4 Of The Best Free Transfers In Football

By Peter C

We have heard about some of the worst transfers and some of the most expensive signings in football history. However, it is not every time clubs would have to spend millions of Euros to sign their favorite players.

In this piece, you will read about some of the most significant free transfers in modern football.

1. Michael Ballack (Bayern Munich – Chelsea)

Image courtesy of ph.FAB/Shutterstock

Having a great midfielder in your team who also possesses exceptional goalscoring abilities is always an incredible addition to any team. That was Michael Ballack during his days as a professional footballer.

He was one of the best midfielders in the world while playing for Bayern Munich, scoring 62 goals and 40 assists in 157 appearances. He made history as one of the most significant free transfers when he decided to join Chelsea in 2006 for free.  

2. James Milner ( Manchester City – Liverpool)

The Englishman didn’t live up to expectations during his five years’ stay at Manchester City, which explains why he was allowed to leave the club and join Liverpool on a free transfer deal.

However, the 35-year-old has become an integral part of Liverpool since joining the club in 2015 and has been instrumental to their various successes.

3. Andrea Pirlo ( AC Milan – Juventus)

The Italian is one of the few examples of players who entered free transfer deals in the Italian league. Andrea Pirlo wasn’t just an ordinary player but one of the best midfielders before his retirement from the sport as a professional football player.

His incredible performances at Juventus showed AC Milan made a great mistake to have agreed to release him for free in 2011.

4. Sergio Ramos ( Real Madrid – PSG)

Image courtesy of Review News/Shutterstock

While nothing is impossible in football, it was a huge surprise after Real Madrid revealed that Sergio Ramos would leave the club despite being one of the greatest defenders.

This development led to Sergio Ramos’s free transfer to PSG. However, the 35-year-old has just recovered from injuries, explaining why he has only made three appearances for his new club.