Marketing Geniuses: 40+ Creative Ads That Will Catch Everyone’s Attention

By Aakash M September 13, 2022

We all see ads daily, although we pay attention only to those we are interested in. Do you know those ads that pop up before we watch a video? Most of us just wait for them to be over or skip them as soon as possible.

So, ads can get really annoying at times, but some ads are pretty fun. Many companies have also upped their brand awareness game to leave a good impression on their prospective and loyal customers. The best way to do that would be to put out some really creative ads, which is precisely what they have done.

These ads could be clever, questionable, witty, or even silly – but we guarantee that despite all that, it’s really creative. So, here are some of these amazingly innovative ads!

All images in this article are courtesy of @BestAdsTime on Twitter.

The iconic split

This ad is epic, and we bet that some of you might have seen it at some point in your lives. Jean Claude performed this epic and dangerous stunt to show how stable Volvo’s dynamic steering is. Well, we get that now.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

If he can trust the brand’s truck with his life and it turns out to be a good vehicle for other factors, we don’t see a problem with it. Everything about this ad is perfect, from the alignment of the trucks to the angle of photography and, of course, Jean Claude Van Damme’s split!

Lamborghini diss

If you compare the automotive industry from a few decades ago to today, you’d see that they have undergone much evolution. And it’s not just the industry that went through this change. Even their marketing strategies have seen a lot of development over time.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

It feels as if they’re just picking on the Lamborghini, but when you think about it, they’re stating the truth! It’s a fact and an amazing strategy, besides being a great way to get attention. You can drive a bunch of people for just a fraction of the price of a Lamborghini.


Before billboards, videos, or internet ads, magazines were probably the most prominent form of media. Companies and brands could always advertise their products with the help of magazines. Advertising is very diverse today, but that hasn’t rendered magazines to be completely ineffective.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

Apple devised this clever ad to give the world an idea of how slim their product was. They’re basically saying that it’s as slim as a piece of paper! Honestly, the MacBook Pro from 2007 was way thinner than its competition, but this ad also makes it look breakable.

Delivery king

We all know that there’s nothing worse than ordering something online only to realize that it’s not going to arrive on the expected date. If you have planned something for the online order and it gets delivered late, it’s even worse. Check out this provoking FedEx ad.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

There’s nothing to read between the lines here. FedEx is letting us know that their ad is a jab aimed at DHL, one of their biggest competitors. This is what you call a battle of ads between brands, and as of now, FedEx has the upper hand.

Viral ad

The past couple of years were full of ups and downs. Well, a lot of downs and a few ups, to be precise. We all had to manage our workloads as we worked from home, which was pretty hard at some moments.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

But, if we’re being honest, this KitKat ad was just what people needed to see to release some of the tense energy surrounding them. The message is simple, and it’s what it always has been – take a break, and enjoy a KitKat.

If you know, you know

This ad will probably take a while to figure out if you don’t have the slightest clue about all that’s happening here. First of all, using a meme template as a marketing tactic is a genius thing to do. But it’s the opposite in this image.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

This wasn’t inspired by the meme template, considering it’s an ad from the 70s. But lots of memes have been inspired by this ad! Although it looks a bit creepy at first glance, they’re just talking about engaging in the kind of stuff young people do, which most moms disapprove of.

Precise parking

There are a lot of amazing ads out there, and we’re sure there are many amazing ads in the making. With that kind of competition, it’s tough to stay on the top of your game. That’s why companies always think outside the box for their ads.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

This Volkswagen ad was a home run. If you didn’t get it, Volkswagen is trying to tell us that their parking assist is so precise that you could fit a hedgehog between two fragile plastic bags full of water and fish without causing any damage!

Crossing the road

How many of you know about the Züri Fäscht? It is the biggest festival in Zurich and is hosted in the first few days of July. When this festival is in town, you’ll see the whole city turn into a recreational ground where there are no vehicles.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

People get together to have fun, drink, and eat good food. But there’s plenty of competition among the food stalls over here. So, McDonald’s capitalized on the situation by painting crosswalks and making them look like giant fries! They surely won the competition.

Deodorant magic

Let’s face it. Regardless of what you hear, there are times when looks are important, although they aren’t everything. If there’s something that’s as appealing as someone’s appearance, it’s their scent. This is the reason why perfume and deodorants are so relevant.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

When you talk about deodorants and the beauty industry, you know that Axe is king. The reason behind that is that they know how to cater to their target audience perfectly. The company never fails to take their marketing to new levels by creating clever ads like the one in this image.

Using the Sun

Understanding this ad might be tricky, so let us simplify it. First, it’s McDonald’s, so you need to keep in mind that the ad will be really creative. Now, all we see is a billboard with some of McDonald’s signature food items, right?

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

Well, the ad is just that, but they have used the sun’s shadow to their benefit with this one. It’s something most designers couldn’t think of. The sun is casting a shadow over the item that people would usually eat at that time of the day. How brilliant is that?

