Caravan Life Made Easy: 40+ Space-Saving Hacks For On-the-Go Living

By Israel O

The popularity of caravaning is skyrocketing, and it’s no surprise. Traveling by car is fun! If you’ve ever taken a ride in a caravan, you’d probably agree that it’s an incredible experience. The only problem we can think of associated with a caravan is the lack of space. Unwinding in a trailer that has a small space can be difficult and stressful, especially when that space isn’t fully and rightly optimized.

If you’re not used to living in a trailer or haven’t found the perfect way to tidy up your trailer, then have no fear; this post has got you covered. To maximize interior space, enjoy your vacation, and unwind comfortably and safely, we will offer 45 innovative and practical caravan storage ideas so you can make the most of your time on the road.

1. Silicone Hooks

We know how frustrating it is to think long and hard about where to spread your towel or even your toothbrush, especially in an unfamiliar bathroom. But with the waterproof silicone hook, that is no longer something you have to think about.

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It’s silicone, soft, elastic, and highly durable. It can hold weights up to four and a half pounds, and with movable hooks, you can always change their positions to suit your preference. Just attach it to a clean and smooth surface, and you can remove and reuse it whenever.

2. Toiletry Bag

This is one thing everyone should have when traveling. Apart from the fact that it helps save space and keeps your items organized, you don’t have to go through a lot of stress when looking for a particular item because everything is in one place. 

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You can choose any toiletry bag, depending on what you need. If you want to travel light, a smaller bag will be better. This bag can also serve as your makeup bag; just arrange your makeup products into the several compartments provided.

3. Reusable Towels

This one is a major necessity for every caravan. No one wants dirt or dust lying around. It is unhygienic, which is why we recommend these reusable towels to help with the cleaning. They are easily accessible, soft, and very durable. 

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They are easy to wash, and they remove more dirt and dust than paper towels. What’s awesome about these towels is that they are space-efficient and do a lot of deep cleaning if sprayed with a tiny bit of chemicals.

4. Magnetic Keyholders 

Get this wall-mounted key holder to make it easy to locate your keys. Imagine waking up on a Monday morning and you spent about half an hour searching for your car keys, knowing with every minute you keep running late for work- terrifying, right?

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With these magnetic keyholders, you can skip all that. Suitable for your car, home, and office keys- in fact, any kind of keys. This small magic item keeps your caravan tidy and lowers your stress level. That sounds like a must-buy item to us!

5. Learn To Stack Kitchen Items

This has to be a necessity in everyone’s kitchen. Not only will your kitchen look tidy without having to worry about too many items all over the place, but stacking several items in the kitchen will also create a lot of space and reduce anxiety.

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All you have to do is stack them from the largest to the smallest. You can even find ones that come pre-stacked, so you can save yourself the trouble of finding perfectly sized bowls. Having your bowls packed away like this will also help them stay together when you’re driving to your next destination.

6. Fabric Containers 

These storage bags are always a go-to. The fabric is soft and strong and can be used as a mini closet. The handle is set with two layers of thick fabric with the load-bearing capacity doubled, and very easy to carry. 

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Fabric containers allow you to store items you aren’t currently using. The good part is these storage bags help you preserve items. You can use the fabric containers to pack away tons of stuff while still conserving space. Clever, right?

7. Sticky Hooks

Sticky hooks are the most convenient ways to hang your towel and other items on the wall without a hassle. Sticky hooks can be used even in tight corners and are easily accessible anywhere and anytime. They are highly durable and portable.

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These are completely worth your money. However, when buying sticky hooks, make sure to go for strong adhesives. They last longer and are capable of holding items weighing up to 20 lbs. Just hang them on a smooth wall, and they are ready to use.

8. Use Laundry Bags

In caravans, you might want to reconsider a plastic laundry basket because it might take up too much space and even restrict movement. Space is sacred when you live in a tiny space. These fabric laundry bags will always come to your aid.

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Although this bag might have the considerable disadvantage of getting wet easily, you can avoid it by always keeping it behind the toilet seat when you take a shower. They are foldable, easy to use, and take up very minimal space.

9. Roll Up Your Towels And Store Them 

Instead of a product, this next hack is a nifty technique that will help to save space in your caravan cupboard. It’s pretty simple, really. Just roll the towels up and put them away. It is way better than leaving them in a pile.

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This will create more room in your cupboard for many other items. This technique also makes it easier to select a particular towel without having to scatter the whole pile. Above all, your cupboard will look more aesthetically pleasing and organized.

10. Volt Fans 

One of the best advances in the fan department has to be these 12-volt fans. They are portable, durable, and strong – all the things you look for when you live in a caravan. Compared to standing fans, 12-volt fans take up less space.

