40 Wild Animals That Refused To Be Photographed

By Glory O

For as long as humans have been creating art, people have been trying to capture the beauty of nature on canvas, parchment, celluloid, and photo paper. For centuries, artists would only paint the perfect scenery, immortalizing stills of plants and animals around them. But with the camera, people could take a snapshot of a single moment. Now we could see the world in motion, albeit frozen in that one moment.

Around 200 years later, everyone is capable of taking fantastic pictures and sharing them with the world. Most of the photographs people share are the best from their reel, but there’s a whole category of unintentionally comedic pictures that are the result of [un]fortunate timing. Nature pictures are the perfect example of this. If the photographer clicks at the wrong moment, that majestic bird becomes the derpiest creature you’ve ever seen. Read on to see some of the best, worst wildlife photos as shared by the group Crap Wildlife Photography on Facebook.

All images in this article are courtesy of Crap Wildlife Photography on Facebook.

1, 2, 3, Shoot!

Who knew birds could be so goofy? We thought that birds were only photographed mid-flight or perched on a branch. But, as it turns out, they also do morning aerobics. These lovely birds appear to have been doing a morning workout when the photographer dropped by.

Source: Oliver Hornberger/Facebook

Okay, so it’s more likely that they were spooked by the photographer. We just hope that he didn’t interrupt them during a mating display. Those take a lot of effort from both parties. How would you like to have a spectator drop in mid-date?

Wrong setting. Who dis?

If you’re going to photograph an animal, you should know what you’re doing. This photographer needs more practice because they had the wrong setting. Add in some low lighting and you have a confusing blurry mess. The photographer challenged people to guess what animal this is. Any ideas?

Source: Helen Barbour/Facebook

We’re torn, but our first guesses are either the Tasmanian Devil from Loony Toons or Sonic the Hedgehog. Looking at the colors and tiny hand on the pavement, we think this is a cute little hedgehog trying to scramble off the curb.

Light ’em up

If you’ve never seen a firefly/lightning bug in action, then you’re missing out. These cute little insects flicker their butt lights and fly around in the night. Depending on where you live, you might see them light up yellow-green, or perhaps red.

Source: David Rennie/Facebook

Given the description of this photo, we think that the photographer intended to take this shot. This is what a red-butted firefly looks like with a 90-second exposure at 2000 ISO. Oh, we forgot to mention that the firefly was attracted to the photographer’s red light!

Not who we expected…

A family thought they were feeding a friendly wild cat every night. Since they were taking care of the supposed feline, they wanted to see for themselves who was gracing their porch nightly. Well, they got their wish and figured out who was eating the cat food.

Source: Robin Bridgewater Tingley/Facebook

To give you some perspective, they placed the trail cam at floor level, assuming that it would be the best place to get a glimpse of the kitty. Either the cat was eaten by this bear, or the family has been taking care of this curious bear all along.

Questionable accuracy

A caterpillar chose an unusual location to spin its cocoon. Perhaps it was feeling inspired after seeing the mini portrait of a butterfly, or maybe it was feeling particularly cheeky that day. Well, it seems like this dinosaur is guarding the butterfly-to-be with its life.

Source: Caronlina Wolf/Facebook

Instead of the usual leaves, the caterpillar found itself in the inner sanctum of its knight in shining armor. If you’re confused as to why this is funny, count the number of legs on that dino toy. We just have to thank this insect for giving us a good laugh.

Great white…where?

Adventurers and photographers like sometimes spend a lot of money to get the perfect shot. This person shelled out thousands of dollars to be in the right place with the right equipment and photograph a great white shark. Well, he technically did…

Source: Kevin Lamb/Facebook

This photobombing fish refused to share the spotlight. We know that fishes don’t have the same “expressions” as us humans do, but we like the shocked, derpy look on this fish’s face. To be fair to it, it probably didn’t know what it was getting in the middle of.

Looks like someone’s hungry

Someone clearly took too long bringing this squirrel its afternoon treat. Just look at him! He was sitting patiently, but there was so much he has to get done, that he didn’t have time to wait all day. The customer service in these woods stinks!

