The Method Behind The Magic: Brazilian Photographer Reveals How He Creates Stunning Images

By Jishnu B December 28, 2022

Photography as an art form is often overshadowed. Making art with brushes and canvases is, of course, beyond impressive. However, photography is no joke either. Photography is a dance between our eyes, imagination, and the physical world. The machine has to become an extension of yourself in order to capture what you imagine. Just having an iPhone and a professional camera won’t make you a pro-level photographer. A lot of creativity comes into play to hone this craft.

Brazilian photographer Gilma Silva, however, blew it all out of the water. He has 1 million followers on Instagram, and he deserves every last one of them. He not only provides his magical photography on his Instagram, but he also shows the process behind the magic. For this listicle, we have gathered 45 of his best work for your enjoyment. 

Puddle Of Creativity

Silva is quite well known for doing various types of photoshoots for soon-to-be mothers. The creativity he dishes out is truly wondrous. Look at this photo, for example. The “Foto” version seems as if the lady is Jesus and she is walking on water. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

In reality, it is just a roadside puddle, and the beautiful mother is standing by it in a sheer blue gown. The sun seems to be a spotlight on her and her journey of motherhood. Gilmar deserves an award for bringing these simple elements together and making a masterpiece out of them.

The Perfect Family Photo

It is quite an investment to hire a photographer with the caliber of Gilmar Silva. However, photos like these make you understand why he is more than worth it. Usually, low lighting is considered unsuitable for such photoshoots. However, Gilmar found his own creative source of light. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

In the final photo, the gorgeous family of four is holding a moon between them. Of course, they didn’t steal the moon away from the sky; that’s impossible and unrealistic. However, in the behind-the-scenes photos, we see that it is actually a simple light globe.  

Moon River

Get used to this light globe, as it is pretty common in Gilmar Silva’s art style. We obviously cannot bring the moon down from the sky. However, nothing is impossible if you use your smarts. Gilmar puts this white light globe in the grasp of his models during the photoshoot. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Later, the pattern of the moon’s surface is stamped on the bright negative space during the editing process. From this, you can understand how important the editing process is for the final product. It can make a mundane environment seem like a starry heaven. 


What is the point of having Instagram if you don’t post some dope photos? This young lady won the lottery as her photographer was none other than thee Gilmar Silva. Anything he clicks will turn to gold. This photo would look amazing on anyone’s insta feed.  

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Just like most of the locations chosen by Silva, the setting for this image is also painfully mundane. However, that’s where Silva comes in and applies his magic. With the right perspective and correct color grading, even the most ordinary of pavements can be insta-worthy.  

Blue Flower

Gilmar Silva’s double-perspective photos are not only stunning, but they are also highly educational. It is incredible how he improvised everyday things and made beautiful shots out of them. We can learn from him and do better when we take photos next time. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

We don’t necessarily have to become a pro like him. However, having a nice-looking Instagram feed hurts no one. Look at this photo, for example. Silva cleverly used the shadow of embroidery from the sheer fabric and combined it with a beautiful face. The result is this unique shot. 

Forest Mist

For many, their wedding day is the event they have dreamed of for many years. The only way to give justice to this dreamy day is to have a dreamy photoshoot. There is no better way to eternalize your love than this. If you call Gilmar Silva, you’ll, of course, have the best time. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

A good photoshoot also requires the usage of various props. Gilmar used a smoke machine to create false fog, which gave the impression of morning mist in the forest. The light peeking through the trees created an angelic atmosphere. This looks like a union between two woodland spirits. 

Two Moons

One sky may not hold more than one moon. However, anything is possible when Gilmar Silva is involved. He made this woman shine just like the moon did in the night sky. Now there are two moons on the Earth. Both can rival each other’s shine.

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Also, notice how the behind the scene photo shows the vine from the swings being much shorter. They are also held up by two guys. However, in the finished product, they are longer, and the two men are nowhere to be seen. It’s all because of Silva’s impeccable editing.   

The Cutest Gnome

Look at that adorable face. We are surprised that Silva had enough restraint to hold up the camera. If it were up to us, we would have abandoned our equipment and rushed to squeeze those chubby cheeks. This gnome could have whatever he wanted from us—we couldn’t deny him anything.