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Volt fans are the best when compared to other types of fans. You can purchase as many Volt fans as possible for every corner of your caravan. Added bonus: they are easy to install, so you won’t need to get help to mount them.

11. Oven As A Storage 

Have you ever thought of an effective way to use your oven when you aren’t cooking? Do you just love to see it lying idle when you can do a whole lot more with it, especially when you need all the space you can get?

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Here is a must-try hack: convert your oven into a storage space. Store your microwave dishes, baking trays, and utensils. This way, you don’t necessarily need too many cabinets, and your stuff will be secured when you’re winding down bumpy roads.

12. Invest In Floor Mats 

If you’re planning to own a caravan home or you already have one, then you should consider using floor mats. You need at least two or more sheets in different sizes that fit the stairs, floor, and inside the caravan.

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This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about sand, dust, or dirt getting into your caravan. These types of floor mats are usually excellent absorbers of dirt, and they will help keep your home clean. You just need to clean them regularly.

13. Say No to A Drying Rack

Try using a dish drying mat instead of a drying rack. This drying mat will help you dry your plates quickly and efficiently without taking up extra space. And as we’ve already established, space is precious when you are living in a caravan.

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When you are done using this mat, you can hang it on the wall to dry until it is ready for use again. It is available in a heap of different designs – just pick one that suits your caravan’s aesthetic.

14. Microwave Is A Good Storage Space Too

When it comes to owning a small space or caravan, it is important to utilize every space you have. One of the ways you can do this is by stacking and putting your items in a neat pile so you won’t look like a hoarder.

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When your microwave is not in use, you can use it as storage. Store food items like bread, pastries, snacks, cookies, and other essentials that do not need to be refrigerated. Also, the top of the microwave can be a great storage space.

15. Protect Your Caravan From Dust 

This has to be one of the most important caravan hacks on this list. During the summer, there is always dust and dirt flying around. All that dirt can create extra work for you when you decide to clean your vehicle.

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You can cover your caravan with the vehicle cover when it isn’t in use. There are also adhesive tapes you can use to secure your door handles, windows, and small holes where dust is likely to get into the caravan.

16. Use A Multi-purpose Sink Cover 

Sink covers get overlooked a lot, but they actually create additional space on your counter. When the sink isn’t in use, you can cover it up with a sink cover and use it as a countertop for your kitchen equipment.

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This platform can also prevent dirt from getting into your sink when not in use. It also reduces the chances of the sink being clogged with dirt. Another great use of sink covers is that they can serve as a chopping board for your vegetables and fruits.

17. Magazine Holders

There are several other ways to use your magazine holder rather than just for holding a magazine. It is amazing that something as random as a magazine holder would be so useful. It is all about getting creative with what you can find.

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Some of the ways magazine holders can be used is as pantry storage or as toiletry storage. The great part about magazine organizers is they are very affordable and easy to find. You can even reuse your old ones by turning them into something creative.

18. Hang Your Toothbrushes On The Wall 

Hang toothbrushes with small waterproof sticky hooks. This way, you don’t have to create extra space for your toothbrush on the loo cabinet or sink. These small sticky hooks will hold your toothbrush in place, so they won’t fall while you’re driving.

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You can organize your toothbrushes in any way that you prefer. A cute way to do it is to arrange them by height – from the biggest brush to the smallest one. This way, you save space and add a creative flair to your wall.

19. Shower Caddies 

Shower caddies are shower baddies. See what we did there? They work well in organizing your bathroom, keeping it free from unnecessary litter. When you use a shower caddie, you can easily stock up on all your bathroom supplies so they are within reach and ready to use.

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You don’t have to stress when it’s time to take a shower. You can simply have your supplies in the bathroom and in a neat pile. You can even find some that keep your supplies from spilling out while you’re driving.

20. Shoe Organizer For The Win

A shoe organizer takes up less space than an actual shoe rack. It also prevents you from having a mess of shoes strewn all over the floor. This could make the caravan look like an eyesore and take up unnecessary space you can’t afford to lose.

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A shoe organizer allows you to simply attach it to the wall or near the bed. A shoe organizer takes up very little space and can even beautify your caravan. This way, you eliminate unnecessary mess and stress. No time for stress when you’re busy adventuring!

21. Jewelry Hanger

A jewelry hanger is very good for hanging your accessories. This prevents your jewelry from being tangled or damaged. Jewelry hangers can also keep your ornaments organized, take up little space but, most importantly, make your jewelry easy to find.

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Often, people forget that the wall can be used as a storage space. This is a great example of how you can hang something up that will help keep the caravan organized. Added bonus: jewelry hangers can also be used to hang keys or other knick knacks like a dog leash.

22. Buy A Smart TV

Instead of having too many gadgets and devices in the home, you can settle for a smart TV. A smart TV is the best solution if you find yourself hunching over a small laptop screen to watch your favorite shows.

