40 Little-Known Insider Facts About The Aviation Industry

By Sachin P July 20, 2022

A flight attendant is somebody who has seen a lot and is quite knowledgeable about people. These individuals have journeyed basically all over the globe, and so they have met a diverse group of people, so it stands to reason that they have also faced many bad situations. Given that, perhaps you ought to merely comply with a flight attendant’s instruction to put your seat back in its original location.

Even when you’re not conscious of it, there’s a rationale for everything they’re doing and saying. So, after searching the web extensively, we discovered a lengthy list of insider information about the aviation industry that flight attendants had divulged. So buckle up for a ride into the world of commercial aviation!

Truth and nothing but the truth

The fact that flight crews aren’t paid fairly is really sad. Another little-known fact is that flight crew are just as irritated as passengers whenever a delay occurs, if not even more so. They’re only compensated for the original trip length.

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As a result, if a flight is delayed, they will have to stay at the terminal. They might even be stuck welcoming passengers and fielding questions from irritated passengers, all without getting paid. They deserve our respect for keeping a level head in times like that.

Is that so?

This one was told by a passenger, not a flight attendant. While they were waiting at the gate check-in, this individual once overheard a conversation between the staff. The topic of conversation was a drunk flight attendant who couldn’t make it on time.

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A notification concerning the very same flight’s delay due to pre-flight servicing was made a couple of minutes later. For any of the passengers that didn’t overhear the conversation, they must have all assumed the traveler was making it all up.

Rest In Transit

Did you guys know that, until the plane lands, the flight crew usually leaves the deceased people in their seats? In the event that a passenger passes away during the journey, they will be draped in blankets to give the impression that they are asleep.

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The entire process is designed to keep other passengers from realizing anything bad happened. Many of them would certainly panic if they did find out. We can’t think about any other reasonable course of action, so it’s a solid move, even it feels a little unsettling.

Investigative Stewardship

This one is both funny and a little creepy. The flight attendants have a list of every passenger on their flight. This list includes their full name as well as their seat. This makes sense and is likely a helpful safety precaution.

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They frequently Google the people when they’re aboard. They don’t have access to any private information, but if they’re bored, they can “stalk” you online. They won’t do anything with the information. It’s just to help them pass the time.

Whisper in the wind

In our search, we found a fair amount of shocking revelations, and it’s only fair that we share them with you. Here’s one story from a flight attendant. When they feel bloated, the flight crew frequently breaks wind whilst walking down the aisle.

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Even as we type this, we get strange feelings. If you’re a frequent flyer, then there is a really strong probability that a flight attendant has passed gas close to your face. Now we’re glad that masks are recommended on planes…


An unnamed flight attendant claimed that they frequently alter their distress code. It might be “wonderful,” “terrific,” “fantastic,” or anything else you can think of. Even if you travel on the same airline for months or years, you probably won’t be able to know which words signal a problem.

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Whatever the word is, it’s always seemingly mundane. The pilot will take immediate action after hearing the distress word from a member of the crew over the PA. No matter what occurs, the captain will seal the cockpit and not unlock the gate again.

Collective denial

According to a different tale, a flight attendant inadvertently splashed a creamer packet on a bald guy’s head. Fortunately, the man was dozing off. Everyone chose to remain silent. Even though the flight attendant felt bad about it, they agreed that it was indeed a hilarious spectacle.

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It’s critical to keep in mind that airline staff are people, too. They may come across as composed and flawless, but they’re not immune to errors. Contrary to a few of their major responsibilities, spilling something is not a matter of life and death. Give them a little leeway.

Auto Pilot

Pilots have benefited from automation in numerous ways. It can make the journey safer, but even more crucially, it gives pilots the option of playing on mobile devices or reading while flying. They can watch films, take pictures of passengers, etc.

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If there is a handsome passenger, they also talk about this amongst themselves. Also, if you notice coffee filter sacks dangling around, that means somebody in the area stinks awfully horrible. It makes sense since, occasionally, there are people on the flight with offensive body odor.

Safety is paramount

Here we have a short tale from a former flight attendant. Once the landing gear got caught up, and the captain chose to fly the aircraft in loops for a prolonged period as they pondered whether or not to make an emergency landing.

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Fortunately, the gear did come down, allowing for a safe landing. Hardly any of the travelers were aware that something was amiss. It’s frightening to consider that these things occur, but there are many safeguards in place to guarantee that everyone reaches their destination in a secure manner.


