40 Times Fans Caught Celebrities In Their Not-So-Glamorous Moments

By Precious I

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The internet is home to anything we want to know or discover, and we can easily find photos of celebrities looking awkward and, simply put, funny – and rather fittingly, due to some of the surprising interactions they have with their fans. Many people have this idea that stars look otherworldly, fancy, and glamorous 24/7. For example, Beyoncé wakes up flawless and stays that way for the rest of the day. And common opinion assumes that Brad Pitt cannot be caught looking like he rolled off the wrong side of the bed. And many believe Kevin Hart can’t keep a straight face for a few seconds while Vin Diesel is almost impossible to catch with a smile. All of these assumptions are, well, assumptions. As much as we forget, these celebrities are human beings just like us, with real emotions and real bags under their eyes. We’ve compiled some of the most authentic photos portraying fans and celebrities at their most human-like moments.

Who Scared The Bad Girl Riri?

This fan caught Rihanna at a very awkward moment. The award-winning superstar who recently became a mom couldn’t help but give an equally awkward and, to our delight, funny pose. Stars are known to display a wide range of emotions when their fans catch them – and RiRi chose her shock expression.

Image Credits: Reddit/tmrqz

We can’t exactly tell what scares the multi-Grammy-winning artist, but we can see she gave a thumbs up in the photo. While the fan is happy to just have a rare selfie with one of the world’s biggest superstars, Rihanna wants to be out of that spot.

Nicolas Cage Falls Asleep On The Plane 

Anyone would be thrilled to be on the same flight with Nicolas Cage, but it gets even better when you sit beside the Oscar-winning actor. However, from the look of the photo, it seems Nicholas Cage needed some alone time more than anyone on that plane.

Image Credits: Twitter/@DuffinKathleen

The actor looked visibly tired and half-asleep. All he could offer that excited fan was a half-lidded grin and one open eye. He looked right into the camera on the bright side, and we are sure that had to count for something.

That’s A Lot of Sweat 

This would pass as a regular photo of a fan with Morgan Freeman at first look. But you can’t help but wonder what’s happening the moment you notice it. That’s a lot of sweat for anyone – and we can only imagine how the fan feels whenever he sees this.

Image credits: Reddit | loosegravel2

What a time to have a sweat stain! We understand it is almost impossible to control how our body releases sweat, but it could have picked a better time to open the flood gates. The takeaway from this is to double-check your clothes before posing with a celebrity.

How to Avoid Spoilers 

This is one of those rare occasions where the photo is hilarious for all the right reasons. Tom Holland and these two fans take a (cute) photo, pretending to read a book on how to avoid spoilers, and they look like they found a few things.

Image Credits: Twitter/@AliPlumb

If you are looking to avoid spoilers, then who’s a better book guide than Tom Holland himself? We found one of the most creative photos of a fan with their favorite celebrities on the internet, and we just had to share it. It is both clever and laughable.

A Hug Is Never Enough

Very few things would beat the kind of priceless smile like the one of this Belieber in the photo. Celebrities get asked to do some of the weirdest things – and if you are lucky, they grant them. This is one of those rare occasions.

Image Credits: bieberbelongtome.tumblr.com

While the result is a rather uncomfortable photo that even the cool sunglasses couldn’t save, we can say the fan got exactly what she wanted. We can be sure she streamed Sorry after this. This might just be her favorite picture of all time.

Head-On Bosom 

Elijah Woods decides to get comfortable with this fan, and she gladly obliges with a smile of approval. The Lord of the Rings actor is famous for having funny photos with his fans – and this might just be the one that tops it all.

Image Credits: Reddit | atlasthebat

You may notice a sign that roughly reads, “No physical contact with celebrity guests.” Well, these two are proudly breaking the rules here. And while Elijah Woods could have chosen a different body part to rest his head on, he got very comfortable.


Matching Outfits 

Maybe Margot Robbie left the house thinking, “No one going to show up matching me today, are they?” Then, she arrived at the mall to be greeted by a man in a “matching” apron. This is one of the few occasions when you can’t help but have a good laugh (and a photo to commemorate).

Image Credits: Instagram/@paymeinmovies

Both Margot Robbie and the fan are enjoying this, and while someone would be quick to point out that her outfit has tribal print while the apron has stripes, we hope you don’t. Maybe the next time she goes to a restaurant, her outfit will match the tablecloth.

Kanye Is Not Having It

The fans look super excited to take a selfie with one of the most iconic personalities of the entertainment industry. In contrast, Yeezy seems tired, worn out, and likely does not care about their photo. We can tell that he wanted to be anywhere but there.

