2030 World Cup: The South American Countries That Want To Host The Event

By Peter C December 12, 2022

As football lovers patiently anticipate the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the World Cup, four South American countries have commenced work toward bringing the competition back to the continent where it started 100 years ago.

In 1930, the first edition of the world cup tournament took place in Uruguay, a South American country, in which the host happened to be the winner of the competition. By calculation, the 2030 World Cup is spectacular, and preparations are underway to celebrate its centenary, even though the event is several years away.

Source: @pixabay / Pexels

However, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Paraguay have submitted a joint bid to host the historic football event. They intend to celebrate the tournament centenary at the very continent it started. The fact that these countries started the bidding process three years ago shows their seriousness.

If these countries get their bid approved by FIFA, it will be a historic event for the continent, but the events will be much better than that of 1930.

A total of 48 teams will participate in the 2030 World Cup, and the matches will take place in different stadiums across the four countries, so it will be a memorable experience for both fans and players.  

Source: @tbphotography / Pexels

These countries also urged FIFA to play the 2030 World Cup final in the Estadio Centenario stadium, the very stadium the first final was played.

However, the joint South American bid might face some opposition as some countries have also shown interest in hosting the competition. Morocco hopes to be the second African country to host the competition if the country gets its bid approved, while Spain and Portugal have also submitted a joint bid to host the competition.