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You just have to choose the size, shape, and model that suits your caravan. With a Smart TV, you can connect to your WiFi and enjoy Netflix. You can also connect to the Internet to stream movies and watch YouTube as well.

23. An Extension Cord

When you first move into your caravan, you might want to buy the fun decorative items first, but this extension box should actually be one of the first purchases you make after buying a caravan or even after buying a house.

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This helps to extend a power source and gives you the freedom to use different appliances whenever and wherever without worrying if you have enough outlets in the caravan. Just be careful with what you connect to the extension box; otherwise, you might blow a fuse.

24. Use Antibacterial Washcloths 

One way of saving space is by having multi-purpose items. These damp clothes usually have chemicals in them to prevent the growth of bacteria. They are reusable, and you can substitute them for cleaning wipes. They can also be used as a washcloth.

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These washcloths are both eco-friendly and great at helping to get rid of acne-causing bacteria. They are gentle on the skin, super absorbent, and easy to wash and dry. All around, it is a great product to keep in your caravan.

25. Fabric Storage Containers 

A storage container suitable for under the bed will help to keep your items safe and free up an empty space in the cupboard. These boxes are usually made from fabric and are very lightweight, which means they can be carried around.

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You can consider getting fabric bags with clear vinyl tops to easily identify the contents. It also has flat loop handles allowing for convenient access and portability. These bags can be folded and put away when not in use. The zipper closure also helps protect items from dust.

26. Be Creative With Old Tissue Boxes

Old tissue boxes can also serve as great storage boxes for you and your caravan. You can design and arrange them to suit your needs. These portable cube boxes can hold just about anything, from makeup products to toiletries and even snacks. 

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Reusing an old tissue box isn’t a bad idea at all, and it can save you from unnecessary expenses. Also, you can easily dispose of them whenever you want. They aren’t permanent space solutions, but they can accomplish a lot when used.

27. Use Hanging Rails Instead

You should try to get creative with how you use your space. Just make sure that your creative hacks don’t make your house or caravan look unkempt. Take this cool hack, for example. If you have a hanging bar around the house, you can do something else with it.

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Meanwhile, if you live in your caravan, you can simply add a hanging rail to create more space. You can store your clothes using a hanger on the wall, and you get to hang twice as many clothes as you could using a hanging bar.

28. Use Bottle Containers 

It is essential to store spices and other food items in containers for easy access; it also keeps your kitchen tidy. However, you don’t want a situation where you’re riding on a bumpy road and all your containers turn upside down inside the cupboard.

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You can easily prevent that by arranging all the containers and stacking them in an iron box like this one. It prevents spillage, keeps your cabinet tidy, and also beautifies it. This is something we would totally recommend. What do you think?

29. The Toilet Brush Holder

Here is another out-of-box hack for your toilet. Firstly, all you have to do is get a toilet brush holder for your toilet brush. This way, you can easily access your toilet brush at any time with much ease, and they are portable.

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However, this isn’t the only thing a toilet brush holder can do. You can also use it as a holder for your toilet paper if you don’t have a toilet paper holder. This one proves to be more effective, and the rolls stay secure.

30. Screw-in Hooks

Earlier, we looked at hooks in the bathroom that could hold only about 2 kg of weight. But this wooden hook is strong enough to hold adult towels and create more space for you. This wooden hook has a top surface for more space.

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The top surface can hold your extra towels without you worrying about creating the extra space you don’t have in your cupboard. This hackable item can also be used in your home as well. They are durable and don’t require much effort to install.

31. Magnetic Whiteboards

Magnetic whiteboards serve different purposes depending on what you want to use them for; they can be used for presentations, used as bulletin boards, teaching aids, or even personal organizers. These boards can help keep track of your plans and schedule.

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You can set reminders and notes and even create a shopping list on these boards. Storing them is also not a task because you can hang them up or lean them on an easel. They can be cleaned with a quick wipe-down and don’t need too much maintenance.

32. Use Pantry Containers 

As we said before, it is always a good idea to keep your items organized and in a neat order to be able to reach them whenever you want. These small containers are the best storage solution when it comes to snacks and food items.

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You can easily stack different containers on top of each other to create more space. Also, for easy identification, you can add a name tag to each item for the kids to easily identify as well. You can choose beautiful containers to keep things looking photo-ready.

33. Vertical Spaces Work Too 

Sometimes a vertical space might be the solution to your space problems. You can watch several DIY videos on how to place these vertical containers by attaching them to a wall or a shelf to create extra space between cabinets.

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The vertical containers can vary in size depending on the quantity of the items you plan on storing in them. Make sure not to overload your vertical space so it does not weaken the strength and structure of your shelf.

