40+ Sports Memes That Will Have Fans Cheering

By Sachin P

One element of sports seems to have evolved significantly in recent years, and that is how the spectators watch and respond to the game. If you think about it, this is the very first generation in which sports and social networking have collided. As a result, we’ve been gifted with a fresh crop of amusing parodies and quips. And with all the streaming services and globalization, we can watch games from all over the world. As fans, we love connecting with others who support our teams and messing with those who don’t. This is where memes shine. Of course, jokes have always been around, so it stands to reason that they are a huge part of internet culture. So here we have a well-curated list of 45 cartoon-based sports memes for your enjoyment!

CR7 vs the GOAT

If you are a fan of European football, you’re either a fan of Messi or Christiano Ronaldo, but probably not both. You might have other favorites that are quite obvious, but everyone’s allegiance lies with one of these two extraordinarily talented athletes.

Image Credits: ph.FAB / Shutterstock

So, this is why this fan went ahead and made this meme. It equates their rivalry on the field to that of Tom and Jerry, the cartoon world’s most famous frenemies. It’s quite obvious that Tom and Jerry can’t live with and without each other. Same with CR7 and the GOAT.

Simpsons. Nostradamus. What’s the difference?

The Simpsons has accomplished a great deal through its long haul, notably correctly forecasting many Super Bowl pairings. The Denver Broncos faced the Seattle Seahawks in the 2005 episode, “Bonfire of the Manatees.” The program also projected a Broncos victory with a score of 19-14.

Image Credits: NFL Memes / Twitter

So this Simpsons episode correctly predicted the Super Bowl game nine years before it happened. And this is just one of many examples. There happens to be a lot of very talented and educated scientists and mathematicians behind the show’s creative team.

We feel you

For those that aren’t die-hard fanatics of each and every sport, this one is for you. It may be uncomfortable for some, and many frequently feel left out because people start to talk about football when they are obsessed with hockey.

Image Credits: imgflip.com

When all of your pals are talking more about the impending championship game and athletes you’ve barely heard about, it can feel a little strange. We recommend that you get right in and start to ask questions. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new sport to adore.

Time to celebrate!!

Year after year, every one of us football lovers has been there. Since there is no game on Sundays following the Super Bowl in February, the conclusion of said NFL season might be super emotional for fans. When college football season starts, queue this Simpsons meme.

Image Credits: NFL memes / Twitter

Just after the final game, Sundays will feel a little less meaningful. This melancholy is especially rough for those who don’t really like other sports. There isn’t much else to do but suffer until the next season. Football fans, we have you in our thoughts.

Never judge a book by it’s cover

This is something that a great many people can connect with. There really are individuals like these in nearly every sector of existence, not just sports. There have also been several films around an underdog who rises to the top of their squad and is adored by all.

Image Credits: icsnaps / Shutterstock

You initially believe they lack expertise, yet you soon find they are highly gifted. There was always a weak one in a group throughout our school or university years. So, obviously, when that person surpassed everyone else, it really was a tremendous surprise!

Never skipped leg day

Suppose you’ve spotted this, congratulations. You definitely should look closely at the next match if you haven’t already! We are not categorizing or criticizing all footballers, but we will simply point out the facts. Those who play football have a superb lower body when contrasted to certain other athletes.

Image Credits: Naiy / Tumblr

For bodybuilders and general gym rats, it’s all on point, from the quadriceps to the glutes. But soccer players? Their quadriceps and calf muscles are huge, strong, and muscular, yet their biceps, shoulders and arms, deltoid muscles, and back muscles are everything but defined.


It would indeed be tough for anyone to learn how to play each sport known to humanity. We are all aware of the well-known sports in our area, particularly those that we pursue with zeal. And what about the rest of them? There really are hundreds!

Image Credit: imgflip.com

This is why this meme is ideal for certain circumstances. It’s hard to keep track of what’s going on and what the goal would be when you change the channel and try to watch a sport you have never heard of or played.

Heartthrob moment

It’s thrilling to see your childhood idol compete. We’re so happy we were around when our legendary heroes started placing their hearts and souls upon that line. It was without a doubt one of the most iconic scenes in those games – nay, in our existence.

