Dive Deep To Discover 45 Creepy Objects Submerged Under Water

By Aakash M

What would you do if you had to choose between swimming in an ocean or swimming in a pool? Remember that when we are talking about the ocean, we are talking about swimming in the middle of the ocean. That sentence must have sent chills down the spines of many. If it didn’t, good for you. Can you bear the thought of desperately paddling against the water, struggling to catch your breath to stay on the surface? On top of that, what would you do if you encountered anything strange underwater? In this article, you will discover what people saw underwater while they were diving, snorkeling, or flying above the ocean. Some Redditors call it submechanophobia. It is the fear of submerged, man-made objects. That’s quite a relevant word because we usually only expect to encounter marine life in the ocean. But what about the other creepy objects? Take a look to find out yourself!

One of the most famous shipwrecks

Let us give you some time to guess this ship’s name. Hint: most of you know it because of a fantastic movie and an amazing love story. It’s the Titanic! It was sad to watch Jack and Rose throughout the ending. They were having a good time, and, in just one hour, it all came to an end.

Image Credits: huffingtonpost.ca

Although the love story is fictional, what we are about to tell you about this ship isn’t. It is estimated that the Titanic could entirely vanish by the next decade. The reason behind it is that the bacteria underwater is gradually eating it away. So, save this image as a memory!

It couldn’t discover the world

Schichau Unterweser designed the World Discoverer ship in Germany back in the 70s. It voyaged to many places until it struck an uncharted rock in the Solomon Islands, causing a shipwreck. This incident took place over thirty years ago.

Image Credits: The Depressed One 1/Reddit

Above is a before and after picture, which looks pretty sad. We hope it had a chance to visit all the cool places before its downfall. The captain did send a distress signal, though, and rescuers ferried passengers to safety in a few hours. Today, the World Discoverer ship has become a tourist destination.

Blame it on Mother Nature

Have you heard of the Riot Games? If you haven’t, it is among the most player-focused video games in the world. The creator of Riot Games also created Leagues of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Valorant, and Teamfight Tactics. Familiar now? 

Image Credits: Blue Breeze 52/Reddit

Because of their online success, they also commissioned an article reef of Nautilus, their chosen character. It was installed in Brisbane, Australia, back in 2016, and it shows the names of around 42,000 players who participated in the competition. Sadly, there aren’t any names now, as you can see in the 2018 image.


Don’t get us wrong, we love ancient mythology, but we wonder what’s appealing about a god walking amongst us. However, a few miles from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain stands this Olympian holding a trident. The crown on his head and the waves crashing around him give such a powerful vibe.

Image Credits: Yamms and a side of guac/Reddit

According to many, he is guarding the island’s east coast, which is a part of his kingdom. Because he is a leader, he doesn’t move from his position. Here is a cool fact: This artwork is made from bronze, which still stands strong today.

Rescued – barely

This image is probably the worst nightmare of every single environmentalist. A 17,000-ton oil rig was left on the coast after unfavorable weather in 2016. It was being towed to Malta when, unfortunately, the towline snapped. Thankfully, it was held securely with eight anchors until transported to a nearby repair facility.

Image Credits: bbc.com

Just look at that massive thing. It was carrying around 280 tons of diesel, and about 80 tons were lost on its way to Broad Bay. The Coastguards instantly started testing the water for discharges, oil, or anything else from the rig.

Tough times for businesses 

This pandemic killed many businesses. One of those is the cruise industry. It has come to the point where cruise lines have been repatriating members and scrapping ships purposefully to keep up with the losses. Essentials and keepsakes are stripped and docked somewhere else where they can possibly be recycled.

Image Credits: Ömer Lapç?n

The scrapyards are struggling to keep up with the demands of these cruise lines that are about to die. Because of a space crisis, some of these ships were laid up in Greece until they disposed of the vessels in Turkey. Each ton costs $400, and we wonder how much the price has increased.