34. Create More Drawers

The greatest tip to living in a small house or a caravan is taking advantage of every space you can find, even if it means looking into places you normally wouldn’t – like the bottom bunk or under your bed.

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You can take advantage of the space by adding an extra drawer to it. This extra drawer gives you free space for your clothes and other essentials. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box because if you don’t, life in a caravan might start to get uncomfortable.

35. Try Shower Door Magnets

If your greatest worry is your shower door closing and opening when your caravan is in motion, then you can try magnetic seals. They are usually affordable and pretty lightweight. This shower magnet is used in order to seal off shower doors.

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This makes your shower door connection tight and waterproof. This means that even when traveling, you don’t have to worry about shower doors. Magnetic strips allow for the door to be closed securely and, at the same time, easy to open.

36. Get An Air Conditioner 

Not all caravans come with inbuilt cooling systems. Although you won’t feel the heat during the winter, the summer will be extremely hot. Spending a hot summer in a metal box with no air conditioning will not be fun. Trust us.

Image courtesy of New York Times/@Michael Hession

If it doesn’t come with one, there are several ways to get an air conditioner fixed in your caravan. All you have to do is research it or talk to a professional and settle for the best option that works well for your caravan.

37. Get A Single Greywater Outlet

Caravaning has come a long way over the years. For example, these days, greywater outlets are used in most caravans. Greywater outlets make it easier for you to dispose of all the nasty water without getting up close and personal with it.

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You just have to call a plumber to fix it up for you according to your specifications and how exactly you want it to run. Once this is done, you can use it while on trips to all the exciting places you will visit.

38. Foldable Bins

We know you must be wondering why we haven’t mentioned anything about a trash can yet. Well, here it is. The best substitute for a huge standing trash can is a much smaller and foldable trash can. They can be carried around and stored easily.

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This trash can serves the same purpose as the regular trash can, but just like every other item on this list, they are a great way of conserving space. It is quite handy to have items that can be folded away when not in use.

39. Have A Drawer For Cups 

Most of us think that the best place to place cups is in a cabinet. However, it is much smarter to store mugs in a drawer. This will keep your kitchen neat and also give you more room to put other items.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/@tkdckitchens

But above all, when the vehicle is in motion, your cups will be safe from cracks. You could consider using a lower drawer for the sake of the kids. This will make it easier for them to reach for a cup.

40. Crate

The fact that most people use this box for their potatoes and dispose of it afterward makes us cringe. There are so many things you can do with a crate. For example, they can be converted into a small wooden house for your pet.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@koyumeya

But for use in your caravan, these small wooden boxes can be used to store your groceries and fruits whenever you come back from the store. They make great storage boxes and will keep the vegetables fresh for a few days.

41. Fry Pan Toaster 

Just like the name implies, this is basically a fry pan toaster. When living in a caravan, you have to do is improvise. There are certain times you might not have a particular item, and when you improvise, you end up getting a similar result.

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If you think a toaster is an extra load in the kitchen, your fry pan will ensure you still enjoy good toast. Heat the pan on a stove, add a little butter to your pan and your bread, and turn it around slowly until golden brown.

42. Try To Create An Outside Cupboard 

There are several ways to utilize space in your caravan for extra luggage. For example, you can create a cupboard outside your vehicle. This hack is very useful in storing products you can’t seem to fit inside, like carpets, tools, pegs, spray, and a lantern.

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It is, however, essential to note that outdoor cupboards shouldn’t weigh too much and should be portable and lightweight for easy use. You can add this to your list of doable and necessary projects for your caravan, RV, or even a nice little cabin.

43. Welcome To BBQARM

Even though a collapsible table and chair take up a small amount of space, they can still pose a threat to your tunnel boot and are still not the most efficient use of space. There is a solution to that. The BBQARM is a detachable set up with a tray. 

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It’s designed to attach to your caravan and hold your portable BBQ. This way you can enjoy the nice view and still have that BBQ party. The best part is that these smaller swing-away ones take up less storage space than the collapsible ones.

44. Use Small Hangers

These small hangers take up very little space and can still hang a decent amount of clothes like socks, underwear, and other smaller pieces of clothing. These small hangers also come with their own pegs, so you don’t have to worry about storing pegs.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@rednomads

This hanger is great for when you can’t get to the laundromat for a couple of days. There is absolutely nothing worse than running out of clean underwear and socks. Also, the design is pretty adorable, too, don’t you think?

45. Use An Outdoor Tap

The last hack on this list is one you might not think you’ll need but is actually very useful. Consider getting an outdoor tap for your caravan. You will need it for washing muddy shoes, rinsing dishes, or even washing the dog (if you have one).

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We highly recommend including an outdoor tap. Also, make sure to include a stone guard to protect the tap from things flicking up and damaging it. The last thing you’d want is to find the tap knocked off and your whole water supply drained out.