Source: Mark Oertel/Facebook

The only thing missing is a little watch on this squirrel’s wrist so he can check the time. He is not pleased. And, based on his body language, he’s probably planning retaliation for the long wait. We’d hate to be that photographer.

He just wanted a snack

If you have a bird feeder, then you know that it attracts squirrels just as much as birds. And even if you don’t have one, you might have seen some of those videos online of squirrel-proof bird feeders. Our favorite is the slinky on the pole.

Source: Amanda Fulghum/Facebook

We’re not sure what happened right before this picture was snapped. Either the squirrel was too heavy for the feeder, or it tried to leap, only to miss the feeder and crash straight into the fence. At least there was a buffet scattered on the ground for him to enjoy.

Just Hitch-Hiking to the Next Pond

This fish appears to have gotten under the claws of this mighty bird. If we want to play dumb, we’ll just imagine that this fish needed a ride to the next pond, and the bird provided some assistance. Sadly, we know where they’re actually going…

Source: Michelle Sobek/Facebook

This is such a well-timed photograph! After all, it’s not every day that you see a bird carrying its catch back to its nest. Sure, we’ve seen the occasional raptor carry a rodent, but the scene of this feathered fisher is something else.

On a mission

Usually, pictures of birds flying show their wings in motion…which is a bit odd, considering they don’t spend the entire flight flapping their wings. This person managed to capture one very determined owl as he headed off to get stuff done.

Source: Fräulein Hauteclocque/Facebook

It sort of looks like this owl is leaping off the branch straight into a divebomb. If this picture was a bit blurrier, we could classify this as a UFO: unidentified feathery object. But we’re glad it’s clear, because we get to see the owl’s funny face.

Excuse me, sir

This picture has a bit of a backstory. The photographer shared that this curious bird stops by his place of work every day, politely pecking on the window. Not only that, but it brings a present for the humans inside.

Source: Justin Singleton/Facebook

Worms, lizards, and snakes are all on the menu for this delightful bird. Honestly, we’re surprised that it’s not a raven because they have been known to leave gifts for humans before. So, do you think this shop accepts worms as payment?

Hello friend

The ocean is incomprehensibly vast, and yet we know very few of its secrets. So it’s no surprise that divers may come across new and exotic marine life. There are the mysterious animals of the deep sea, but there are also goofy-looking fishes just waiting to say hi.

Source: Martina Andrés/Facebook

The best part about this photo is that it was an accident. The diver was too busy being attacked by this triggerfish to think about snapping any pictures underwater. But, as fate would have it, a stray finger managed to capture this comical moment.


Before we get into the hilarity of this photo, we need to talk about how beautiful this bird is. Birds don’t need to have bright colors to be stunning — sorry peacocks. So, majestic beauty aside, what gets us here is the bird’s face.

Source: MK Doren/Facebook

We can’t decide what caption goes best here. “Put on some clothes,” “Don’t tell me you’re having chicken for dinner,” or perhaps “I can’t believe you said that.” There are so many options to choose from; this bird is meme-worthy.

Do I have something in my teeth?”

People go camping to enjoy nature without the distraction of society, so waking up during your camping trip in Idaho to wildlife outside your car is the best thing that could happen. Then again, if this is what greets you, joy might not be the first emotion…

Source: Carly Muench/Facebook

This person shared that their reaction was closer to a Jurassic Park encounter, rather than Snow White. A bull elk just walking by, asking to see your license and registration in the middle of the night is downright terrifying at the moment, but hilarious in hindsight.

The Cutest Photobomber

Behold, the majestic bald eagle. See how it perches with poise and grace atop the rocks. This photographer was so caught up in capturing the two birds that they completely missed the approaching sea lion. Don’t worry; the camera noticed…

Source: Roelant Siekman/Facebook

Auto-focus was not on this photographer’s side. While trying to snap a picture of the birds, their camera’s auto-focus picked out the sea lion instead. So, rather than a beautiful nature photo of two bald eagles, they got one derpy, photobombing sea lion.