An old shipwreck

There have been so many shipwrecks in Lake Superior that it makes us wonder whether something fishy is going on in there. There have been around 350 shipwrecks, out of which half aren’t even discovered yet. According to experts, it happens because there aren’t any natural harbors for ships to use during a storm.

Image Credits: duluthnewstribune.com

However, some divers took a picture of what looked to be a pretty old shipwreck. It is surprising to see that the chairs and dinnerware are still intact. Hopefully, some passengers had survived, but unfortunately, many of these wrecks claimed the lives of most of them. 

A war beast

One of the main reasons people feared the Axis alliance was the German U-boats. They could stay underwater for approximately two hours, which was a pretty big deal in the early 1900s. Not only that, but they could also carry 35 men and 12 torpedoes, which were always ready to engage and attack.

Image Credits: King Neptune 767 / Reddit

Around 2779 boats were used during the war, and each of them had the power to destroy an entire convoy. The Germans also ensured to craft a lot of “Unterseeboots” for wiping away commercial ships and allied military units. Interestingly, only four of them are left, and around 50 are unaccounted for.

Hurricane Sandy’s impact

Many people died from the impact of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and we can’t forget that it was also the reason behind a lot of destruction. The cold air mass changed its direction, thus, magnifying its traveling speed and strength. It was one of the worst Hurricanes that America has witnessed to date.

Image Credits: quintanomedia/flickr

It took around five long years for people to recover from the damage. In terms of money, it cost around $70 billion. Above is an image of one of the numerous piers that collapsed due to the hurricane. Jet Star was the lone rollercoaster that sunk underwater without any warning.

Toughest training

The first submarine tower was built around 70 years ago for training the people who would later handle these crew ships and submarines. Every trainee had to go down a 100-ft deep tank with a suit and breathing apparatus. It was a survival mission stimulation task.

Image Credits: POA Phot Gary Davies/OGL v1.0/Wikimedia Commons

Honestly, that pool looks scary. Here’s something more terrifying. One British boat had been lost, but the crew survived because of the training. Not too long ago, they put an end to this escape tower. The Submarine Escape Rescue Abandonment and Survival Training Facility opened in its place.

Blood everywhere

Geamăna is a beautiful place, thanks to its breathtaking landscapes and peaceful atmosphere. But, residents had to abandon this village because of toxic waste leaking from a mining pit nearby. So, what was once calm and icy water, later turned into a pool of toxicity from acid cyanide and copper.

Image Credits: Cristian Lipovan/Shutterstock

Around 400 families relocated from that place about 100km away. We are sure that they had to deal with a lot of fuss because the government promised them that they only had to move around 7kms. Today, very few people live there, and their houses are high on the hills.

A leap of faith

Do you like taking risks? Let’s see how much of a daredevil you are. Can you climb heights and parkour without any safety equipment? If yes, can you also jump off the side of a container ship right into the ocean? We hope that gets your heart beating faster.

Image Credits: Durbn / Reddit

Apparently, these two daredevils look like they aren’t scared of anything, and in fact, they are enjoying themselves! This ship had stopped, and these gentlemen didn’t want to let go of an opportunity of jumping into cold and deep waters. Thank goodness they did it during daylight and not in the dark.

A scary movie

This image looks like a horror movie poster. The story goes something like this: The temperature is sub-zero, kids are playing on the icy plain, a kid puts his palms on the ground and tries peering und the ice when he sees something under the ice. Then, he rubs the surface to see clearly.

Image Credits: radioactive anomaly/Reddit

He sees the hood and windshield of a car and calls his friends to show them what he found. They then realize that it’s a Volvo car under the ice! Here’s what happened. Earlier that year, there was an accident. That’s all we know. Hopefully, everyone in the car escaped in time!

Don’t mess with nature

There are many reasons humanity should leave nature alone, and we have faced the music when we didn’t obey. Here is an image of a city that was flooded by water when a dam was built nearby. As a result, citizens relocated, and the town was abandoned. 

