Out-Of-The-Box Bathroom Storage Hacks To Keep Clutter Away

By Peace L December 2, 2022

Having enough storage in the bathroom can be challenging to figure out, especially if you live in a small apartment. Bathrooms are undoubtedly one of the easiest rooms to get cluttered in the house. If you are not careful with how you keep things in the bathroom, it is easy for the items to create a mess.

The best way to ensure that your bathroom does not get cluttered, especially if you live in a small apartment, is to categorize it. Creating a space for your toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, soaps, and towels will help reduce the chaos in the room. If you need some de-cluttering inspiration, we have created this list of storage hacks that will help you maximize the space in your bathroom.

Separate Washcloths With a File Sorter

The next tip we have for you is life-saving. Keeping washcloths from getting lost or thrown all over the bathroom can be a challenging task to accomplish. This tip will save you both money and some unwanted trips to get replacement napkins.

Image courtesy of apartment therapy.com

Storing and separating your washcloths into a file sorter is an easy way to organize all your small towels. This will help keep your bathroom surface clean and free from clutter. This will also allow you to have easy access to your washcloths.

Use a Drawer Organizer to Reduce Clutter

Many of us are used to keeping small essentials like hair clips, toothpaste, and toothbrushes lying around the counters. Our next tip is to use a drawer organizer. Keeping these small items in separate categories in the drawer will prevent them from taking up counter space.

Image courtesy of southwestflorida.us

For those that share a bathroom with family members, using a drawer organizer with labeled compartments will help reduce little squabbles about misused or lost items. Many a fight has been started over a bobby pin. This way, everyone always knows where their toiletries are.

Install a Tension Rod For a Shower Caddy

A smart way to make the most out of your shower space is to install a tension rod with a shower caddy. This will help to hold some of your immediate shower supplies. This will also help create a nice bit of design and allow air circulation between your storage hangers.

Image courtesy of visualhunt.com

Aside from serving as storage, the baskets can also act as a rack for delicate items like soaps and towels. They also provide easy access to your shower items. The tension rod in the image above is a great example of how something so simple can make your bathroom look infinitely better.

Consider Owning a Vanity Shelf

One of the best tips for keeping your bathroom tidy and organized is to get yourself a vanity shelf. Having a vanity shelf is ideal for keeping items that you need to use daily. This shelf will help reduce your countertop clutter. Besides its functionality, it is also an amazing design feature.

Image courtesy of layjao.com

With a vanity shelf, you won’t have to worry about searching for those easy-to-misplace essential items. Since everything is at eye level, getting ready is also made a lot easier. You won’t have to break your back bending down to get your hair curlers.

Consider Suction Cup Holders For Mirrors and Backsplash

If you prefer to avoid shelves because of the dust they harbor, this next tip is for you. You can keep your bathroom organized with a suction cup holder. By attaching one of these to your bathroom sink or vanity mirror, you can house some small items.

Image courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com

Things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and small lotion bottles can be kept in these suction cup holders. This inexpensive way of storing easily lost items is always in style, so your bathroom will look fantastic but still be functional. We can’t ask for anything more.

Consider Using a Shower Organizer on The Shower Hook

This next tip is killing two birds with one stone. Attaching a shower organizer to the hooks of your shower curtain rod will not just help you organize your toiletries, but it will also save you space by maximizing the shower curtains.

Image courtesy of homebnc.com

While it might not seem like much, this tip can save you a lot of storage space and make bathing easier. This shower organizer will keep items that you need within arm’s reach. This is just another low-cost way to keep your bathroom spotless.

Consider Using Clip-on Shower Curtain Rings to Hang Products

Having wet water-logged shelves in the bathroom is a big no for some of us. To make the most of the shower rod, you can use clips on shower rings to hold items instead of placing them on a shelf. 

Image courtesy of lovethispic.com

Hanging up care items (like lotions) on the shower rod will help them stay clean and dry. It will also make it easy for you to access items when you need them. In addition, cleaning your shower will be a lot easier.