Image Credits: Instagram/boomp0w

Kanye obviously looks bothered to the point where he couldn’t even look straight at the camera. Even the woman at the back looks more like she is a part of the group than the rapper. We can’t blame him, though – this probably wasn’t the best time for a selfie.

Tada! Wish Granted 

Not every day do you wear a shirt and get precisely what you wished for. For this young fan, she got a fulfillment of her wish, and she almost couldn’t believe it. She boldly put on a cloth with an inscription, “I wish this was Andrew Scott,” and got exactly what she wanted.

Image Credits: Reddit/dwimback

Andrew Scott was a good sport and decided to pose for the photo. He also makes a quirky face that complements the girl’s cute smile – and the result is one of the most exciting photos of a celebrity with their fans.

Pose With Professor X 

Firstly, it is fun to see Charles Xavier standing. We don’t care whether it is as the leader of the famed X-Men or award-winning actor Patrick Stewart. If you’re a fan of the X-Men, meeting any of the characters would be cool, but a photo with the creator is on another level.

Image Credits: Used Wigs

In this photo, Patrick Stewart wears a smile while the fan towers over him, whose big and bright smile screams how excited he is to be a part of this moment. This is one of the photos that would make even the most cynical of us smile. 

Doodles And Captain America With A Gap Tooth 

This photo has everything to make it one of the most hilarious pictures of celebrities with their fans. Hayley Atwell and co-star Chris Evans shared a photo with a fan, a girl named Maddie, who asked the former to doodle on the image. 

Image Credits: Twitter | murdocksmatthew

The result is undoubtedly entertaining; Hayley drew crowns on the heads of the two women in the photo while Captain America gets glasses and a gap tooth. It makes for great humor, and it is always fun to see stars share a good laugh with their fans. 

Jason Momoa Pushes The Husband Away 

Aquaman is known for producing some of the most hilarious photos with fans and co-stars. Although we are not sure, the husband will agree with that assessment. He is having a great time with this exciting couple in typical Momoa fashion. 

Image Credits: Imgur/Twoforjoy

We assume that the woman wanted to be alone with Jason Momoa in the photo – and he decided to grant her wish by pushing the husband away. And that’s not all – when he realized that’s not enough, he scribbled on the man. You just have to love the funny side of the actor. 

Lucky Shirt

We’ve only been discussing what happens when fans get caught up in either a funny, awkward, or silly moment with a celebrity and end up snapping a photo. But what if it isn’t the fan that is in for it? What if the shirt wants to have some fun, too?

Image Credits: Reddit/chinodelarosa

When this fan went to take a picture with Sara Underwood, he had no idea what the outcome would be. Let us just say that he was shocked to find that his shirt was having way more fun than he did! Hey, at least he got a picture, right?

A Baby And Nicolas Cage In A Beverage Store 

It’s more complicated to find a series of embarrassing moments that co-occur than what we see in this photo. Nicolas Cage decides to strike one of the most awkward poses for a camera – he is waving, but that’s not the end of it all. 

Image Credits: Imgur/DaFunOne

This mother decided to take her baby to a beverage store- probably to get a photo with the actor. Her state probably prohibited this act, but that is another discussion. However, she took a photo with the child in a beverage store! Hard to see anything that will top this. 

Claws, Claws, Claws 

This is one photo that makes you wonder what the heck is going on here. We bet most would agree to do anything when they meet Lady Gaga. Of course, when you are with Gaga, you have to play the part. But why claws?

Image Credits: liveabout.com

The question is, who suggested this pose: Did these fans see Lady Gaga with a claw and decided to join in on the fun, or was it the other way round? We might never know, but it does make for one hilarious and awkward pose.

Loki Meets Loki 

This is one of the most wholesome photos of a fan with their favorite celebrity you will find anywhere on the internet. Tom Hiddleston, who is known to never shy away from meeting fans, gives this fan – dressed in a Loki costume – one of the tightest hugs ever.

Image Credits: Esteban La Tessa/Facebook: LaTessaPhotography

Unlike other regular celebrity photos, both persons are happy to be here and what we get is a goofy photo of a celebrity and their fan. There seems to be a bit of messing around in the photo. Perhaps Loki caught Lady Loki trying to cause a bit of misfortune.

Never Letting You Go 

This might be the most uncomfortable photo of a celebrity with a fan you will see. Khloe Kardashian is known to have wholesome encounters with her fans. Still, this man takes it a bit too far – seemingly looking like he is about to restrain Khloe.

Image Credits: Fern/Splash News

Khloe is fighting for her dear life in this photo, and even though the fan is gaining the experience of a lifetime, we’re 99 percent sure she’s not having fun. It is hard to deduce the backstory of this photo, but it looks like someone is going a little overboard.

He’s Been Waiting His Whole Life

The fan’s face in the next photo screams pure joy. Apparently, he was the first in line to meet the great Steven Spielberg. He was on a mission, and it’s safe to say that that mission is complete. We hope he framed it!

Image Credits: Reddit/CARLOS—7—

It looks like he’s been waiting his whole life for this moment from the looks of his bright smile. We know that the second he heard Spielberg was coming to town, he jumped on the opportunity immediately. Even Spielberg looks super happy about it!

Peter, Comfort Me During This Time 

She wished for it, and she got it. This young fan asked for comfort from Peter Facinelli due to her cat dying while waiting in a queue, possibly to meet Peter – and she got it. She received a placard, put her wish out there, and got it. 

Image Credits: Buzzfeed

You can see in this photo that she is happy with the result (unlike the unconcerned lady in the background). Peter also looked like he was delighted to be there. Despite the emotional manipulation, this makes for a cute photo. 

Nothing To Sign-On? Use My Body 

Academy Award winner Jessica Chastain had the honor of signing on the body of one of her fans. The next time someone asks you what to do to leave a lasting impression when you meet your favorite celebrity, this is your answer. 

Image Credits: Janet Mayer/Splash News

The Zero Dark Thirty actress duly obliged with the weird request of the fan, signed on their body which must have been slightly painful. The fan is proud of this moment, while Chastain can’t wait to tell her friends what – not so new incident – had occurred. 


Avril Lavigne and this fan are living out her songs as they provide arguably the most What the hell? moment so far. The fan’s expression and the writing on the shirt all scream the same thing – and it matches Lavigne’s music. 

Image Credits: breatheheavy.com

It is hard to miss the distance between the two in this rare and laughable photo. You can understand that a fan saw his favorite pop singer and felt shy approaching her, but you can’t help but burst into laughter. 

Britney Looks Startled 

Britney Spears and this fan flipped the switch on what a fan-celebrity moment looks like. Although Britney has likely posed for a million photos in her lifetime, the fan looks the most camera-ready in this. Look at that grin!

Image Credits: Reddit/popheads

Britney’s smile looks very off while her crossed arms don’t help matters. She seems visibly startled in the photo, while the fan sporting a leather jacket gives a smile that leaves you wondering what happened to the most famous person in the photo. 

Someone Didn’t Get The Memo 

Tom Hanks is in a hardware store with you. What do you do? Of course, you ask for a selfie with the two-time Oscar winner. Tom Hanks is happy to share the moment with you. Everything looks great, except the Philadelphia actor seems distracted in the photo. 

Image Credits: Reddit/dhamster

Captain Phillips is sideways, glancing while the two fans give a big smile to the camera. There is most likely nothing to this beyond the fact that Tom Hanks was unprepared before someone took the photo. Regardless, it makes for a humorous picture.  

Super Fan

When talking about super fans, this next one takes the cake. We are just going to assume that this guy is always prepared to run into his favorite super here because there is no way this is just a coincidence.

Image Credits: Reddit/HelloFruitBat

Dancing With The Star, Katy Perry

If not for the visible age of the two people in this photo, it is easy to mistake this as a photo from a High School prom date. Here is Katy Perry looking innocent, cute, and slightly confused, dancing with a fan that beams with a big smile; who wouldn’t?

Image Credits: Reddit/migs2k3

One thing you can’t miss is the fact that Katy’s dress matches the drapes in the background – it makes us wonder where this photo was taken. Perhaps a music video shoot of one of the pop anthems? Regardless, this man is happy to share a dance with one of the biggest stars on the planet. 

Trifecta Of Greatness

We need to provide a bit of background for this next photo. It turns out the friend of the guy wearing the Ron Shirt made the shirt for him as a gift, and then he ended up meeting Ron Swanson while he was wearing the shirt!

Image Credits: Reddit/art_is_dumb

Well, this friend achieved his own pyramid of Ron Swanson greatness when he realized that the stars aligned. And, of course, we see that Ron Swanson is being Ron Swanson, and his facial expression matches the shirt perfectly.

Fans Steal The Show 

This is one of the rare moments where the fans steal the show and celebrities are mere spectators in the shot. Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are photobombing (yes, you read that right) as a man proposes to his girlfriend. 

Image Credits: Imgur/DoctorHarleyQuinnWho

The stars are excited to share at that moment, and the two fans don’t seem to complain about having “strangers” in one of the most memorable moments of their lives. It is most likely that the presence of the actors made it even better. 

 Missing The Target 

Morena Baccarin shares a photo with two fans, a man and a woman – only that the man entirely misses where the camera is at and looks completely away. It makes us wonder what was going on in his head when he decided to look away like that. 