Image Credits: Juan Tello/Flickr

Many might think that this city disappeared a century ago, but the damming only took place 36 years back. The cross of this church still visibly pokes out of the water. Although it was all for supplying hydroelectric power to the residents, perhaps we should learn not to mess with nature.


Truth be told, so many lives would’ve been spared if there weren’t any wars. Because of the wars in the past, many still feel the impact of the naval mines, artilleries, and grenades that exploded. Governments will employ minesweepers to detect and dismantle these things, just like this naval mine.

Image Credits: Defense Communication and Audiovisual Production Establishment (ECPA D)

According to international law, these should be disclosed to keep ships and sea goers from passing through the waters where they could be found. However, some states refuse to follow this rule. Because of that, they must be found and dismantled, which is time-consuming, unsafe, and costly.

Ghost town

We usually refer to ghosting as leaving a person hanging with no answer, and it usually happens in failed relationships. It might seem like a recent term, but it became a thing in Italy way back in the day. The only difference is that the people ghosted the whole city, and you’re probably wondering why.

Image Credits: Robyfra1/Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

It looks like an uninhabitable place. The entire city was submerged. It almost took a century for it to reemerge into existence. If you have to live here, you need to hold your breath underwater for at least an hour. Sadly, people can only do that for two minutes, tops.

The life of a miner

We must say that miners are the ones who grind relentlessly every day. They work 7-12 hours daily under artificial lights in the dark. They have to be up before the sunrises, get to work in what is primarily a dirty atmosphere, and they come home covered in grime.

Image Credits: sub _ Lunar/Reddit

Nothing inspires us to go down these stairs and work in the dirt. Those who were unfortunate also had to face the impact of a chipped rock falling on their hard hats. They obviously get monthly wages, but they are also prone to more diseases in the long term. Being a miner is tough.

Underwater plane

You are looking at a horrifying image of a plane that sunk underwater. However, welcome aboard! It’s not much of a welcome because you’ll struggle to pull your luggage, you will run out of air, your steps will be sluggish on top of many more hurdles.

Image Credits: Quinn Pill 19/Reddit

Unlike average flight attendants, this one is in a diving suit. He is breathing oxygen from a tank and also swiveling an LED light for visibility. He knows the difficulties of breathing underwater. He is also wading through the rows of the seats in the sunken plane, and it looks rather eerie.

Bowing down

Excuse the joke, but these statues kind of look like the turkeys on Thanksgiving, but underwater. It is quite a confusing image, so let us explain. This is in Punta Nizuc in Cancun, Mexico. There are numerous underwater sculptures here. You’d have to dive around 4m deep to set your eyes on them.

Image Credits: Robo Flav/Reddit

Snorkeling around these items sounds fun, right? But, if you keep your focus on these things, you might miss out on the marine life and also the fact that you are swimming around the second largest reef in the world.

Quite the build-up

What did you wish to be when you were a child? Was it a paleontologist? The child in many of us must have been curious enough to collect samples and dust from the dirt. A paleontologist also examines the fossilized animal bones covered in sand or water, like this one.

Image Credits: Mathieu PIERRE/Flickr

We wonder what kind of a sea serpent it is, and secondly, how did it end up like this? Answering it is so tricky, even with the best guess. Well, that’s because this serpent is man-made. It was installed on the French shore to embody the remains of the Chinese mythological dragons. 

Last house standing

Stephen White is well-known for the effort he put into saving Holland Island and maintaining the houses there. He tried hard to fight the shoreline erosion, but if mother nature wants to tear the bits and pieces of the island, no one, not even Stephen White, can do anything about it.

Image Credits: Fun _ Independence _ 282/reddit

This city was once a flourishing community. It had shopping centers, general stores, a church, and also a post office. People used to search for oysters and fish. Unfortunately, the crashing waves caused slow erosion. The shoreline was lost by 1914, and the house in the image is the only house on the island.

Luxury submarine

Considering its highly positive reviews, the Oahu Atlantis Submarine Adventure is absolutely worth the money if you want to experience the ocean’s depth without getting wet. It is a glass-bottom boat that gives a splendid view of Oahu’s underwater activity, marine life, and deep-sea divers.