Image Credits: Discussing Film / Twitter

We enjoy seeing our favorite players not just on the field but also in pre-and post-match interviews. The finest approach is to listen to your favorite athlete. As a result, this Patrick Star cartoon is appropriate and suitable. Who is your most beloved professional athlete?

Whoa there..!

This will appeal to anyone who participates in or has participated in sports (including video games). Your team moves more toward the opponent’s goal, and the opposing team is in control of the ball. Your buddy does have the finishing touch after an adversary kicks/throws it to the outside.

Image Credits: Walt Disney Animation Studios / YouTube

Does it not destroy the enthusiasm quickly? Unless you’ve been there, you might not understand what the big deal is. Your squad would have gotten the ball, but due to a blunder at the last second, the opposing team gets it.

What sort of witchcraft is this?

If you look real close at this meme, you’ll notice that The Simpsons also prophesied that the Buffalo Bills would reach the playoffs in 2020. After 25 years, the Buffalo Bills had held a playoff game. The excitement must have been wild.

Image Credits: Still from episode / FOX

Regrettably, the Governor stated that only a few fans would’ve been permitted to enter the arena. This circumstance seems oddly familiar to an episode titled “D’oh Canada.” Homer was seated pretty far away from the only other supporter in a deserted Bills arena.

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them

There was also an older version of just this meme, but this is really more wholesome. Real Madrid, as well as Barcelona fans, always are arguing. But in a sense, they complement one other. What a sweet message about notoriously rough fans.

Inage Credits: Juan R. Velasco / Shutterstock and DeviantArt

They’re just like Tom and Jerry, who really are continuously pursuing one other but are great buddies underneath it all. They can’t live without each other even, and they definitely can’t survive without one another! They might never admit it, but you heard it here.

Don’t go stirring up trouble now

Whenever a football fan searches for England vs. Ireland and expects football memes, they’re usually left confused. What they find is something altogether different. The Irish War of Independence will appear first while you google for England vs. Ireland well before sporting events.

Image Credits: Reddit/ zacharyheidenreich

So, for all those who wish to view memes, we do have suggestions. Be as precise as possible. Rather than looking for England vs. Ireland, try searching for a predefined timeframe, a specific game, or something similar that will yield some soccer highlights.

Patrick Mahomes approves this message

Huge congrats to all Kansas Chiefs fans on their Super Bowl win in 2020. It had been a long time in the making, and we believe the Chiefs earned it. This meme may be a little out of touch, but it could be it means their last win before 2020.

Image Credits: uberhumor.com

It’s a very true representation of the last time they won the Bowl before that epic game. That’s because the Chiefs haven’t succeeded since 1970, which is far more than 50 years ago! That seems like the Stone Ages, doesn’t it?

We do not think it means what you think it means

Are there no other SpongeBob fans here? If yes, that’s fantastic! For those that haven’t seen SpongeBob SquarePants, the creature you see in the picture is Squidward Q. Tentacles. He’s an octopus, and the joke is that he looks more like a squid.

Image Credits: medium.com

So, whenever Squidward is performing, what else do you name it? Squid Games! However, not really the Korean drama on Netflix. For most millennials and even younger folks, this meme tickles our ribs, and we remember this scene quite well.

Ten hut!

Ah, isn’t this one so relevant? The previous meme with Homer cheering was about a certain terrible, painful time whenever the season draws to a close and you’re at a loss as to what to do. However, the year continues.

Image Credits: memegenerator.net

On the other hand, this one is all about the period when autumn has just begun and the latest season is just about to begin! This is a very amazing experience. Football enthusiasts now can bid their goodbyes to the rest of the world!


Soccer is, without a doubt, a physically challenging game. The intensity is quite considerable. In a match, things can become a little rough at times. If somehow, the ref is really not up to par, matters will only get worse.

Image Credtis: LolSimphsom / Facebook

The fact is, such things occur all the time in minor leagues or local league matches. Those who compete at just that level of football have to be acquainted with the circumstances. And when you get a decent referee, it’s a welcome surprise, and you make a face like Homer’s.

How wonderful!