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Thank goodness there was a photo shoot for this adorable child. All this preciousness must be captured and stamped all over the house. The baby may be staring at the treasure chest; however, we think he is the biggest treasure. You can tell just from their faces how enamored the adults are. 

The Cutest Princess

Gilmar Silva’s editing skills are impeccable, and this photo is a prime example. In the finished photo, we can see this beautiful girl floating up in the air with just balloons. In the behind-the-scenes shots, we see her being lifted up by a man—possibly her father. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Silva was able to cancel out the entity of the background with the help of a greenscreen. That is truly impressive. Everything starting from the man and the palm trees, did not make it in the final shot. He even managed to switch the color of the balloons to match her pink dress.  


This shot oddly reminds us of that shot of Ariel perched on top of a rock and admiring the land. Motherhood is a beautiful journey. It is a lifelong bond that will follow you to the end of your time. It is only fitting to give it justice by having the best photoshoot. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

We must give this lady some credit for being brave enough to pose on that half-sunk boat. Our anxiety would never allow us to relax on that thing. Unlike the serene beauty of the afternoon river, the bank wasn’t as scenic. Hence, zooming in and only capturing her was a wise move. 

Balloon Princess

As you descend further down this listicle, you will realize that Gilmar Silva has some signature shot formats. Specific props and positions align with certain age groups. For example, you will often encounter photos of adult women in flowy fabric holding the “moonlight.” 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

For young girls around the age of 5 to 9, he assigns them this spectacular format. The young ladies seemingly fly due to some balloons while they are in their little gowns. It’s a wondrous format that never fails. Any child would love to live the fantasy of flying. 


Since we were on the topic of fixed formats, allow us to introduce you to another one of Gilmar Silva’s signature poses. You will encounter many photos such as this on his Instagram page. His signature formats are also highly educational for those who are interested in photography. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

It goes to show that you don’t need overly fancy equipment and sets to take a good photo. All you have to do is look around and find a decently good-looking or interesting background. That will be more than enough to have a good photoshoot within budget. 


A photographer taking photos themed around photography is somehow hilarious. Yet, it makes every inch of sense when it comes to Gilmar Silva. This man has, after all, dedicated himself to capturing special moments and teaching his followers all about photography. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

This particular photo is the perfect example of how quick you have to be as a professional. Even a second of delay takes away the perfect shot. Someone was tasked with dropping the polaroids around this lady, and Gilmar had to click while photos were still midair.  


Finding the right locations and equipment might be easy. However, sometimes the models have to get into uncomfortable, compromising positions for the shot. Thankfully, all of these efforts are worth it since the man behind the camera is Gilmar Silva. Since it’s him, he’ll definitely take an amazing image.

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

This beautiful lady had certainly put a lot of effort into the photo shoot. In order to fit into Silva’s signature format, she had to bravely lean back into a floral bush. Personally, we wouldn’t have the guts. We’d be too worried that a bug would get into our hair.  


We do not know if this was intentional or not. If it is indeed a coincidence, it makes the situation more serendipitous. Finding love is like crossing a long canal. It emerges when both sides meet and find joy in each other. Hence, this photo makes sense. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Having the water body flowing between these two beautiful souls gives the photo a more artistic meaning. It also goes on to show how much risk a professional photographer has to take in order to get the perfect shot. You can see how Gilmar is awkwardly hunched over the small canal.    


There is a saying that says, “life imitates art.” That is what happened here. This photo reminds us of Sandro Botticelli’s iconic Italian renaissance masterpiece, The Birth of Venus. If you compare this photo to the classic painting, you will definitely start seeing the similarity.

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

The lady in the photo is standing in front of a large water body, just like Venus did in the renaissance era. The cream-colored sphere in Gilmar’s photo also resembles an oyster. Venus was also standing on an oyster in the classic painting. 

Born From Ashes

HBO missed the chance to hire Gilmar Silva for their House of The Dragons and Game of Thrones photoshoots. Just look at his creative flare. He can take such good shots with such a low budget. This particular lava style would be perfect for a photo shoot of the Targaryen house. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Just imagine Rhaenyra or Denaerys rocking this photoshoot. It would be absolutely amazing. They have an affinity for fire (as they cannot be burnt), so it would make more sense if they were to lay down on this supposedly hot floor of bright lava. 

Ice Ice Baby

In the previous image, we discussed the low-budget lava photoshoot with the beautiful model. Meet its archnemesis, the ice goddess. These two models could easily be featured in a fantasy movie or drama film. Just imagine the rivalry they would have. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

We should also praise this gorgeous model for her dedication to the craft. It must be painfully uncomfortable to have your head surrounded by solid blocks of ice. We hope she was treated to a hot cup of cocoa. It’s also interesting how her makeup is cool-toned. 


At this point, we believe that Gilmar Silva was the one who pioneered the Pinterest aesthetic. Many of us strive to manifest the beauty and style of Pinterest boards every day but fail miserably. Perhaps the answer lies in Gilmar Silva. He is the one who can make pretty things much prettier.  

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

This soon-to-be mother looks absolutely radiant under the afternoon sun, although the photo looks much dimmer in the behind-the-scenes shots compared to the final product. That’s the beauty of color coding. It can even make the dark of the night seem like the sun of the day. 


Look at what we have here—yet another photo that would fit perfectly into the Pinterest or Tumblr aesthetic. If you want to learn how to incorporate such aesthetics in your pictures, you should definitely follow Gilmar Silva on Instagram. His behind-the-scene photos are useful for broke students. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

We talked about this previously—timing is crucial for getting the perfect shot. Even a second delay can lead all efforts to waste. Hence, the cameraman needs to click the shutter while the confetti is still in midair. Imagine not clicking at the right time and dirtying the streets for no reason. 

Garden Fairy

Our eyes are blessed. Everyone should say “thank you” to Gilmar Silva for bestowing this wonderful photo on us. It’s too beautiful. We do not feel worthy. This little baby fairy made our whole day better. It’s very hard not to reach through the screen and pinch her cheeks. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Gilmar Silva has a few props that frequently reappear in his photoshoots. We are already well introduced to the big globe of light that is later edited to be a moon. Now we see the chest of treasures. This prop is used mostly when very young children are involved. 


This photo oddly reminds us of the iconic video game Cyberpunk 2077—that applies to the edited version only, though. The behind-the-scene, unedited version of the photos seems painfully mundane. It looks like just another motorcycle showroom. However, the real magic happened in the finished product. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

The final version of the photo had all the desired flare. This is attractive enough to use in an advertisement campaign. All of these are because of Gilmar’s amazing editing skills. With the right perspective and lighting, an ordinary scene could be enhanced to this point. 

Moon Goddess

When we said Gilmar Silva could make day into night, we were not kidding. Just look at this gorgeous photo. In the behind-the-scenes version, we can very clearly see the daylight in the background. However, in the final photo, the background is dark, like a starless sky. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

The beautiful soon-to-be mother is, of course, glowing with joy. The glow is enhanced by the shine of the signature moon globe. Just as Silva had done previously, he edited the pattern of the moon on the light globe. Now it seems like the lady is holding up the moon.   

Fairy Lights

Allow us to introduce you to another one of Gilmar Silva’s favorite props—the fairy lights. You will encounter several photos with these tiny lights in his portfolio. We can see why. These small spheres of light create an unfocused effect that looks amazing in the photos. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

In case you haven’t noticed by now, the usage of lights is a prominent part of Gilmar Silva’s artistry. He experiments with different sources of light and equipment. They almost never fail to impress. For example, this photo would look good on anyone’s Instagram feed. 

Water Drop

This is one of our favorites. Gilmar Silva’s portfolio is no doubt filled with many impressive shots. He is well known for his experimental flair. However, this one blows all other photos out of the water. The sheer amount of creativity that was put into this one shot is truly astounding.  

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Silva used the law of refraction for this maternity photoshoot brilliantly. Sheer spheres like water droplets and marbles invert any image that goes through them. Silva used a clear marble to encapsulate the happy moment between this beautiful couple. It looks like a drop of water on the beach sand. 

Beauty Among The Broken

At times like these, we want to crack open Gilmar Silva’s brain and investigate how he thinks. It is hilarious when you think about it. Imagine him walking past this pile of rubble and thinking, “that will make some dope photos.” The mind of an artist is beyond us. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

The model herself is worthy of thousands of praises. Her dedication to her role is truly admirable. We imagine laying down on top of those pointy, broken bricks is not too comfortable. Yet she made it seem like she was having the nicest afternoon nap. 

Dream Light

We have already established that Gilmar Silva has a special place in his heart for fairy lights. We must say he utilizes these products very well. The fairy lights we use to decorate our houses usually only come out during Halloween and Christmas.

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

However, these lights are frequently featured in his portfolio. They create a hazy, dream-like effect in the photo. The lights are usually too tiny to focus on, so the unfocused lights look absolutely magnificent whenever they are paired with a model. 

Moon Goddess

If we were ever to have a child, we would hire Gilmar Silva to do the maternity photoshoot. If we have to hire a private plane to fly him in, so be it. Our unborn child would have bragging rights for life. Not many can claim they had the best photoshoot even before they were born. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

This particular unborn child now earned their right to brag for a lifetime. If we were in their place, we would definitely do that. Our mother is literally holding up the moon while we are still in the womb. If that isn’t awesome, we do not know what is. 

Sun Bath

This is one of Gilmar Silva’s simpler yet absolutely magnificent photos. Most of his photos have a lot of experiments and signature props. However, when he wishes, he also executes photos like these effortlessly. This does not have any of his usual artistic touches. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

However, some people definitely prefer it that way. They do not want the crazy experiments that require the subject and the photographer to get into uncomfortable positions for a good shot. For many, less is more. This also shows that Gilmar Silva has a diverse range. 


This woman belongs in 2013’s Tumblr, and no one can convince us otherwise. The flickering lights and fedora give us flashbacks of being at school and scrolling through Tumblr. However, we are curious as to how Gilmar Silva created these spheres of colorful lights. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Usually, they are created with unfocused spheres of fairy lights. However, there are no fairy lights to be seen here. Perhaps, these were artificially placed during the editing process. This lady is holding up a camera, just like the man behind the camera. Perhaps, she is also a fellow photographer.   


In the language of literature, we call this defamiliarization. It was an idea that was introduced by the Russian formalists in the early 20th century. Defamiliarization is the concept of everyday mundane things being presented in a way that seems new. This idea promotes seeing ordinary things as if they are new.  

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

That is exactly what Gilmar Silva has been doing all this time. His photos make ordinary things seem as if they are new. That’s what makes his work art. Just look at this puddle. We see pools of dirty water like this frequently. Yet somehow, Gilmar Silva defamiliarized it.  


This is adorable and highly creative. We have not seen Silva use a green screen before this (in this case, it is a black screen). However, when he does use one, you better believe it is to create a wondrous photo—and this one is nothing less than wondrous.  

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

This photo is a combination of two photos. The first one is of a beautiful flowy baby blue gown. The next one is of a lone camera. When the two are combined, it creates an adorable scene. The little lady is taking a photo with a gigantic camera. 


Allow us to introduce you to yet another one of Gilmar Silva’s favorite elements—the puddle and its reflection. We imagine he stops the cars every time he sees a puddle on the side of the road. Silva is very fond of using the reflection of his subject in the photo.  

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

The usage of water bodies is very common in Silva’s portfolio. He has a certain way of making them look better than they actually are. We should give some props to these two people right here. Keeping balanced on top of a muddy surface is no joke. 


If you are talented enough, you could even make an egg look attractive. Albeit, this is not a usual egg. It has been painted and has a cute little wreath of flowers. This chicken egg looks better than 70 percent of the people we know.  

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

You could use this idea for any project. You could dress up mundane items such as these and put them in floral settings. You could make a scrapbook or even a story out of it. Gilmar Silva is educating you for free; don’t let it go to waste.  

Love In The Forest

Here is some advice for all of you young folks: take as many photos as you can while you are young and thriving. These days won’t come back. You should have a visual reminder of the good times you have had.

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Personally, we would never step into those dried shrubs. Just thinking about those branches pricking and poking us is giving us PTSD. Kudos to these two beautiful people for being so gutsy. We hope they put on some sunscreen. The Brazilian heat is no joke.


While researching Gilmar Silva and his artistry, we encountered many amazing photos and improvisations. We learned many things about photography and look forward to applying this knowledge the next time we take photos. Although we do not have a professional camera, we believe we could make a plan.

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

However, this photo, in particular, is raising many questions among us. How did he manage to cancel out the daylight and make it seem like the night? Also, there is a halo of white light behind the model. How did he manage to place it there?


We are all familiar with this format by now. It is perhaps the most used photo format of Gilmar Silva. In this format, the model lies down on the ground and is surrounded by a particular element. Last time it was ice and lava. This time it is some leaves. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

The model is lying down, and she is covered with greenery. Meanwhile, Silva towers over the model and clicks the photos. There is a lot of courage on both sides. The model trusted Gilmar enough not to drop a camera on her face. Meanwhile, Gilmar was confident enough not to do it. 

Forest Floor

This one is one of our personal favorites. They say beauty is pain. We have no doubt about it after seeing this photo. We wouldn’t be too surprised if the poor model had permanent back pain after this. There is no way that bark won’t harm your back. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Even the passersby had to stop and witness this marvel. They are our favorite part of this photo sequence. If we were there, we, too, would have gawked at this photo—maybe, we would have asked Gilmar to take photos of us. Then again, we probably won’t qualify. All of his models are gorgeous.  

The Lady In Red

Gilmar has most certainly done justice to the beauty of this soon-to-be mother. She is glowing with the joy of motherhood. Hence, she was put in front of a bark-bricked wall. The contrast with the dark color enhances her joy somehow. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

The background is reminiscent of the second movie of the Harry Potter franchise (The Chambers of Secrets) somehow. Maybe it looks like the dark walls of Hogwarts. Maybe the tree vines behind her look like snakes. Or maybe, it’s just us being obsessive Potterheads. 

Star Freckles

Gilmar Silva is truly amazing. We have seen many spectacular photos taken by him to vouch for that statement. We can now say without a doubt that photographers are artists. They have their unique style of art and way of seeing the world. That’s what sets them apart from their peers.  

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

By now, we are already familiar with Gilmar Silva’s fascination with fairy lights. In fact, he is fond of many kinds of lights. They help his photos pop. However, it should be noted they are almost always contrasted with darkness. Usage of contrast is a basic yet crucial skill in photography. 

Precious Dog

We take it back. This is our favorite photo. What’s not to like about it? You have man’s best friend in the frame. That is enough to knock everything else out of the park. And with Gilmar Silva’s artistry, it is a photo worth hanging on the wall. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

From the creases on this precious dog’s cheek, it seems like it is an older dog. That is wonderful. No matter how long your dog lives, it’s never enough. If it were up to us, we would make sure our best friend could live a thousand years. 

Precious Cat

Gilmar Silva is really putting us in a tough spot. First, a dog, now there is a cat. He is testing us, and we did not study. You know what? We take it back. Both of these are our favorite photos. It’s impossible to choose only one. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Not only are both of these animals absolute sweethearts, but Gilmar Silva’s artistry also makes them even more beautiful. Just look at this sweet fur child. If we had been there, we would have forgotten about clicking photos. We would be too busy petting this precious kitty. 

Doggo In A Field

After we are done writing this listicle, we will immediately send Gilmar Silva an invitation to our country. We do not care if we go bankrupt. We will somehow bring this man to us for a photo shoot with our doggos. Our dogs are blessings. 

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Giving them the best photoshoot is the least we can do. Even if you can’t hire a pro, you should try doing one yourself. Pets sadly live a shorter life than us. You will most likely see your best friend go before you. You should cherish these moments while you still can. 


Everyone has their own distinct taste in music. While they may differ from each other, it does not change the fact we all adore music. Listening to good music is perhaps the best part about having functional ears. It accompanies us whenever we are working or having leisure time.

Image Credit: gilmarphotos/Instagram

Since it is so prevalent in our lives, it is fit to dedicate a theme to it. Gilmar Silva did just that. Whenever he experiments with themes and elements, he drives back to his signature “floor format.” We have to admit; it never fails. 

Paper Boats 

This brings back memories of our childhood. Oh, the good ol’ days when we were younger and had nothing to worry about. We had no bosses to please, no bills to pay, and most certainly no struggle with our love lives. All we did was frolick around and play with paper boats.

Gilmer Silva nailed it in capturing the innocence of childhood. Back then, we were starry-eyed kids with no fear of the future. This is why you should take as many photos as you can while you are young. These days won’t ever come back.