Image Credits: lindir of kelis / Reddit

The whole package is roughly $150, including a submarine dive and a shuttle boat to the dive site. Also, a local tour guide will tell you some things about the marine habitat and animals. If you like it, you can also upgrade your trip to the premium level and become a part of a 64-passenger submarine.

Attention seeking

It looks like this man loves to sail the sea. From time to time, things must be getting pretty lonely for him. He also encountered some ships and yachts and even invited people for a drink. They always refused until this point.

Image Credits: Board Room Series / Reddit

Looking at this situation, although it isn’t a situation, anybody would rush to the deck and try to help. As the ship inches up, he calmly explains that the boat was designed this way, and the only thing it seems to do is bring him attention. 

All the way up

It’s time to tighten those straps, open up the tank, and release the inflator button. Check your diving equipment and wear those fins. This image is of a god-like statue in the Mediterranean Sea in Italy. It looks like he’s expecting us.

Image Credits: salutations 247/Reddit

It is a bronze statue that was installed back in 1954. Duilioi Marcante designed it as a tribute to his friend, Dario Gonzatti, who was also the first Italian to wear scuba gear. Sadly, Dario died in a diving accident. You can now see the lord praying to protect all divers.

Underwater Photographer of the year

Just when you think about the fear of the deep water, heights, and whatnot, these photographers are putting it all on the line to take risky shots. 2019’s runner-up for the best photo was Matej Bergoc, and we can see why.

Image Credits: Kegba/Reddit

It took him numerous attempts to capture this image, and he was the 2nd-prize winner in over 5000 photos. The winning image was of a turtle trapped in a plastic net, trying to get out of it. Other shots included photos of abandoned ferries, fishes, and other animals.

Heavy-duty Ocean Liner

The Titanic was magnificent before it sank with its three sharp propellers providing balance, speed, and efficiency while it sailed the waters. Each of them was about 23-ft long and weighed more than 38 tons. Thus, it’s no surprise that it took 38 years to build the ocean liner.

Image Credits: jssx/Reddit

Although it is history now, if you look closely, nobody could’ve ever thought that this ship would sink to the bottom, with its spare parts thrown in disarray. It is an image of the propeller taken 30 years ago, around 12000-ft deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

SS Probitas

This seashore looks like any other sandy beach. But, if you look at it from above, you will see a monstrosity lurking just a few hundred meters from the shore. It’s the SS Probitas. It is an Italian cargo ship that was from WWII, and it wrecked prematurely.

Image Credits: alpha juliett 1337/Reddit

It is pretty close to the shore. Therefore, surface buoys use it to help warn boats to steer clear of it. Albanian weather is hot, but it’s particularly icy when you step in the waters. There is a lot of sightseeing for the divers, especially since the vessel is 115m in length and 18-ft deep.


In Michigan, the local government has decided to ensure that water from industrial areas is filtered before it flows into the lake. They made this decision considering the industries lining the lakeshores of private entities, and port authorities are in charge of the dredging. Here is what it looks like from the inside.

Image Credits: copper dog 626/Reddit

It looks like the final scene from an action movie where a shootout took place. However, water used to flow from the shaft where it was filtered. It’s unclear why it has been abandoned, but it’s mostly because it didn’t meet the government standards. Now, people break into this place every now and then.

Happy shark

This one is for all the Jaws fans in the house. Some of the fans might have even screamed with delight as the shark’s jaws inch up on the surfer’s leg. But, how would you feel if they came face to face with a shark in reality?

Image Credits: 1092 Drawde/Reddit

That is a pretty frightening smile, and the teeth are also quite perfect and symmetrical. We think those teeth would look better if they had some blood on them. Don’t worry. The shark wasn’t made to scare the living daylights out of the divers. It was made for a movie in 2007.


You are looking at Silver Islet, which was once dubbed as the wealthiest silver mine worldwide. Also, the Silver Islet Mining Company raked in around $3.25 million until 1884, when it shut down. They hired many miners, but they never briefed them about the job conditions.

