A Few Reasons Why The United States Isn’t Great At Soccer

By Peter C

Soccer might be the most popular and exciting sport in different parts of the world, but certainly not in the United States. With the enormous investments that other sports like baseball, basketball are enjoying in the country, one would wonder why soccer isn’t getting the same attention from Americans.

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Well, the U.S is a peculiar country with a unique culture. Most Americans won’t appreciate soccer and all the excitement it has to offer because it doesn’t appeal to their tastes. Americans want to enjoy a game filled with so many surprises like comebacks- one that rarely happens in soccer.

The United States does have all it takes to be contending at the same level as the likes of Spain, Brazil, etc., in terms of soccer participation. However, the sport is structured such that few opportunities are available to passionate players.

The United States has a population of young people passionate about playing professional football or soccer, but the country’s soccer program doesn’t provide equal opportunities for every youth.

The majority of people who have an unusual interest in soccer don’t have the resources to sponsor themselves in soccer camps. Unfortunately, those who have the means to sponsor themselves are doing it to enjoy and keep themselves busy. Perhaps, that’s why the country’s national team does not have quality soccer players.

Image courtesy of Photo Works/Shutterstock

Furthermore,  people pay more money to improve their soccer skills in the United States than in other countries. Passionate soccer players have free access to training grounds in other countries, whereas ballparks and basketball courts are more common in the United States than soccer fields.

One of the ways to make soccer a popular sport in the U.S. is never to allow parents’ economic status to influence the participation of their children and wards in soccer.