Looking back? Or is it just a long torso

Right on cue for the shot! This hyena appears to have realized she was being photographed and decided to turn around and start giving the photographer a slight smile. But even so, it appears that some details in this photograph are completely irrational.

Source: Geesche Neuburg/Facebook

Something behind the camera must have caught this sweet brown hyena’s eye. Thanks to the angle and black and white video, it’s hard to tell if this is one hyena peeking out behind another or if it’s one oddly distorted hyena.

Just Some Durkey Wandering

There seem to be times when life just continues to surprise you. Take a glance at something like this. What do you get when you cross a deer and a wild turkey? Oh, come on, you know that’s hilarious. Either a “durkey” or a “teer.”

Source: Jenna Lindquist/Facebook

Closer inspection reveals that the image is simply a deer bowing down with a turkey in front of it, giving the impression that the body of the animal is deer and the head is turkey. But, hey, a durkey or teer doesn’t sound half bad either.

Is this a Kudu or a Sad deer?

Is this deer’s hair a bad cut or just a part of its body? It resembles a horse with tuft of fur. We’re not sure if he’s attempting the mohawk and had a bad experience, which would explain the frown on his face.

Source: Nicole Liebenberg/Facebook

Many people are unaware of the existence of this species because it lives in South Africa. We don’t either, which is why we’re curious if its mouth is meant to be like that and what the tuft of fur on its back is for.

Turbo? Lightning Mcqueen?

Snails are known to be slow animals, crawling so slowly that you can take a perfect photo while they are moving at top speed. But this time, this little fella appears to be faster than the majority of its companions.

Source: Deanne Poschwatta/Facebook

We suspect something else happened because the snail was moving so fast that the camera couldn’t get a good focus. This is unusual for snails because, well, snails are slowwwww. Perhaps this was just perfect timing while the photographer tried to capture the sharp green forest.

Falling Upside-Down

Didn’t you think birds were supposed to fly backward? We had the same thought. It’s unclear with the angle, but it seems like the photographer snapped an eagle flying upside down. We don’t know what caused this. However, the photographer’s response, “I tried my hardest,” gives us a hint.

Source: Sheldon Grant/Facebook

The thing appears to be inexperienced with flying. We’re not sure if he’s just a strange flyer or if something happened to him that caused him to fly inverted like this. It’s a rather awkward situation for one of the world’s fiercest birds.

Scratcher with ease

If you have an itch, you might reach for whatever is closest to scratch it. That’s exactly what this African elephant did, finding nearby termite mounds as the ideal scratching post. Well, that wouldn’t be our first pick, since insects tend to bite back when disturbed.

Source: Mike Redding/Facebook

That elephant is lucky if it got away without a single bite from an angry termite. Or, maybe the termites are used to this kind of behavior from larger creatures. We never thought much about these little aspects of the animal kingdom…

Need to maintain a positive relationship with him

This guy doesn’t look likes he has that much patience. You gotta keep it down around him. And given that feisty temper, we’re sure he has made plenty of enemies in the forest. But we can tell that this is one scrappy critter.

Source: Gregory Jahner III/Facebook

Did some disrespectful chipmunks trample on his lawn? This gopher can’t be mad, though. The forest is big. It’s hard to tell where one lawn ends and another begins. Still, this is a mood that we can all relate to.

Is that an egg?

At first glance, this shot has seemed to be perfectly timed. A deer leaping, a perfectly symmetrical body, beautiful scenery, and a flawless picture of one of the most magnificent animals in the animal kingdom. But wait, what is that on its back?

Source: Tom Cunningham/Facebook

It’s a perfect picture, but if you look closely, you’ll notice something odd about the deer’s back end. It appears to have had a bird’s nest with a chicken egg on its hind quarters. That’s unusual for a deer to be carrying eggs on her back…

Yes, giraffes have long necks

Just like scuba dives, some people go on safari in Africa for the opportunity to take pictures of the wonderful flora and fauna. After all, Africa is full of natural treasures. Then you see a beautiful giraffe…exactly what this person did, but they forgot one tiny detail.