Image Credits: j bweld it/Reddit

Many of the workers left, but the miners who stayed had to travel into the depths of the water-filled mine shaft. Often, the lake would spray the water into the hole, dousing the rocks that line the tiny island. We must say that this job was only for the brave-hearted.

Deepest pool ever

This image is for the passionate swimmers and divers out there. Emanuele Boaretto designed the Y-40 Deep Joy pool, the world’s deepest swimming pool, with a whopping 4.3 million liters of thermal water. It is in Padua, Italy, and you can dive 40 meters deep and come up gradually!

Image Credits: lonelyplanet.com

If you find it distressing, you can always walk through their transparent tunnel and watch the divers descending. The architect intended to create the best swimming pool in the world, and we’d say that’s a job well done, especially after knowing that this pool made the Guinness Book of Records.

A huge artificial reef

The best way to get a tan in Florida is by riding the wave crests. Or, you can dive around the Spiegel Grove, which is an 80-foot wreck that is 130-ft deep in water. It lies near the Gulf Stream, so if you are fond of marine life, you are in for a treat!

Image Credits: Marie Cake Antoinette/Reddit

You can see hammerheads, manta rays, and other big fishes in this artificial reef. This ship planned to sink at 2 pm on 17 May 2002. But, it took a premature dive, rolled over, and remained upside down with its bow overhead. This warship has claimed the lives of six divers to this day.

Underwater fright

Do artists have something against divers? Because here is another art piece that was installed underwater in Lake Neuchatel in Switzerland. It is pretty terrifying, like the shark we saw earlier. It resembles a dragon, and its beady eyes, nostrils, and teeth do an excellent job at making it look scary.

Image Credits: Av3le / Reddit

Identifying it can be difficult, but it looks like it’ll breathe fire and wreck everything that dares to come near to it. But, since it is installed underwater, it won’t breathe fire or harm any other fish, for what it’s worth.

Creepy pool in the waters

The Soviet Union was mighty back in the day. Here is proof of their power in the form of one of the world’s biggest submarines. Its name is the Navy’s Typhoon Class. These things can sail around five nautical miles an hour quicker underwater than above it.

Image Credits: Big Cheemus/Reddit

Many pressure hulls protect its interior. Thus, its crew can live without any problems for four months. It also has many amenities, for example, this swimming pool! Although it’s moldy and the grills are creepy, this image is taken on a decommissioned vessel.


This next piece is an art installation named Support. It was built next to the buildings submerged in the Grand Canal. These hands support the building in the image from getting toppled into the water. The motive behind this art is to shock those who come across it.

Image Credits: Yung X Akimbo/Reddit

Lorenzo Quinn is the artist behind it. His idea was to make people think about how quickly the climate has changed, thus, causing the water level to rise while also making them believe that only humankind can stop it from happening.

Underwater street

Texas in the summer is scorching hot, and the winters are cold but brief. Upon hearing about Texas, many of you might have envisioned a cowboy sweating and working in the Texas heat. If you did, you wouldn’t have fathomed that a hurricane caused a Texas street to be entirely submerged.

Image Credits: Jerring/Imgur

Texas was one of the states that Hurricane Harvey hugely impacted in September 2017. The rainfall was 40 inches, which caused a lot of flooding. You can Google French Street to see how it looked before being submerged. We can’t imagine how that city became the one in the image.

Private island

So many of us have thought about moving to a secluded and uninhabited island. Experiencing that, away from the hassle, living in tranquility, must be so amazing. Fortunately, it’s possible now in many places around the world, believe it or not.

Image Credits: Ted Hardy _/Reddit

If you can’t do that, take this abandoned and wrecked boat and start your journey. What’s unbelievable is that it grew into an island in only 50 years! During WWII, a Dutch shipmen crew camouflaged their ship with foliage to not be detected by airplanes. Well, they ended up making an island.