Let us reassure you that you will be safe until we divulge this information. Pilots are skilled professionals who know what they’re doing. Piloting is difficult since it takes years of study. So, you may fly comfortably knowing that everything is under control.

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If you believe that the cockpit is constantly on high alert, you are mistaken. Although they must concentrate while landing and taking off, they frequently engage in similar activities to those of us seated in economy, such as using their smartphones or reading the news.

Another side to the story

No matter what airline you use, it’s pretty much guaranteed that one or more hostesses will be at the gate, greeting you as you board the plane. But they aren’t just there to say hi or direct confused passengers to their seats…

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They’re actually checking to see if any passengers look drunk, and they’re also on the lookout for strong passengers.The rationale behind this one is that if an emergency happens, they might call you. For example, if people have to open the exit door.

Improper conduct

This is a former flight attendant’s report from an undisclosed carrier in Central America. She said that the pilots and co-pilots frequently mistreated her and that the workplace environment was generally quite hostile. They frequently abused their influence as important crew members.

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They advanced lewd propositions to the hostesses. In one instance, a 40-year-old pilot used to text the 19-year-old hostess. This didn’t just happen on the job, either. He would supposedly text while she was on vacation. Sadly, worse things have happened to many hostesses.

Stay home if you’re sick!

And here’s a hint. If you do have an underlying condition or even just fluid in the ears, you must never travel. It’s quite risky because there is still a possibility that the flight will shatter your eardrums. While postponing your trip may be annoying…

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…going to the emergency room is considerably worse as your ears are constantly being pressurized and depressurized. And flight crew personnel are clearly more susceptible to these conditions. We thus trust that those people are taking the required safety measures to maintain their well-being.


If you really want to enjoy yourself on your flight, a flight attendant has provided you with the following very important piece of advice. All you need for this advice is a small gift. Or, rather, just give a sweet treat to the flight attendants.

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You might receive all the complimentary refreshments. That certainly is handy. All this is yours for the price of a box of chocolates. It’s preferable to having to pay for anything on the flight. While there is no guarantee this will work, there’s no harm in being nice.

“Don’t call me Shirley”

The people who work as flight crew are just like everyone else. The sole distinction is that their area of work differs slightly from that of the typical 9–5 office worker. They rarely stay put and are frequently not on the ground!

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The job has a lot of benefits and some drawbacks as well, only a small portion of which has been divulged. But one perk of the job is the comradery between crewmates. Supposedly, they make references to the film Airplane! a lot!

Seeing double

A flight attendant once had problems communicating over the intercom. The other workers were really worried about what was going on. They believed the attendant was experiencing a seizure. So, a different flight attendant entered and delivered a different message.

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They all were expecting a replacement flight attendant to quickly take over when they heard the other notification that the flight was delayed. The staff afterward discovered that now the flight attendant with the loss of coordination was simply intoxicated.

Final Destination

No one is ever officially pronounced deceased while on a commercial flight. The crew and the authorities will continue CPR after the body has been removed from the aircraft. The aircraft can be impounded by the medical examiner’s office while they conduct their inquiry.

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Remains — that is, the human remains — are also shipped as cargo. Therefore, if you’ve ever seen a tall rectangular container getting carefully carried into a cargo container, don’t get too excited. Chances are, there’s a coffin with human remains, rather than Dracula.

Dial down on the ego

Never try and act too brilliant or clever with the flight attendants. There is nothing one could express to them that they haven’t already dealt with. The best course of action that will benefit everyone is to just be kind and keep calm.

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Whenever you call the flight attendants, they are aware of what you could be informing them. They are aware of every grumble, demand, jest, as well as other things you may possibly suggest to them. And, it should go without saying, but you should avoid pranking them.

Pass it forward

You have nothing to lose by being considerate to the cabin crew. So, if you’re not nice to them, this will cost you. And here is another untold tale. If you treat the cabin crew badly, they will send security to greet you at the airport.

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Additionally, if you’re disrespectful to them, they won’t mind handing you a sack of crumbs or crumbling your cookies or snack mixes. And, in order to dodge all of the inane questions that people ask them, they frequently conceal themselves in the galleys.

The hidden truth

We already have informed you of the concerns about their poor pay, lengthy workweeks, and harassment in the workplace. Many people would therefore believe that things really cannot possibly get any worse, but alas, they do. A large number of cabin crew live alone.