Use a Countertop Organizer to Keep Grooming Tools

Keeping all your grooming and hairstyling items in one place can be difficult if you have little space in your cabinet. A smart way to keep these items organized and easy to access is to keep them on a countertop organizer. 

Image courtesy of theinspiredhome.com

Having all your grooming essentials on your countertop organizer makes it easier to groom without searching for items. Keeping all your items facing forward will make it easy for you to access the tools you need, and it also makes cleaning them easy.

Consider Using Small Plastic Laundry Baskets For Storing Small Items

If you have a lot of small items in your bathroom, having one or two of these small plastic baskets will make your bathroom look much tidier. Baskets are a great place to keep small things, and these sturdy baskets will easily hold the weight of your bathroom items.

Image courtesy of hacksandknacks.com

The back of your cabinet door is a fantastic place to hang the baskets. Hanging the basket behind the door makes it easy to keep those small bathroom items out of sight when you don’t need them. Out of sight, out of mind!

Use a Shower Rack to Keep Toiletries

If your bathroom has a shower, you’ll definitely want to own a showerhead caddy. You can hang the caddy over your shower head, and it will hold items like your bar soap or your shampoo bottles, or anything else you need in the shower.

Image courtesy of amazon.com

The caddy also has hooks where you can hang your loofah to dry when you’re done using it. This cool caddy is sure to make your showers effortless. It will also save you bathroom space while adding a touch of decor to the space. This clever invention is especially handy for smaller bathrooms.

Consider a Lazy Susan for Your Countertop

This next tip is for keeping your countertop tidy. You can organize your little bathroom toiletries by keeping them in a lazy Susan. Consider getting a lazy susan that comes with a lip so that small items don’t fall off while it spins.

Image courtesy of onegoodthingbyjillee.com

For tall items like lotion bottles and creams, you can try placing them towards the center of the lazy Susan so they don’t fall off. It will also make it easier for you to see smaller items. This way, you won’t need to be sliding things around.

Consider a Cabinet Organizer for Your Countertop

If you like items available to you on your countertop but don’t want the mess that usually comes with that, you might want to get the next item. Using a cabinet organizer to hold your toiletries will provide a way to keep all the things you need organized.

Image courtesy of theinspiredhome.com

This type of transparent organizer with different layers makes it easy for you to keep things like towels and toilet paper handy without having them strewn about on the countertop. You can even hide some supplies from prying eyes if it comes with a secret compartment.

Use a Small Tray to Store Essentials

A tray is one of the best ways to keep your small items organized. While cabinets will help conceal your bathroom items, the tray allows you to set out some smaller items you don’t mind having on display—like perfumes and essential oils. 

Image courtesy of dbfix.it

This helps to save some time when reaching for these items. Getting a nice-looking tray, like this marble one, will also elevate the look of your countertop. Your perfumes and oils will look like they have come straight out of a magazine.

Use a Tiered Tray for Your Countertop

If you have a few more items than average or share your bathroom with another person, it is not a bad idea to consider getting a tiered tray. This tray will serve as a great way to separate each individual’s items from getting mixed.

Image courtesy of Donna Walker/Pinterest

The vertical spacing of the second tray is a very efficient way to keep your bathroom tidy. Depending on the design of the tiered tray, you will be able to add some elegance to your overall bathroom aesthetics as well as some organization.

Install a Rod Inside The Cabinet for Hanging Things

This next tip is a more creative way of picking up your storage game. You can fix a tension rod across your cabinet to provide hanging space for items that have hooks or s-shaped spray bottles. You can also store towels and even gloves.

Image courtesy of thekitchn.com

This hack will help you keep items in one place without crowding the entire cabinet. This hack makes your cabinet space much more versatile. You can even choose to dedicate the drawer to a specific set of supplies like cleaning products.

Use Uniform Containers For Shower Necessities

The first tip is to reduce visual clutter. You can make your bathroom look aesthetically pleasing by getting uniform squirt bottles. Decanting your shower necessities into well-labeled uniform bottles will make your bathroom look chic and get rid of all the busy branding.

Image courtesy of blankitinerary.com

You can pick containers of any size or color. This will make it easy to organize and also set the color scheme of your bathroom. Since the containers are uniform in shape, you can easily fit all of these containers on a shelf or wardrobe.

Add a Cabinet Organizer Beneath The Sink

A good way to maximize the space in your bathroom is to incorporate a cabinet organizer underneath your sink. This under-sink cabinet organizer will help you keep unsightly items like gloves or cleaning supplies out of the way while also keeping them tidy.

Image courtesy of nytimes.com

With an emphasis on vertical storage instead of broader spacing, this cabinet organizer is great for saving space, especially if you have a lot of tall bottles. You can try to find one that pulls out. This will give you easy access to all of your supplies, even the ones at the back.

Mount Your Toothbrush on Your Mirror

Suppose you are ever in a situation where you need to organize your countertop and need help finding a good place to keep small items like your toothpaste and toothpaste. In that case, you can mount a small organizer to your mirror to store these items.

Image courtesy of hairvocate.com

You can use a suction-based organizer that will attach itself to your mirror without any adhesive that can stain the mirror. The suction cup also makes it easy to install the organizer and take it off when you want to clean the mirror.

Invest in a Free-standing Wardrobe

If you live in a small space and want to keep your bathroom supplies organized in one place, consider getting yourself a free-standing wardrobe. You can find somewhere in the bathroom or somewhere close to the bathroom to keep the closet.

Image courtesy of nellhills.com

You can use the storage space the shelves provide to store many things that would have cluttered your bathroom. Depending on the type of free-standing wardrobe and how creative you are with keeping things in it, you can even add some cute decor to your bathroom.

Consider Using the Space Above Your Toilet for Storage

Many people do not use the space above their toilets and let such valuable storage go to waste. You can put a basket on the water closet lid or make some shelves in the area above the toilet to keep perfumes and even some small plants.

Image courtesy of decoratorist.com

The new storage opportunities created by using the space above your toilet will reduce the clutter in other places in your bathroom and also make the bathroom more functional. Depending on the type of shelves or baskets, you can also custom design your bathroom’s looks.

Use Suction Cup Organizers

Another way to maximize your bathroom space is to attach a suction cup organizer to your bathroom tiles. And thus, you have successfully created your own mini shelf. These suction cup organizers will help you prevent small items like hair pins and bands from getting wet in the bathroom.

Image courtesy of ideadesigncasa.org

Since these organizers are made from plastic and come with mounting holes, they are easy to clean and install. They are also easy to remove. These organizers will help keep your items tidy and within arm’s reach when you want to use them.

Attach a Wicker Basket Organizer to The Back of Your Bathroom Door

Another brilliant way to store your towels and other bathroom essentials is to attach a hanging wicker basket organizer behind your bathroom door. This handy organizer is easy to hang up and does not need any tools. This is great for any renters.

Image courtesy of homebnc.com

Hanging the organizer up behind your bathroom door will save you floor space and open up the bathroom. This shelf will help you tidy up your bathroom clutter and give you easy access to the items you have kept there.

Use a Magnetic Knife Strip to Organize Cabinets

This next tip is one of the most creative hacks for keeping your small metallic objects organized. This unassuming flat surface will definitely come in handy. So much so that you’ll be happy that you moved it from your kitchen to your bathroom.

Image courtesy of dearlinks.com

The magnetic surface will hold onto those easy-to-misplace metal items like nail clippers, scissors, and hair clips. Since these items will have a place to stay, using them and putting them back will be easier. This will save you from having to keep replacing these items.

