Brazil’s Love And Passion For Soccer

By Peter C

Soccer is a beautiful game that has brought people of different backgrounds, races, religious and philosophical beliefs together.

In the South American nation of Brazil, soccer is more than just a sport. It is more than just a game. To them it is sacred and even a religion to some. The support and passion of Brazilians for the round leather game is totally out of this world; very electric.

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Right from very early in their lifetimes, Brazilians play soccer with almost anything in the streets and beaches, not necessarily the regular spherical kind of ball. From soda lids to paper balls and even socks, the love for soccer in Brazil is incredible.

Some of the most amazing talents we have seen in world football emerged from Brazil. The likes of Bebeto, Ronaldo De Lima, Zico, Ronaldinho, Neymar, Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Pele, and many more, have stormed the football world with their skills.

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The ‘Samba Boys’, as the Brazilian national team are fondly called, have entertained fans all over the world with their impressive outings at major tournaments, no wonder the nation has claimed five FIFA World Cup titles, more than any other nation in the competition’s history.

With hard work and persistence while also having fun, the Brazilians have pushed their way to the top echelons of the game. Even though it now looks like the current generation of the ‘Samba boys’ no longer entertain us like the older generation used to. The fear factor Brazil possessed is now lacking.