Image Credits: Imgur/FlammedBoi

At least Baccarin and the woman can look at the photo. We are pretty sure this man – and everyone in the photo – would love a do-over to get the picture right. In the meantime, we are going to enjoy this hilarious photo.

Liam Neeson Eats Here For Free 

At first glance, this looks like a photo of Liam Neeson looking highly uncomfortable and possibly angry as he poses with two staff members of a sandwich shop. But the truth is that there is a great backstory to this photo. 

Image Credits: Reddit/Babitzo

So Big Star Sandwich tried to attract customers with a claim that Liam Neeson eats at the shop for free. To their surprise, the real Liam Neeson showed up to make true of their claim and demanded some sandwiches for free. 


Do you guys remember when Justin Long was in the old Apple commercials indicating whether or not he preferred pc or mac? Well, this fan sure did, and boy did he seize the opportunity when he realized it was Justin!

Image Credits: Reddit/Wingdom

Us millennials remember these iconic commercials because this was the time when Apple started changing the way we see technology. They definitely had an effect on people, and we are sure this guy is a big fan (of Mac).

Jerry Caught Unaware 

As far as weird fan-celebrity photos go, this is top of the list. On a rare occasion, both fan and celebrity are almost uninterested in getting a good picture – and possibly have no idea that the photographs were even taken at the time. 

Image Credits: Distractify

Jerry Seinfeld got a text that he seems focused on while the fan fails to look in the camera’s direction. Only the guy at the back in a suit made eye contact with the camera – and it is only fitting that this is the final photo on our list. 

A Lot Of Chins In One Photo 

It is not every day you get to have a selfie with Emma Watson – but this fan was definitely in luck the day this photo was taken. The only issue is how he decided to take the picture, with the chin pose looking almost funny. 

Image Credits: Imgur

 It is hard to tell why he decided to go with this pose. Still, Emma Watson joins in like the true darling she is. They both stick their chins out to make for one of the most hilarious fan-celebrity photos you will see on the internet. 

Batman Can’t Eat 

While some celebrities are quick to decline photos with fans when they are not comfortable, most just oblige to give their fans a memory they will cherish forever. This photo falls under the latter as Robert Pattinson is prevented from eating by some excited fans. 

Image Credits: Twitter/@JSumerki

This fan couldn’t pass up the rare opportunity to take a photo with the amazing Batman and Twilight star, even at the expense of the actor’s company. The actor’s company awkwardly shows in the picture while their food goes untouched. 

Amy Schumer Can’t See The Camera 

This photo (from a video) shows Amy Schumer dealing with one of the worst things as a celebrity – having your picture taken without permission or care for your privacy. Celebrities get photographed a lot, but it is still rude to record them this way. 

Image Credits: Instagram/@amyschumer

Amy Schumer looks annoyed by this man who has decided to record her while jogging. And, of course, he looked happy, even giving a thumbs up while Schumer made weird faces in the background. Talk about being unnecessarily rude to another person.

Flipping The Script 

Of course, we had to share this hilarious photo of Elijah Woods flipping the script of what fan-celebrity encounters look like. And this time, he gets a piggyback ride from a female fan who is super excited to be there.  

Image Credits: Imgur/Ihavethesamenameasafamouskillerfml

Seeing celebrities who share a close bond with their fans is always great, and Elijah Woods enjoys meeting fans as much as they enjoy meeting him. Rather than looking silly, the actor seems goofy and indeed made the lady’s day. 

Kim K With A Tired Smile 

The camera would probably still blow your cover no matter how you try to hide your tiredness. This photo of a man in a red shirt and Kim Kardashian is one of those occasions when a celebrity tries to be polite even though they probably don’t want to be there.  

Image Credits: theberry.com

In typical Kim K fashion, she did try to turn on the charm to give this fan a great selfie that he would be happy to show friends or share on the internet. We bet he wouldn’t mind that the celebrity in the photo looks tired. 

Please Hug Me 

This is another genie wishy case of a celebrity almost grudgingly granting a wish to a fan who is more than excited to see them. A fan asked Kristen Stewart this time, and the Academy Award-nominated actress granted his wish. 

Image Credits: theberry.com

It is important to note that Stewart mentioned that she doesn’t enjoy having photos with fans. We think this might explain why her facial expression didn’t match the man’s wide grin in the picture. To be fair, she did hug him. 

Three Goofy People 

It is always fun to see celebrities switch it up with goofy poses in photos with their fans rather than posing with the usual (almost dull) smile. This particular fan gets two Walking Dead stars, Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun, to participate in the fun. 

Image Credits: Pinterest | JuliaCortens

A random person who doesn’t know either of the actors would think this is just a random photo of friends goofing around. All three persons complement each other to make for one of our favorite photos on this long list.