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They primarily occupy the crew break facilities alongside their baggage. An ex-pilot claims that the remuneration for a new cabin crew is incredibly low. Many of them don’t have permanent homes because of how frequently they travel. It must be incredibly stressful to live that way.

Food for thought

Let’s start by addressing the negative aspect. Almost 80% of the leftover food on flights must be thrown away. Since it is foreign garbage, proper care should be taken of that anyway. In summary, there is a lot of food wastage caused by flights.

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The meals on a charter jet, however, cannot be tossed out if it is postponed. It needs to go out, eventually. Therefore, the chance to enjoy all the delicious meals is given to the cabin crew! Fortunately for them, they merit it.


This one is the narrative of a former US carrier supervisor. A former employee’s child had completed a scientific paper on microorganisms. They collected a number of samples from every location on the airplane after the woman flew the infant in it during the night.

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Here is what they discovered. The platter tables were the location with one of the most fecal contaminations. We aren’t joking. When cleaning the restrooms, staff members frequently use the same gloves to clean the galley as well as other areas. Consider yourself warned.

Galley secrets

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself once again because this is also a relatively dirty secret. We don’t want to prevent you from flying, but even these things are absolutely disgusting. According to one ex-engineer, an airplane galley is never given the needed level of scrutiny.

AcidBomber / CC BY-SA 3.0 / Wikimedia Commons

Some would be immediately shut down if they were thoroughly scrutinized. There are numerous issues with cleanliness. The cleaning crew only uses one cloth to wipe the ceiling as well as the floor, the water lines are filthy, and the list just goes on.


Although flying often seems sophisticated and luxurious, it’s not always true. Although we don’t claim that incidents like these occur frequently, they do happen every so often. On one occasion, a person on a plane was surrounded and spat on. Unfortunately, the corporation didn’t do much about it.

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The authorities were of no help either. In addition to that, we have discussed the abuse that the flight crew experienced. Pilots also have frequently attempted to obtain sexual favors while being in flight, which would be a misuse of their place of leadership.

Be considerate

We are all aware of how demanding a flight attendant’s workload is. We’ll add one more fact to that list. They must work a particular number of hours before they are able to take 12 hours off. If they don’t meet the minimum, they could end up working extra hours.

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This is regardless of how energetic they were. Therefore, on numerous occasions, pilots keep the aircraft in the air for a short while longer merely to give the flight attendants one or two extra hours to use up before they can finally take a day or two off. 

No soup for you!

Such things may be tough to comprehend, yet they are real. If you ever treat a flight attendant rudely, they will know exactly how to respond. If it were to occur to any passenger, they would be quite irritated. Your in-flight television sets can be managed by the cabin crew.

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At least, they have the ability to switch these on or off. In numerous instances, if a passenger is nasty to a flight crew member, the flight attendant will start messing with the offensive person’s TV screen via their computer.


This one is the narrative of an Emirates employee. The staff routinely forced the flight attendants to shut the entire galley every time they flew into Saudi Arabia. In the galley, they maintained food supplies, napkins, utensils, and other necessities.

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They took this action because Saudi Arabian officials will enter, grab what they needed, and leave. The flight attendants were powerless to help, either. Who can blame them, when you consider the circumstances? They turned to this safety measure as a result.


This hidden fact is hilarious. This small nugget of knowledge, which is around two decades old, was sent by an ex-pilot who’s been in the business for more than thirty years. After hearing this, you’ll get a good laugh out of it, like we did…

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Russian airmen were once constantly monitored by their supervisors, who frequently took harsh actions, such as putting them in a cabin. But this wasn’t anything related to politics. It was only because Russian pilots had a tendency to drink a lot before taking off.

All pain, small gain

Although working as a flight attendant appears to be an exciting job, there are moments when it is really boring. This is the tale of a former flight attendant who claimed to have witnessed a lot of bizarre events throughout his tenure.

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There, despair, intoxication, and substance abuse are all too widespread, and it’s quite challenging to live as a flight attendant. It must be exciting to go to so many new places, but eventually, each exotic site becomes just another workspace.

Calm thyself

There are moments in a person’s life when they should take extreme steps to deal with an extraordinary circumstance. And from the perspective of a flight attendant, this is an unlikely scenario. From the viewpoint of a traveler, that is simply unthinkable!

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So, let’s get to it. If it’s necessary for a rowdy passenger to stay seated, a flight attendant won’t think twice about taping them to their place. Although this doesn’t happen often, just keep in mind that they’re not afraid to do it.