We adore memes from the Hundred-Acre Wood, especially Sophisticated Pooh. They are always so silly, and this is no exception. We are officially starting a campaign to change the name of the Super Bowl. Who’s with us? No one? Fine.

Image Credits: Imgflip

Take a look! Winnie, we have to say that it was fairly smooth. Super Bowl, in a nutshell. If we move the letters around slightly, we get Superb Owl! We’re sure we’ve convinced you that the championship tournament’s title should be changed.


Cowboys, we apologize as well as sympathize with you. However, we can’t gently point out just how amusing this meme is. It represents the Dallas Cowboys’ current situation in a very accurate manner. Take a peek around. It has been 26 years!

Image Credits: Marcia Snook / Pinterest

Since the Cowboys last won a Super Bowl, that is. Every year since has weighted on the fans. It will be 27 years in no time. The Cowboys’ most recent victory came in Super Bowl 30 against the Steelers, which they won 27-17.

Say whaaat??

You can probably connect to something like this if you’re a member of a varsity team or even a club. Your instructor teaches a fresh technique while you are really exhausted from sprinting, training match-ups, as well as other practice techniques.

Image Credits: 9gag

We think that this is how the majority of people react when they hear these terrifying sentences. This meme, as well as the minion’s expression, says it all. We’re sure everyone collapses exhausted after just having heard the coach announce a new drill!


We’ve discussed the sadness that comes with realizing that there won’t even be games for a long period, as well as how wonderful it seems once September arrives and its opportunity to watch football. You’re super stoked, but then you recall you’re a Cowboys fan.

Image Credtis: me.me

As previously stated, it has also been over 27 years since the Cowboys have claimed a Super Bowl win; hence many ardent Cowboys fans may be short on optimism, and they might just run out of it next time they lose.

Forced laughter

Such a pun is quite ancient, but we have heard it a fair number of times. However, whoever created this meme has a terrific and wicked sense of humor because they blended an old story with another one of SpongeBob’s best episodes!

Image Credits: theverge.com

For those that are moaning and gnashing their teeth, we point to you that puns are among the oldest forms of comedy (we assume), and this is just one which we can all enjoy. Allow the scenario to play out in your head. It’s just amusing! Accept it.

On the fence

To be frank, The Simpsons allusions never get old and fit a wide variety of circumstances. This was made during Super Bowl 48, when the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos. The meme accurately depicts the mood of the typical Broncos fan on just that particular occasion.

Image Credits: tiebreaker.com

There was a surprise in this story. This meme depicts a Broncos supporter who sports their gear and cheers on their side but then vanishes into the weeds in the 2nd period. Suddenly, out from the shadows, the very same fan reappears, this time showing a Seahawks jersey.

How the heck are they doing this?

Numerous events prophesied by The Simpsons turned out to be true, notably numerous Super Bowl games. However, we’ll offer you a hint. This is not really a forecast in the traditional sense. It is a hidden Easter egg that has been altered once or twice to fit the times.

IMage Credits: Entertaintment Weekly

This is indeed a scene from “The Town.” The game in the first episode has been between Springfield and Boston. Nevertheless, it appears like the editors modified it and switched it to the scorecard of the Falcons vs. Patriots inside this rerun.

Really, Simpsons, really?

The Simpsons have made just another near forecast. The sequence seems to be from “You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee,” an episode all about one of our favorite sports, soccer. Homer predicts that Brazil will win the 2014 FIFA World Cup game.

Image Credits: Simpsons Best Moments / YouTube

El Divo, their best player, is sidelined, unfortunately. This scenario is strikingly similar to the FIFA World Cup 2014 quarter-final match involving Brazil and Colombia. Neymar, one of their best players, was sidelined! His vertebrae were broken, which was a major injury.

Such is life

It’s tough to avoid discussing football. Considering we have had so many excellent Homer Simpson memes, we’re discovering it increasingly hard to deal with imaging life once football season is over. Take this, for example. Homer is clearly depressed.

Image Credits: tenor.com

This is how practically every football fan reacts at the end of the season. Since there are no games on Sundays, all we can do is lie in bed and reflect on all the great plays we have seen and wait for the next season.

He’s that dude from sportsball!

All true NFL fans will be able to connect the dots, and often only they will know all the answers. This meme will put your NFL skills to the test. So, in the style of a guffaw-inducing meme, here is the challenge for y’all.

Image Credits: Bikini_Btm_News / Twitter

If you can’t place this athlete, you’re not really a true fan of any sportsball team! We, too, can’t help but laugh at this one. Squidward is one of SpongeBob’s funniest characters. This segment is fantastic, and we were rooting for him!

Are we there yet?

Did you watch the SpongeBob episode “Missing Identity”? The moment SpongeBob is sitting at the diner and pondering his life was as memorable as the show. You don’t even have to see the program; you can simply look at the screencap and get the vibe.

Image Credits: imgflip.com

You’ll be able to connect to that same face and atmosphere since, after all, haven’t we all gone through it? Diehard fans have undoubtedly been present when baseball is the topic of discussion. They are just eagerly anticipating the start of the NFL season.

He’s right you know…

This is indeed a meme that everyone can relate to. You could connect to it if you’ve ever worked on a squad or maybe just watched one carefully. Tennis instructors are fantastic. Soccer instructors are as well, though they are a little harder on the athletes.

Image Credits: comicsandmemes.com

Then there are the basketball coaches, who are on a totally different scale of intensity. It’s a fact, and everybody who’s ever participated and even watched a full match understands what we’ve been talking about. Furthermore, who really doesn’t recall “MuscleBob BuffPants”? It’s the ideal meme.

Justifiable effort

How many of you have participated in a fantasy sporting event? It’s both fascinating and addictive. Those that have joined a few of these games, particularly fantasy football, understand how simple it is to become hooked. So, here we all are, using another Simpsons meme to explain the scenario.

Image Credits: imgflip.com

Homer is, without a doubt, in a bad mood in the right frame. And so, this meme is 100% accurate. Fantasy football gamers devote a great deal of time and resources to selecting the best players and staying up to date on the sport.

Come on! Admit it!

To the person who does not enjoy football, we have nothing more to say. We adore it all and recognize how fantastic it is. Here is another meme that sums up the effect of football on humans. It’s impossible to hate!

Image Credits: imgflip.com

This is what many people experience. Some folks out there have shaped a whole chunk of their personality around their dislike of football. They subsequently attend a match, which they adore! We have nothing to say if you really do not like football.

Alexa play “Happy” by Pharrell

Victory does provide us with a sense of satisfaction and success, which really is pretty strong. Any triumph is worthy of the boasting privileges that come with it. Victory in a game delivers a surge of adrenaline that is incredibly powerful.

Image Credits: imgflip.com

We’re talking about winning a sporting wager here. That brings happiness, too, since you recognize how good your understanding and analytical abilities are. It’s even more rewarding if your clubs have been rivals for a long period. It’s simple as that.

Close call

Now, this is for all of the volleyball players, coaches, and fans out there. Players would be able to connect to this event across a whole other level since it occurs frequently and always leaves the players feeling pretty happy.

IMage Credits: Rahulus / YouTube

Whatever the case may be, we can’t dispute that Minions are indeed the sweetest. The relief shown in this meme, though, is very comparable to what players feel whenever the ref blows a no-touch after a team player contacts it.

When you gotta go, you gotta go

Once Andrew Luck announced his retirement, we all were taken aback. He was indeed a tremendous quarterback with the Indianapolis Colts, and then he was a wonderful quarterback generally. He was forced into retirement at the tender age of 29.

Image Credits: iloveimg.com

For some, it was catastrophic. He was one of few athletes who’ve been truly great but departed before their peak, and therefore this SpongeBob meme makes us cry. Perhaps that’s what Luck had said to his friends as he walked away from the game.

Does make some sense atleast

Winnie lounging alone is one matter; Winnie reclining alone in a tuxedo is quite another. Take a peek at the grace. We can’t have enough of these memes; no one can. And, unlike the previous one, which was fun nonsense, this one is accurate.

Image Credits: knowyourmeme.com

Why hadn’t it occurred to anyone sooner? Oh, wait, it already did. Do any of us even want to recall the terrible PE classes from our childhood? We will stick with watching sports, personally, but we do like the term “education for the body.”

Mmm sports!

