience. And it will definitely be worth it!

image courtesy of Bright Lights Big Color

Without any help, you can create a cinder block table as well as benches that can seat more than eight people (depending on your space). This is perfect for all those outdoor parties. The best part is that you don’t even have to spend too much. 

Design Your Own Planter Table

Planter tables are not very common in many homes. That’s why they’re just the perfect thing to upgrade any drab-looking backyard. You just need a bit of patience, creativity, and a few cinder blocks to make these perfect planter tables. 

image courtesy of Hunted Interior

Plan it out first and envision what your planter table will look like. Then, cement various cinder blocks into place, making sure some stick out. You can then fill the cinder block holes with plants that will add that hint of color and freshness to your space. 

Make A Unique Bar For Your Party

Every party needs an ice breaker. For some, it is the food. For others, it can be a unique decor piece. If you are looking for something truly special, though, why not make your bar the talk of the party?

image courtesy of Docjournals

To create the legs of the bar, stack several cinder blocks on top of each other. You can even design it by incorporating several planters. Then, get yourself a beautiful countertop, and you’re ready to start creating nice memories and showing off your mixology skills. 

Build Your Own Rocket Stove

For those who aren’t familiar with a rocket stove, it’s a very handy invention that lets you heat things up quickly with only a small amount of wood. It would be perfect for that quick little barbeque or some s’mores on a chilly night. 

image courtesy of DIYSelfy

While some people may decide to splurge for this gadget, you can build your very own for very little cost in your backyard by using cinder blocks. Simply position your blocks like in the image above. This would ensure that there’s enough air flowing through your rocket stove. 

Custom Courtyard Bench

If you have a courtyard at home, you’re one lucky person. You have all that space for parties, games, celebrations, barbeques, and relaxation. That’s why a good bench is needed in that spot, so everyone has a place to relax in. 

image courtesy of C.R.A.F.T

If you don’t have one, you can easily build one big enough for everybody with cinder blocks. You’ll have to measure the base first and make sure it’s big enough as a daybed or lounger. Then, you need to add the armrests. After all that is done, you can then add the cushions, padded seating, and everything you need to make the spot as comfy as can be. 

Space-Saving Creative Gardening

A nice wide garden would be quite nice to have at home, especially if you love plants. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks they have the space for a fairytale-like garden. But this space-saving hack, anyone can make their dream a reality.

image courtesy of Chad Spain/ Pinterest

You have to do a bit of planning, though, so you ensure to stack some blocks perpendicular to the others. You can then fill the empty spaces on top and down the sides with plants. The best part is this elevated garden doesn’t take up much space. 

Colorful Outdoor Seating 

If you want a comfortable place to hang around in your outdoor spots, you might assume you also have to shell out some money for the necessary furniture. We have a cheaper option, though. You can create this easy outdoor seating set with cinder blocks. 

image courtesy of Home Style Diary

Start with a mini fire pit and pair it with a few benches around it. To make it cheerier, you can paint it in any design or color you want. It’s very easy to make, and you’d be spending only a fraction of what you would otherwise on store-bought furniture. 

Design Your Dream Garden

The typical garden with everything on the ground is beautiful, and all but you can upgrade that look by adding some elevation and borders here and there. You can easily do this with a little bit of effort and cinder blocks. 

Cinder block raised garden beds
image courtesy of The Sacramento Rose

The design would be up to you, but it’s simple. Just stack the blocks how you wish! You can then add wood in between and fill the space with soil. It’s then up to you how you would arrange your plants to make your garden look absolutely amazing. 

Show Off Your Barbecuing Skills In This Outdoor Dining Setup

If you’re good at cooking or particularly barbecuing, then don’t hide it from the world. Show it off. Share your expertise with your guests who will be enjoying the meals you’ll be serving with this U-style outdoor dining setup. 

image courtesy of Last Home Decor

For this chef-style patio, you would need four stacks of cinder blocks. Arrange each pair at a longer distance in their middle to create that U-shape. Then stack on some wood planks to complete the set. To give it more character, place some unique table designs at the center.