Spicy sauce

McIlhenny’s famous and beloved red sauce is something we can’t ever forget. Not only will this spicy sauce make your mouth water, but it’ll also make your eyes water! It has been around for quite some time. To be precise, they’ve been around for over a century.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

Now, for a company to stay in the game for that long, it certainly needs impressive marketing campaigns. These images are from McIlhenny’s recent ad campaigns, and we must say that the brand has done a fantastic job! Those images make it crystal clear that pepper sauces are crazy spicy.

Marketing genius

Designers don’t really look for practical ads these days. They need a smart and innovative idea that has the potential to go viral. This ad is never aging and is also one of the most creative, simple, and aesthetically pleasing ads we’ve ever seen.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

Koleston is undoubtedly one of the best hair care brands, and they’re also pretty good when it comes to marketing their products. Using the sunset as a backdrop is something that could only occur in the mind of a marketing genius!

Top of the game

BMW is a luxurious car brand whose products always have the best features and are made with state-of-the-art technology. That’s why these cars are considered one of the best cars in the world. Not only are their cars the best, but so are their advertisements.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

In the world of supercars, there’s some serious competition. Sure, BMW is one of the best, but so are Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes, and other brands. But do you know how BMW has managed to remain on the top? With creative ads like this one!

On the loopy-loop

After taking a look at this Hot Wheels ad, we must say that these guys have a really nice eye for detail. Maybe that’s exactly what you need in order to create the perfect marketing strategy! These guys placed this huge loop on a freeway.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

This ad was designed for a campaign called Curl. When it’s sunny outside, drivers can easily identify the loop as a prop, as the hole in the loop will have a color that doesn’t match the sky’s color. Regardless, it’s a fantastic ad.

Annihilating the competition

Look, there’s already a lot of competition between companies, and we’re not trying to make things worse for them. But, we have to admit that McDonald’s has been doing a pretty good job at creating some innovative and eye-catching ads.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

We’re not favoring them, but their ads have always been the show’s highlight, and they’ve always caught our attention, be it a sundial billboard, a pedestrian crossing, or this! They’ve incorporated temperature into the ad, which is another brilliant move because it’ll make customers crave for a cold beverage.

Fastest delivery king

If we’re talking about delivery services, then FedEx is undoubtedly one of the biggest brands in that industry. Not only that, but they’ve also managed to stay at the top of their game by running some amazing advertising campaigns. Here’s an example.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

This ad shows how a parcel is being passed from one neighbor to another. It’s not just an exchange of a parcel. They basically mean that they’re so fast with their deliveries that you’ll feel as if your package was right next door!

Simple and innovative

We love how Ford achieves so much by keeping things simple. Those guys are just great. All they did was create an attention-grabbing headline and make use of some clean and good-looking visuals for this ad called the Key Skyline.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

Their message in the ad is pretty simple. It was a really subtle way to let the audience know that they were all entering a modern world, and by driving their new Ford Fusion, we would basically hold the key to the city!

Standing out from the crowd

People rarely actively search for ads. Honestly, it’s like most people try their best to avoid them. On top of that, there are thousands of companies putting out a bunch of ads every single day, so how can a company get a customer’s attention?

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

One way is to create a good ad about a product that customers are interested in. So, that’s exactly where you need to focus. The moral is that ads will always be the best way to get your brand out there, just like this Ajax ad.

Blown away

Autumn is one of the prettiest times of the year, but it can also be a pain. We mean, if you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, you know that it’s not nice having to keep it looking tidy during autumn, what with all those fallen leaves.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

You probably know that the way to go is to get a powerful leaf blower. Their blowers are so strong that they’ll blow anything away, including the sad times and the bad news that nobody wants to hear about. Pretty clever, right?

Mini car supremacy

There’s certainly a lot of competition in the automobile world. If one brand puts out a somewhat double-meaning ad, one of its competitors would likely do the same thing just to get the crowd’s attention. This strategy has been around since time immemorial!

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

This Austin Morris ad, though, just tells its audience that huge cars aren’t the only cars that would make you happy. Tiny cars are perfectly able to do that as well. It’s true. They cost less, they take less parking space, and they’ll get you to your destination with great efficiency!

Supercar supremacy

First of all, we love our mini cars. Actually, we love cars in general, be it mini cars or even the other mid-range sedans and SUVs that many of us use daily. No offense to them, but supercars are way more dazzling and make you stand out from the crowd.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

Supercars attract crowds and get a lot of attention from men and women. Although we can’t speak about the accuracy of the text in this ad, we can say that cruising in one of these cars will get you a lot of phone numbers.

Extra zoom

We think the best way to market your product through advertisements is to show how your product works simply. Those who genuinely understand and are interested in what’s happening will surely become customers. This Orion ad is a great example of that.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

They’re showing us how powerful their telescopes are, and there’s some great sense of humor in this ad as well! Don’t focus on the accuracy, but focus on the message! It’s a really creative way of telling how good their telescopes are.

To all the dads, from McDonald’s, with love

We are living in a world that is full of diversity. If you notice, you’ll realize there are so many different hairstyles around you that you can’t even count them! But, there is one hairstyle that looks the same all around the world.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

Well, it’s more of a condition and not really a hairstyle. Lots of middle-aged men lose their hair as they age. McDonald’s capitalized on that brilliantly by wishing the fathers all around the world a happy Father’s Day. The lack of sesame seeds on the top half of the bun do the magic here.