Attach an Organizer to Your Bathroom Door

Another great place to consider hanging things is the back of your bathroom door. You can attach more than towel hooks to the back of your bathroom door. An over-the-door organizer that you can just hang behind the bathroom door is a great attachment.

Image courtesy of homebnc.com

These organizers are great for hanging towels and keeping items that you don’t want to get wet. The hooks and shelves on the organizer will help maximize the space in your bathroom and take the design up a notch too.

Maximize All The Bathroom Space

Often when we consider spacing in the bathroom, we think of the same items and places—like vanity shelves and sink cabinets. Considering other spaces outside of these known places will open up various storage options that you might not have thought of.

Image courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com

These new storage options will not only save you space but add some aesthetic value to the overall look of your bathroom. Items like open shelves and baskets make good use of these types of spaces. They are also affordable and easy to add to your bathroom.

Custom a Thin Rolling Shelf for Your Bathroom

You can custom design a narrow shelf beside your toilet and the wall to store those items you would like to reach while on the toilet seat. Things like magazines, extra toilet paper, and other toiletries can be stored on this shelf. 

Image courtesy of bobvila.com

The slim shelf will also save you space that would be used up by a regular-sized shelf. Adding wheels to the drawer will provide additional ease when pulling out the shelf to reach for the items that are kept inside.

Hang Baskets on Towel Bars to Create Your Own Shelf

You can convert the towel bars in your bathroom to a storage shelf or caddy for storing wherever necessities that you want. These towel rods have ample space and many ways that they can be used to increase your storage.

Image courtesy of decoist.com

The baskets can be used to hold anything from towels to toilet paper and shampoo bottles. Hanging baskets that you find around your house will also help you cut down on costs. This is another great tip for renters who are prohibited from making any permanent changes.

Fill a Vase With Marbles and Use it to Store Makeup Brushes

A smart and cool-looking way to store your makeup brushes is to fill a vase with clear marble beads and plant your brushes in it. This cozy insert will help you make use of those empty vases, and the feeling of planting your brush into the vase is also incredibly satisfying.

Image courtesy of supercoto.com

Besides looking pretty and making soothing sounds when you place your brushes in them, the marble beads will help to grip your brushes and prevent them from slipping out of the vase. You can also create your own makeup orchestra by filling the vases with different fillers like cellophane.

Attach a Floating Shelf to Your Bathroom Wall

Another cool bathroom hack is to add a floating shelf to one of your bathroom walls. The shelf will help you organize your bathroom and also give it a more custom look. Attaching one of the screwless floating shelves is easy and will not leave any holes in your wall.

Image courtesy of thespruce.com

This shelf is attached to your wall with a strong adhesive that will carry as much weight as you need. The rack can also be used exclusively for perfumes or cosmetic products. This lightweight product is ideal for the minimalist bathroom aesthetic.

Attach a Tension Rod to Your Shower Curtain

If you have already used up all the cabinets and shelves in your bathroom and still need some extra space to hang some clothes or other items, you can install a tension rod beside your shower curtain. While we already talked about some shower rod hacks, the tension rod also creates additional space.

Image courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com

With the tension rod, you can even hang wet towels and any delicates that cannot go in the dryer. The point of the tension rod is to give you extra hanging space, so think outside of the box about how you use it.

Use a Rolling Cabinet to Store Bathroom Essentials

Keeping one of these rolling cabinets in your bathroom, or close to it, will make it easy to have items that you need at arm’s reach. Additionally, because they can roll, they are easy to put away and easy to move when you need to scrub the floors.

Image courtesy of mymobileindia.com

The fact that they can be moved around is also amazing because you can put them exactly where you want them. For example, you can store your hairdryer in one of the compartments and move the cabinet to the wall outlet when you need to do your hair.

Use a Curved Shelf for the Space Beneath Pedestal Sinks

If you have a pedestal sink, you might want to get creative with storage space. Pedestal sinks might be boring or old school, but they have the potential to serve as a great storage space while also adding to the decor of your bathroom.  