Source: Kevin Becker/Facebook

They overlooked the most distinguishing characteristic of the giraffe. You know, the feature that makes it easily identifiable and terrible at hide-and-seek? Their long necks! Either this person was too close to take a good shot, or they didn’t know t point the camera up a bit more.

Rough night?

Well, you’re about to get it. It’s not clear what kind of animal this is…maybe a Tasmanian Devil? He appears to be both angry and frightening. We’re not sure what kind of prey was drawn to and scared of that roar. He certainly appears to be a dangerous predator.

Source: Viv Viv/Facebook

Whatever the case may be, this creature is having a bad night. Maybe he’s had a bad day and would like to talk to and play with someone. Sometimes all it takes is a hug. Are there any willing participants?

You didn’t ask for permission

Initially, the photographer captured some stunning images of this beautiful bird. But, let’s just say she wasn’t as successful when attempting to capture a whole series of pictures. The lovely bird does not appear to be amused by the photographer’s presence.

Source: Lizzy Lizzard/Facebook

Perhaps the photographer did not ask permission to take a close-up picture of this lovely bird, which enraged it. How else would you explain the murder in that bird’s eyes? We’re terrified of this bird…and we’re sitting safely behind a computer.

Knock! Knock! Who’s there?

This guy appears to be requesting something from his neighbor and decided to test the doorbell. Since he was seen by the owner, it appears to be working. They were probably surprised to see their new visitor, who was quite unusual.

Source: Mike Davis/Facebook

We love doorbell cameras because they are full of surprises. They catch the most unusual things, such as this guy. To be fair, he can’t read, so the “No solicitor” sign was meaningless to him. We’re just wondering what he was selling.

You’re it

Who wouldn’t want to play hide-and-seek with this adorable little ball of fur? He’s a little too big for the pole, and his hiding spot appears to be giving him up. That adorable little hug with the starry eyes is truly magical.

Source: Felicity Cowie/Facebook

It’s such adorable groundhog! We doubt that they play games like we humans do, but it’s fun to imagine that it’s playing hide-and-seek and counting down the minutes until he can rejoin his friends. That, or the person behind the camera noticed him and assumed he could hide behind the pole. Maybe he just wanted to have fun.

Too full. Can’t move.

We’ve seen some relatable birds and groundhogs, but how about a toad? This toad is such a mood! This is how we feel (and probably look) when we ate a big meal and want to just sit back on the couch and unbutton our pants.

Source: Cedrick Louault/Facebook

This toad could use a little exercise. It might be hard to hop off with a full belly, but it’ll be worth it in the end! We can’t say goodbye to this photo before mentioning that some have commented that this looks like Jabba the Hutt. Too perfect!

Mayday! Mayday! Man Down

Here’s yet another shot of a squirrel looking for food, but then those pesky bird feeders get in the way. It was so close yet so far from eating all the seeds until it was ready to burst like our toady friend.

Source: Heidi Harrison/Facebook

Do you think the homeowners set up any anti-squirrel traps? A greased pole or a slinky work wonders in keeping squirrels and chipmunks away from bird feeders. Then again, it’s also possible that this squirrel got too eager and it led to his demise.

If looks could kill

This pigeon found a great spot in the photographer’s garden and wasn’t ready to give it up any time soon. And if you do have any doubts about his sincerity, just look at his face. This guy does not look like he’s enjoying life.

Source: John Scharpen/Facebook

We’d like to refer to this as “resting pigeon face” from now on. It’s the look of someone who is just so done with everyone’s antics and can’t wait for that next cup of coffee. We’ve never connected with a bird so much.

Egg Bearer

You should indeed act quickly if you see a beautiful leopard. The photographer did exactly that, but unfortunately for them, the stunning creature turned at the wrong, or right, moment. Yes, it was disappointing to miss the photo op, but they got a funny consolation prize.