Certain people really enjoy playing sports, and others dislike them. There is a third group, and we’ve mentioned them a bit. Some people enjoy watching sports on television rather than participating in them. We fit in this category, like Homer.

Image Credits: OfficialPDC / Twitter

After participating in sports, watching them is the next greatest option. That is why, throughout a game, every stadium is crowded! And it will continue to be so based on what we have seen so far, as well as what’s in our own hearts.

Quit playing games with my heart!

People just can’t have enough of these SpongeBob allusions. It must’ve been a big part of a number of folk’s childhood memories. And one factor is certain: nearly all think the same way whenever one sport’s season has ended, and we’re looking forward to many more.

Image Credits: indianmemetemplates.com

That is what we’re doing as sports lovers. Once basketball season arrives, it’s an opportunity to watch and enjoy the game. Whenever it’s football time, however, it’s football time. We have to admit that SpongeBob precisely expresses our emotions.

That oughta hurt

Surely you may have seen the Oilers vs. Coyotes game since you’re an ice hockey lover. For those of you who have, then you definitely saw the instant Oilers’ Connor McDavid leaps onto the Coyotes’ bench. Iconic, to say the very least.

Image Credits: thesportster.com

If you look attentively at the video, you can see McDavid leaping to avoid a collision and landing comfortably upon that Coyote’s seat. But we can’t get enough of this meme since it claims he’s the greatest player here on the opposing team’s sidelines!

Come on now!

We apologize to any and all Maple Leafs supporters for including this meme into the collection, but we couldn’t resist because it is so funny. We truly hope you recall The Simpsons’ famous hockey-themed episode. Give it a chance if you’ve not already.

Image Credits: Memeful.com

This renowned goalscoring scene must not be forgotten. Given the Maple Leafs’ recent success, this meme is rather amusing, as the goalie has literally saved so many more goals than just the team! Okay, we’ll be leaving you with it for the time being, eh?


The look of sorrow on Homer’s expression is understandable. Whenever our beloved team has lost, we feel exactly the same way. However, again for purposes of just this meme, let’s speak about New England Patriots fans. They would’ve been feeling terrible at their defeats.

Image Credits: memegenerator.net

We trust everybody has healed as this meme refers to their defeat to the Tennessee Titans last year. To be fair, you could place any team inside that spot. Regardless of how devoted we are, we must confess that our favorite team has lost a game or two.

Say what now?

Bill Belichick, as well as Tom Brady, ruled the New England Patriots. They challenged the title at the time, and we have to mention that their fandom was massive. Some of the supporters seem to have been there just to support the squad.

Image Credits: NFL_Memes / Twitter

Because they’re so great. Brady’s transfer to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, though, led to some Brady fans abandoning the Patriots. However, this feeling only lingered until they witnessed Cam guide the Patriots to triumph. That was something many saw coming, to be honest.


We all understand Tom Brady is indeed the Greatest, but we do have to embrace the truth that he’s 43 now. Yes, even epic players deal with age. He’s getting a bit older, and all the mythology is starting to catch up with him.

Image Credits: NFL_Memes / Twitter

Brady’s preferred tight end, Rob Gronkowski, has just returned here to Buccaneers after a brief sabbatical. To be honest, both guys looked tired in their first match against the Saints. We can’t even admit it out loud, but it’s a meme now.

Really? Really really

A further “football is back” joke has surfaced. Apologies, baseball enthusiasts, but you might feel the same about football. In that way, you can feel connected, and the two types of fans should try to support each other during the dark times when their sport’s season ends.

Image Credits: NFL_Memes / Twitter

That’s all we would have to comment about it. Nothing at all counts since it’s football season! What important is that we all can relax across from our televisions each Sunday and witness our favorite team compete against their rivals!

You’re me, and I’m you!

The said meme might be a little specialized, but aren’t the good always specific? This is something that Browns supporters can genuinely feel in their hearts. We should recognize how steady the squad has become over the years. Take a glance at this.

Image Credits: NFLMEMES_IG / Instagram

To be frank, and no insult meant, they’ve always been the league’s national embarrassment. The absurdity is that they’ll be the brunt of the jokes despite possessing one of the league’s finest offenses. That, we suppose, is what distinguishes them.