Image courtesy of hip2behome.com

A stylish rounded shelf will make your bathroom look sleek. The space on the shelf is also a good place to store some small items like essential oils and soaps. The curved stand is great for wrapping around the pedestal of your sink and not wasting an ounce of space.

Place a Lidded Basket on the Water Closet

If you do not like the idea of having an open shelf over your toilet, you can opt for a lidded basket. Since not everyone is open to having their things exposed, a lidded basket will help keep these items hidden from sight.

Image courtesy of buzzfeed.com

The basket is a great place to store toilet paper, towels, and extra toiletries. Beautiful hand-made baskets can be found at farmer’s markets for a reasonable price. This is a great way to support the local artisans in your area.

Place Shelves Above the Bathroom Door

Another smart way to make use of every bit of space in your bathroom is to place shelves above the door. Keeping items that you don’t need every day up there will help you put even that obscure space to great use.

Image courtesy of idealhome.co.uk

Having a shelf there for rarely used items is not only functional, but it also provides storage while preserving the open floor space. So, even if you don’t have much cabinet space, there is always a way to find a place for storage.

Install Shelves High Above the Toilet

When looking for somewhere to place shelves, the wall above the toilet is not out of bounds. Putting shelves high above the water closet will help create additional storage space without making you feel restricted, as opposed to low frames that you might bump your head against.

Image courtesy of bigbathroomshop.co.uk

Putting shelves high above the toilet also means that you can keep more items on the wall. The rack will keep things out of sight when you’re not using them. For these shelves, you should consider sturdy materials that won’t fall and hurt someone.

Put a Tray or Basket on the Loo

Another modern way of keeping your bathroom tidy is to keep a tray on your toilet to keep some items you don’t want littering your bathroom. If you use a basket, you can save some towels in it. The toilet is a versatile place to store items in the bathroom.

Image courtesy of throughmyfrontporch.com

They also help to display the items that are in storage. If the basket or tray only occupies part of the water closet, you can improve the look by adding a small potted plant. This hack is sure to make your bathroom look chic.

Invest in a Bathtub Caddy

If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, you might want to invest in a bathtub caddy. This genius piece is a good place to keep things while you soak in the tub. Even for those that don’t like baths, this caddy will still find its use in your bathroom.

Image courtesy of ideadesigncasa.org

The bathtub caddy is an elegant way to max out your bathroom space. The caddy can be used to hold books while you relax in the tub or even some candles. When you’re not in the tub, the caddy can accommodate some perfumes and skincare products.

Use a Ladder-style Shelf to Organize Your Bathroom

A great way to store towels and other fabrics in your bathroom is to organize them on a ladder-style shelf. This ladder design makes it easy for you to use less floor space and still provides enough storage for your bathroom.

Image courtesy of popsugar.co.uk

For those that are looking to get more space in their bathroom without adding much furniture or shelves, the ladder-style shelf is the perfect replacement. The delicate furniture piece will help provide many ways to organize the clutter in your bathroom.

Use a Shower Organizer on the Shower Glass

If you have shower glass instead of curtains, you can mount a shower organizer or caddy to the glass wall for additional storage. Mounting the shower organizer is a simple task, and you do not require any tools for installation.

Image courtesy of shopee.ph

The shower caddy saves you tons of space and makes your bathroom look very chic. The shelves and hooks that are attached to the caddy give you ample options for hanging washcloths or keeping bathroom essentials like loofahs and shampoo.

Utilize Every Wall Space Available to Hang Shelves

Hanging shelves on the wall is one of the most effective ways to add storage space to your bathroom. Consider where you can utilize as much space as you can when looking for where to put up shelves in your bathroom. 

Image courtesy of amazing interiordesign.com

High and low-hanging shelves will also add a nice visual effect to your bathroom. They will add balance to the room and help lead the eye around the space. You can use shelves for functional items as well as more decorative items like plants and candles.