Get smart

This is the story of a man who traveled the world for the British and Canadian armed forces. This individual would take a bunch of such Air Canada luggage labels every time he landed at a significant airport in Canada.

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When traveling on a commercial flight, so many of his American contemporaries would likewise request those, particularly when traveling to the Middle East as well as Africa. It’s because hardly anyone stole or mistreated the Canadian baggage; American luggage was frequently the target of such misdemeanors.

Log out of all devices

Many of the cabin crew don’t have a permanent residence, as we’ve previously stated. And those who do may not always have lodging available where they arrive. It comes as no surprise that several hotels frequently host airline staff. There, they eat, sleep, or even use the web.

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One traveler described their experience staying in one of these hotels. They learned that a flight attendant had earlier used one of the computers in the corporate lounge but she regrettably neglected to log out. The visitor managed to learn something interesting — the flight attendant had lovers all around the world!

Textbook procedures

We feel a tiny bit safer yet somewhat afraid after learning this piece of information. Apparently, every cockpit contains a 600-page book. No, it’s not a religious text or an airplane-themed novel. It’s a full-sized manual detailing all “what if” scenarios.

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Every piece of information that may possibly go wrong on an aircraft is listed in that book. A burning lightbulb, a terror attack, an engine problem, or even a contamination alert — it’s all in the safety manual. We hope it never gets used on our flights, but we’re glad it exists.

Ads? Really?

The way carriers make their customers sit through all those three-minute advertisements about their credit or debit card programs seems absolutely bizarre. It’s as if they have a side hustle selling credit cards. With the price of tickets, they shouldn’t need to make extra cash, right?

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That truly irritates us. Most short-haul flights are jam-packed with credit card advertisements. We don’t see the benefit of using an airline’s credit cards to support them. They already get plenty of money from us. For frequent travelers, hearing such adverts is much more unpleasant.

Outing the outhouses

Facilities are located close to passenger seating areas on airplanes. So, whether you want to accept this or not, you can’t change the fact that you will be trying to do business there. Some people find it irritating, but you can’t stop yourself.

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So, we just informed you of the facts; never believe anything you hear about having a free upgrade to be seated away from the lavatories. That type of seat doesn’t truly exist. But we’re all human, it is best to just not fret.


Movies, TV shows, and even news, love to show dramatic plane crashes. Even if everyone survives, people are seemingly obsessed with the concept of aircraft failures. But the truth is, such events are rare because planes are capable, competent machines.

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During your flight, there could be any number of minor malfunctions — many of which you may never know about. Airplanes can handle dozens of tiny setbacks and still fly safely, getting you to your vacation or business trip on time.

Name change

This is a well-known fact. It’s more like a matter of practicality. We agree with many others who believe these men shouldn’t simply be referred to be cabin crew. They constantly prioritize handling minor passenger mishaps over their other obligations.

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They had to cope with that, and it is obviously quite unpleasant. Therefore, we believe that “cabin safety inspectors” should be the new name for “flight attendants.” They would have had to deal with far fewer complaints and disrespectful passengers.

Oy vey!

Another disgusting secret is here for you. This is a report from a former flight attendant. For boiling water, there was a heater in the rear galley. Additionally, they used it to serve the customers hot beverages. This all seems normal, right?

Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

As a traveler, it is better to steer clear of these. The containers where this water is kept hardly ever get sanitized. The worst thing is that the sewage treatment outlet is only a few millimeters away from the water intake used to replenish that container.

Say what now?

This time, as when the headline indicates, we’ll be disclosing a big secret about the aviation industry. This one is genuinely disgusting, and after hearing about it, we’d rather avoid flying. So, prepare yourself for what you guys are about to hear!

Flyali_ / Instagram

A flight attendant reportedly claimed that the airplane itself is one of the most unclean aspects of their profession. They claim that neither the plane’s flooring nor its seats have ever been cleaned. We are stunned, and if that is true worldwide, it is revolting.

Play it nice!

Now, this really shouldn’t be a mystery, yet it is. This makes sense in terms of logic. There’s a decent possibility you’ll receive a lot of free goods when on the flight if you’re kind to the other passengers, in addition to being polite with the flight attendants.

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In one instance, a baby was seated behind a couple. The baby was sobbing nonstop, and the mom and dad were struggling to keep the baby under control. The couple then decided to help and made an order for the folks. The family gave them a treat package!