We’re all flawed

When you’re talking about the creative content of an ad, there are honestly more than a million ways to go about that. We’re no experts, but we know that a good strategy will reel the target audience by grabbing their attention.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

When customers see a good ad, they’ll want to know more about the product, creating a connection between them and the brand. Honestly, this ad does just that while also throwing some shade at its fellow competitors. At the end of the day, nobody’s perfect.


Nike has been the top sportswear and equipment brand for a long time. We can say that they’ve been running (see what we did there?) pretty well. But, our point is that all of their success doesn’t stem just from their products being great.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

We have to give a lot of kudos to the amazing advertisements they have created over the years, and this ad is certainly at the top of that list. The message here is quite clear. If you’re thinking of taking a break while running, just “don’t” do it!

Sharper than you think

After seeing so many ads, one thing is quite evident. Brands aren’t scared of using exaggerations in their ads, and when they do, it turns out to be good! Although it makes things a bit inaccurate, it puts the message out in the best way possible.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

So, they may be overemphasizing their products, but the best thing is that it makes them very visually entertaining. We bet that WMF probably saw a lot of growth in the sales of their gourmet knives after they put out this ad!

Extreme measures

Creative ads with exaggerations do grab a person’s attention, but if there’s something that could hold anyone’s attention faster than that, it’s a shocking or disturbing sight. Allstate Insurance made good use of that in their ad, and it’s pretty effective.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

For the sake of good marketing, these guys literally had a car hanging from the edge of a multi-story parking lot. That’s some great stuff, but we hope that it’s safe and there’s no way for the car to actually fall. All in all, this is an amazing ad.

Great car, great ad

There are some great supercars out there, but Aston Martin is something else. These cars are a true work of art. Peak performance, extremely unique and beautiful designs, and full of luxury. That’s what Aston Martin cars are all about.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

So, they decided to create an ad that’s as perfect as their cars are. Their tactics, though, are pretty simple. They’ve just put out a really amusing and creative piece of content. If you can relate to that, and if you can afford this car, then you’ll probably feel like getting an Aston Martin.

Clean and smooth

It’s true that we’re looking at some of the best ads, but let’s not forget how hard it is to create some of these. Not every ad is half as good as the ones on this list. It takes a highly creative team of designers to come up with a successful idea.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

This is a great example of such an ad. How many marketing agencies can say that they’d be able to come up with this ad? This is just too creative. And it’s too bad that Bic doesn’t make hammers because, with this ad, they indeed hit the nail on the head.

The importance of going to the dentist

Do you know what’s the first thing most people notice when they look at you? The answer is not your clothes – unless you’re wearing something as unique as a garbage bag. Assuming that you’re not dressed that way, people will always notice your smile first.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

This ad just proves our point. This guy was missing an eyebrow, but did anybody even notice that at first? Everybody just saw his smile and read the text, and that’s when we all realized that he was missing an eyebrow too. Honestly, this ad is brilliant and hilarious.

Take a break

Stress ends up making us do a lot of silly things, and that’s the exact reason why stress balls are so good! When we squeeze those heavenly toys, we really let out the negative energy that is all over our body when we’re anxious.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

We could end up doing silly things when we’re stressed, like breaking a KitKat bar. But, we can’t really help it because the crunching sound that comes while breaking the crunchy chocolate is really satisfying. We’re not violent, but that sound is really pleasing.

The 911 Turbo

We’ve seen many amazing ads on this list, and if they have one thing in common, it’s the fact that these ads were simply the best for their target audience. We’re not just talking about the car ads. The same goes for all other ads on the list, too.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

Ads that have a dash of wit and hilarity go a long way, just like this Porsche ad. If you need to show off your car’s performance, that’s how it’s done. Competitors should take notes. It’s not necessary to include dark humor, but if it makes the ad better, then why not?

Lego motivation

We have seen a lot of ads, but we can indeed say that this ad from Lego is up there with the best ones on this list! It is highly creative, catchy, and most of all, it has a powerful message behind the ad and the marketing!

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

The message is simple, but it’s just what we all want to hear. With the power of your imagination, your Lego pieces could be whatever you wish for them to be! This is one of those pictures that say a thousand words without actually saying anything.

Low-budget fix

Sometimes, you can gain a lot of attention and target the right audience without spending a lot of money on advertisements. This doesn’t work for every brand in every industry, but it does happen in some special cases, like this one. 

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

The San Diego Zoo has let people know who they are without breaking the bank. Well, to be honest, you only need to manipulate the environment in a way that your message becomes suitable, and these guys did a pretty good job with that.


Print ads have considerably evolved over the years, and we’re not comparing the ads from three decades ago and now. There has been a lot of recent development as well. You probably noticed the aesthetic value of these ads has really increased over time.

Source: BestAdsTime/Twitter

Things have gotten so much better that companies don’t even need a long and witty caption for an advertisement. If you have a striking and aesthetically pleasing image, it’ll pretty much do the entire job for you, like this ad. The message is simple: Chupa Chops’ lollipops are sugar-free!