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5 Iconic Moments In Soccer History

Soccer is a historical game with many iconic moments. Here are some of the more infamous and iconic moments in football history.

  • Maradona’s Hand of God

It was the 1986 World Cup quarter-final, a match between Argentina and England. The English defense had been able to keep the Argentine attack away from goal until the 50th minute. Steve Hodge had prevented a pass from Maradona to Jorge Valdano and had attempted to give the ball back to the goalkeepers when Maradano intercepted and scored with his left hand. The goal was allowed, and it became the “Hand of God” goal.

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  • Sergio Aguero delivers Manchester City’s first Premier League title.

It was the last match day of the 2011/2012 season, and both Manchester United and Manchester City were neck-to-neck for the title. Aguero pulled off a last-minute goal to secure Manchester City’s first Premier League title. Both sides of Manchester cannot forget that day.

  • Lilian Thuram’s Double Sends France to World Cup Glory.

For many football fans, Lilian Thuram’s name probably doesn’t ring a bell. He only scored two goals in his 142 international appearances for France, but those two goals were iconic. It was the semifinal against Croatia where Thuram stepped up and delivered the two goals when all seemed hopeless for the French side. These goals got them to the final and a World Cup too.

  • Liverpool’s ‘Miracle of Istanbul ‘– 2005

Very few comebacks have been this iconic. It was the final of the Champions League, and Liverpool was three goals down. Steven Gerrard, Smicer, and Xabi Alonso all scored to keep Liverpool in the game. Victory later came through the penalties. Truly iconic.

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  • De Stefano gives his shirt to Eusebio.

It was a European cup final between Real Madrid and Benfica. Real Madrid was up three goals to two. Eusebio came on and turned the match in Benfica’s favor, winning them the cup.

After the match, De Stefano gave his shirt to Eusebio, a symbolic passing of the torch of football greatness.