Source: Jane Wolstencroft/Facebook

Why is that leopard carrying an egg? Surely it can’t be a real chicken egg tucked between his hind legs. Okay, jokes aside, we just need to grow up and accept that this is part of nature. Although it is the part that doesn’t usually show up in wildlife photography.

Midnight snack

After hearing a disturbance in the garage, the homeowner discovered this. Isn’t he just adorable? This adorable koala was most likely looking for something to eat late at night. Someone should tell him that eucalyptus trees don’t grow in fridges.

Source: Ellie Els/Facebook

It’s not uncommon to find someone going through the cupboard in the middle of the night, but a koala is unusual. But since Australians are so nice, we bet that this photographer didn’t try to kick out the little guy.

Baby you’re a firework!

This person answered the question no one was asking: what happens when you try to capture an owl mid-flight using your camera’s night mode? We’re glad that the photographer told us what happened, because this is quite scary out of context.

Source: Chris Hildebrant/Facebook

He just wanted a picture of a beautiful owl, but what he ended up getting started to look like something out of an action movie. Or perhaps it would fit better in a science fiction film. Those bushes look an awful lot like a crop circle.

Cyclops, is that you?

Imagine drinking a few beers and walking home when this raccoon appears out of nowhere. It would be enough to sober you up instantly and get your adrenaline pumping so you could run right home. Don’t worry, this little guy was probably just looking for a late-night snack.

Source: Riley Sophia Penaluna/Facebook

That trash panda is not some level one newb that you can fight off with a bin lid. No, sir. This raccoon is overpowered and looks like it’s ready to join the X-Men alongside Cyclops. It must have been scary at the time, but we’re glad this person took this picture.

Might have Missed the Perfect Shot

There’s a lot going on here. For starters, it looks like the eagle is trying to facepalm in the only way it knows how…with a tree branch! Perhaps it’s feeling stupid for being caught with its pants down. How embarrassing!

Source: Michelle Schwartz/Facebook

We see the aftermath of birds doing their business all the time, but this photographer managed to capture the exact moment before someone has a really bad day. The good news is that if they were taking the photo, the poo missed their head!

That’s no scaredy-cat

Cats act like they own the world, and in a way, they do. Any cat owner will tell you that they rule the house and there’s no use arguing about it. Well, this cat was feeling pretty empowered and decided to show one of its neighbors who’s the boss.

Source: Madi Hagen/Facebook

What happened before this moment? Did the deer somehow wrong the cat, or is this just a feisty feline looking to pick a fight? We feel bad for this deer. We’ve been at the receiving end of a cat’s wrath, and that’s not a fun place to be.

Oops! Looks like someone got caught

Did the photographer catch this bird first thing in the morning? Those ruffled feathers remind us of humans with bedhead. Yes, we know we’re just projecting, but go with us here. Doesn’t this bird look shocked to wake up with a camera in its face?

Source: Wendy Reyn/Facebook

The photographer should check back in an hour or so, once the bird has had time to groom a bit. Still, a shocked bird is a better result than one in the middle of doing its business. Birds are harder to photograph than we thought.

Brown shower

That’s right, birds aren’t the only ones that like to show off their bathroom skills to photographers. This polar bear is reminding us humans what it really means to live out in the wild. Well, this does answer the question, “does a bear poo in the woods?”

Source: Vide Brandt/Facebook

Okay, we’re not exactly sure if it’s #1 or #2, but the sentiment is still there. If this bear’s pee is anything like a dog’s, there’s going to be one big yellow patch of grass come spring. Or perhaps it’s just fertilizing the soil…

Come on, Pet Me

This photo screams, “Paint me like one of your French girls.” This cheeky little critter was more than happy to cozy up next to the photographer and ask for a cuddle. We’d normally do so without hesitation, but there’s something odd about this one…

Source: Alex Kuier/Facebook

Is it the side-eye or the two tiny front teeth? This picture is the definition of cheeky. There’s some mischief in those eyes and we’re glad to be far away from whatever is about to go down. Hopefully the photographer made it out without a scratch.