Daydream dressed like a nightmare

Many might think that this image is a top-notch swimming pool. However, it’s a German water reservoir. These are ideal during drought times because they help water crops in agricultural areas. They also mitigate flooding from nearby dams. But, there is something terrifying about this photo.

Image Credits: Trizo cbs/Reddit

It looks like a place where a horror movie was shot. Just imagine being in this place with no lights. Sorry. Don’t imagine that. It’s way too scary. We wonder how deep the water is. This reservoir is located in Emmendingen, Germany.


Being self-aware is a slow and painful process in the beginning. Those who are on that path know it very well. It’s why people say that a certain blissfulness comes along with ignorance. Looking at this image, it feels like this rather large person was awakened from his reality.

Image Credits: Imbugss/Imgur

It seems like he is struggling to push through the water and is trying to grasp the air. If you want to see it face-to-face, visit the Maryland National Harbor. Visitors are in awe of this artwork. It is also an installation that has the potential to grab your attention every time you look.

Grateful to be born in the 2000s

Many reasons make the 2000s the best time to be born. There’s state-of-the-art tech, which is constantly improving, Netflix, and also almost indestructible architecture that can actually withstand the forces of nature. Earlier, it wasn’t like that. Take a look at this image.

Image Credits: Ceniza rey/Reddit

This city in Egypt fell underwater in the second century BC. Around six tons of stonework plunged into the waters, and amongst them was Hapi. Hapi was the god of fertility and also among Egypt’s best gatekeepers. Divers also found temple ruins, coins, jewelry, and many more things.

Repurposing on point

These NYC subway cars are outdated, and the government had to find a way to repurpose and discard them. They came up with an answer that hits both targets with one arrow. They loaded it on a boat and brought it out of the sea. Around 2500 subway cars were dumped in the waters.

Image Credits: R3d Shi1ft _ 706/Reddit

But why would anybody even allow it to happen? The Metropolitan Transit Authority repurposed the cars with the city government to serve as artificial reefs for marine life. Don’t worry. They were decontaminated before being put into the sea.

Underwater tunnel

We should be grateful for many things, and one of them is an underwater tunnel that lets people travel the Patapsco River with their cars. It is called the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, and it is a pair of two-lane road tunnels. It caters to local and interstate traffic, running 50-100ft underground.

Image Credits: Dark Blue 222/Reddit

However, on one fine morning, floodwater gushed into the tunnel. Although the drivers were alarmed by the situation, some of them still thought that they should ignore the fact that they were under the water. So, they drove straight ahead and steered clear from crashing their car on the opposite track.

Guess the mask

The person in the image would be pretty easy to guess for those who are fans of cult classic horror movies. If you don’t know who and what it is, it is the goalkeeper mask of Jason Voorhees. The franchise has been so successful that this statue was installed underwater.

Image Credits: darkness.com

Here is a spoiler. The statue pays homage to the sixth movie installment, in which Jason Voorhees is defeated after being chained to the bottom of a lake. For those who aren’t familiar, Jason is afraid of water. He goes on a killing rampage near the lake before his defeat.

An aircraft carrier

You are looking at the longest-serving carrier of the century. It was made back in the 40s, but it was used after WWII. It has an armored flight deck that can carry around 120 planes. Now that’s huge. Although it’s old, it has quite a presence.

Image Credits: Gurk Sallad / Reddit

Although these carriers are almost impossible to sink, working on the USS Midway can be risky because its flight deck is one of the most dangerous places to work. There is very little time to monitor every landing and take-off, with so many of them moving past you in a day!

Arts festival

If you love traveling, you’ll notice people flocking to Vorarlberg, Austria, every July and August because it’s where the Bregenz Festspielhaus is held. It is a performing arts festival, and its stages are made from floating barges. Also, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra opens the festival with a performance.

Image Credits: web developer / Pixabay

It’s tough to believe, but the place is jam-packed with around 200,000 people every year. They are drawn to orchestral pieces, operas, plays, and every other thing that goes on here. This past year, the performance was Madame Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini.